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Dungeons & Dragons Online Skills

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NameClassAction Type
Abundant StepMNK(12)
Acid Trap Lore IROG(4) Passive
Acid Trap Lore IIROG(8) Passive
AcrobaticALL(1) Passive
Adamantite BodyALL(1) Passive
AlertnessALL(1) Passive
Arcane LoreBRD(1) , SRC() , WIZ() Passive
Armor Class BonusMNK(1)
AthleticALL(1) Passive
AttackALL(1) Action
Aura of CouragePAL(3) Passive
Aura of GoodPAL(1) Passive
Axe Damage IALL(2) Passive
Axe Damage IIALL(10) Passive
BalanceALL(1) Passive
Barbarian Desert Lore IBRB(4) Passive
Barbarian Desert Lore IIBRB(8) Passive
Barbarian Desert Lore IIIBRB(11) Passive
Barbarian Swamp Lore IBRB(4) Passive
Barbarian Swamp Lore IIBRB(8) Passive
Barbarian Swamp Lore IIIBRB(11) Passive
Barbarian Tundra Lore IBRB(4) Passive
Barbarian Tundra Lore IIBRB(8) Passive
Barbarian Tundra Lore IIIBRB(11) Passive
Barbarian's Action Boost IBRB(1) Action
Barbarian's Action Boost IBRB(1) Action
Barbarian's Action Boost IIBRB(3) Action
Barbarian's Action Boost IIIBRB(6) Action
Barbarian's Action Boost IVBRB(9) Action
Barbarian's Action Boost VBRB(12) Action
Barbarian's Constitution IBRB(2) Passive
Barbarian's Constitution IIBRB(5) Passive
Barbarian's Constitution IIIBRB(8) Passive
Barbarian's Constitution IVBRB(11) Passive
Barbarian's Power Attack IBRB(1) Passive
Barbarian's Power Attack IIBRB(6) Passive
Barbarian's Power Attack IIIBRB(12) Passive
Barbarian's IntimidationBRB(1) Passive
Bard's Charisma IBRD(3) Passive
Bard's Charisma IIBRD(6) Passive
Bard's Charisma IIIBRD(9) Passive
Bard's Charisma IVBRD(12) Passive
BluffALL(1) Action
Bow StrengthRGR(1) Passive
BullheadedALL(1) Passive
Cacophany IPassive
Cacophany IIPassive
Cacophany IIIPassive
Cacophany IVPassive
Cacophany VPassive
Chill Gust Glyph
CleaveALL(1) Action
Cleric's Charisma ICLR(6) Passive
Cleric's Charisma IICLR(9) Passive
Cleric's Charisma IIICLR(12) Passive
Cleric's Wisdom IICLR(5) Passive
Cleric's Wisdom IIICLR(8) Passive
Cleric's Wisdom IVCLR(11) Passive
Cleric's Wisdom ICLR(1) Passive
Cold Trap Lore IROG(4) Passive
Cold Trap Lore IIROG(8) Passive
Combat CastingBRD(1) , CLR() , SRC() , WIZ() Passive
Combat ExpertiseALL(1) Action
Combustion ISRC(1) , WIZ(1) Passive
Combustion IISRC(3) , WIZ(3) Passive
Combustion IIISRC(5) , WIZ(5) Passive
Combustion IVSRC(7) , WIZ(7) Passive
Combustion VSRC(9) , WIZ(9) Passive
Composite PlatingALL(1) Passive
ConcentrationBRD(1) , CLR() , SRC() , WIZ() Passive
Construct Thinking IALL(1) Passive
Curse of Tseralith
Defensive FightingFIG(1) , BRB(1) , PAL(1) , ROG(1) , BRD(2) , RGR(1) Action
Devotion IBRD(1) , CLR(1) Passive
Devotion IIBRD(4) , CLR(3) Passive
Devotion IIIBRD(7) , CLR(5) Passive
Devotion IVBRD(10) , CLR(7) Passive
Devotion VCLR(9) Passive
Devotion VIPassive
Diamond BodyMNK(11)
Diamond SoulMNK(13)
DiplomacyALL(1) Passive
Disable DeviceROG(1) Action
DisciplineALL(1) Passive
Divine Cleansing ICLR(1) Passive
Divine GracePAL(2) Passive
Divine Healing ICLR(4) Passive
Divine Light ICLR(1) Action
Divine Vitality ICLR(1) Action
Divine Vitality IICLR(3) Action
Divine Vitality IIICLR(5) Action
Divine Vitality IVCLR(7) Action
Divine Vitality VCLR(9) Action
DodgeALL(1) Passive
Drow Spell ResistanceALL(1) Passive
Dwarven Armor Mastery IALL(4)
Dwarven Armor Mastery IIALL(8) Passive
Dwarven Armor Mastery IIIALL(12) Passive
Dwarven Armored Agility IALL(1) Passive
Dwarven Axe Damage IALL(1) Passive