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Dungeons & Dragons Online Delera's Tomb: The Missing Party

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NameDelera's Tomb: The Missing Party
Level7 - 10
Connects ToDelera's Graveyard
DescriptionThis dungeon is part of the Delera's Graveyard progressional series. It is also known as Delera's Reliquary.
Spells Effective in this Zone:Undead Bane , Greater Undead Bane , Command Undead , Cure Critical Wounds , Cure Serious Wounds , Cure Light Wounds , Cure Moderate Wounds , Inflict Critical Wounds , Inflict Serious Wounds , Inflict Light Wounds , Inflict Moderate Wounds , Lesser Undead Bane , Undeath to Death , Control Undead , example , Ghost Touch
Skills Effective in this Zone:Favored Enemy: Undead
Zone Info
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