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Dungeons & Dragons Online Den of the Kobold Brothers

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NameDen of the Kobold Brothers
Level2 - 10
Connects ToThe Harbor
DescriptionThis dungeon is located in the Harbor. It is suitable for both solo players and a group.
Spells Effective in this Zone:Ooze Bane , Greater Ooze Bane , Lesser Ooze Bane , Reptilian Bane , Greater Reptilian Bane , Lesser Reptilian Bane
Skills Effective in this Zone:Favored Enemy: Ooze , Favored Enemy: Reptilian
Zone Info
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  • NPCS in this Zone
  • Quests in this Zone
  • Items in this Zone
  • Objects in this Zone
  • Map of Den of the Kobold Brothers


    Locked door. <2007-03-07 07:45:14>
    vabeachdaveHow do you open the locked door at the southern end of the map?

    You just pick the lock <2007-04-29 18:44:07>
    Enwy <Guest>there is no key.

    <2008-04-02 03:51:02>
    Aaelon <Guest>You can pick it if you're a rogue but other than that i dont know how to get in

    <2008-08-31 03:07:00>
    Sinrae <Guest>knock skill as wiz

    strength and troglogytes <2009-10-12 06:01:29>
    thaals <Guest>Killed 1 troglodyte. says there is one more but he won&#039;t appear so i can&#039;t kill him. Southern door might be controlled by the southeast valve near the acid trap. I had a strength of 14 but was unable to turn the valve.

    second troglodyte <2009-10-26 08:36:21>
    Tom <Guest>He&#039;s hidden, with a treasure chest. It&#039;s not even on this map. Look at the map. See that square formed of the tunnels? Top of the square is a little hidden chamber. The lever to open the chamber is in the first little alcove to the north, on the left hand side. It&#039;s really easy to miss.

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