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695 Mob(s) Found

NameClassRaceTypeRequired Level
Captain of the GuardFeature MonsterSkeletonUndead1
Agent WestbrookeFeature MonsterHumanHuman11
AgnarFeature MonsterTrollGiant5
Amrog the GatewardenFeature MonsterHobgoblinGoblinoid6
Archbishop DrydenFeature MonsterHumanHuman6
Arkasic DrydenFeature MonsterWraithUndead5
Azhakul the Fire ReaverFeature MonsterDemonEvil Outsider14
Baby Glass SpiderMonsterArachnidVermin1
Foundry DroneMonsterWarforgedLiving Construct10
BileFeature MonsterScorpionVermin3
Bishop Zasha'OthFeature MonsterDrow ScorpionAberration10
Black Bile EaterFeature MonsterHobgoblinGoblinoid8
Black WolfMonsterWolfAnimal3
BlacktailFeature MonsterScorpionVermin1
Blademaster ChaggFeature MonsterHobgoblinGoblinoid5
BlizzardFeature Monster7
BloodknucklesFeature MonsterOgreGiant3
Bonechewer the FoulFeature MonsterHobgoblinGoblinoid5
Boss KharjaFeature MonsterMinotaurMonstrous Humanoid7
Boss RuugFeature MonsterOgreGiant7
Brakhash the VileFeature MonsterBugBearGoblinoid2
Human BrigandMonsterHumanHuman1
BronkarzFeature MonsterBugBearGoblinoid2
Brother QessulFeature MonsterHumanHuman10
Brother TelarrasFeature MonsterSpectreUndead7
Brown PrinceFeature MonsterArachnidVermin3
Brown SpiderMonsterArachnidVermin1
Bugbear AssassinMonsterBugBearGoblinoid5
Bugbear WarriorMonsterBugBearGoblinoid4
Celine PeacemakerFeature MonsterElfElf8
CalamityFeature MonsterArachnidVermin3
Canton PathilcarFeature MonsterSpectreUndead5
Chef GrankFeature MonsterOgreGiant7
Champion PreinylFeature MonsterTrollGiant7
Chef KraskuthFeature MonsterKoboldReptilian1
Chief YarkuchFeature MonsterHobgoblinGoblinoid11
Chieftain KanguilFeature MonsterKoboldReptilian1
Chieftain ZaokhFeature MonsterTroglodyteReptilian5
ChurnakFeature MonsterBugBearGoblinoid2
Commander GharjatFeature MonsterHobgoblinGoblinoid4
Conjured SpiderMonsterArachnidVermin0
CorrosionMonsterRust MonsterAberration7
Cultist of the SixMonsterHumanHuman7
Darkfang SpiderMonsterArachnidVermin5
DarkstingFeature MonsterScorpionVermin8
Decrepit SkeletonMonsterSkeletonUndead0.5
Delera OmarenFeature MonsterWraithUndead11
DinksFeature MonsterOgreGiant5
Dreadlord GiddeonFeature MonsterHumanHuman12
Dryden AncestorMonsterSkeletonUndead2
DuskspurFeature MonsterScorpionVermin4
Dwarf CommonerMonsterDwarfDwarf1
Dwarf ZombieMonsterZombieUndead0.5
EaterFeature Monster4
Elf AcolyteMonsterElfElf2
Dwarf ThugMonsterDwarfDwarf2
Elf BanditMonsterElfElf4
Elf CommonerMonsterElfElf1
Elf PriestMonsterElfElf7
Elf SkeletonMonsterSkeletonUndead0.5
Elf WarriorMonsterElfElf7
Elf ZombieMonsterZombieUndead0.5
Emmerick CarlsbadMonsterHumanHuman1
Enraged Rust MonsterMonsterRust MonsterAberration5
Fiendish Monstrous ScorpionMonsterFiendish ScorpionMagical Beast1
Fire Giant CaptainMonsterGiantGiant10
Fire Giant ChampionMonsterGiantGiant12
Human FootpadMonsterHumanHuman2
FlamefangFeature MonsterHellhoundEvil Outsider6
Flesh RenderMonsterDemonEvil Outsider12
GarzadFeature MonsterBugBearGoblinoid2
GeeblebroxFeature MonsterTrollGiant9
General Xanti'larFeature MonsterGiantGiant12
Gerti's ApprenticeMonsterElfElf1
Ghast of Gerard DrydenFeature MonsterGhastUndead3
Ghostly SkeletonMonsterSkeletonUndead4
Glass Spider QueenMonsterArachnidVermin8
Gnashtooth BloodletterFeature MonsterKoboldGoblinoid2
GoliathFeature MonsterGargoyleMonstrous Humanoid4
GranduulFeature MonsterHobgoblinGoblinoid6
GraniteFeature MonsterEarth ElementalEarth Elemental4
Granite GargoyleMonsterGargoyleMonstrous Humanoid8
Gray OozeMonsterGrey OozeOoze4
Greater Ice MephitMonsterMephitIce Outsider6
Gribbik SnarlfangFeature MonsterHobgoblinGoblinoid5
Gribblecrux MightyfistFeature MonsterHobgoblinGoblinoid7
GrudgeFeature MonsterArachnidVermin5
Grundok the QuickFeature MonsterBugBearGoblinoid2
Haarg the HarrowingFeature MonsterOgreGiant5
Halfling CommonerMonsterHalflingHalfling1
Halfling HunterMonsterHalflingHalfling4
Halfling WarriorMonsterHalflingHalfling7
Halfling ZombieMonsterZombieUndead0.5
Hammerfist the MightyFeature MonsterOgreGiant6
HarblimarFeature MonsterTrollGiant6
Head Guard GraskitchFeature MonsterKoboldReptilian1
Hell HoundMonsterHellhoundEvil Outsider3
High Shaman Mak-MurugFeature MonsterOgreGiant5
Hill GiantMonsterGiantGiant7
Hill Giant HunterMonsterGiantGiant9
Hill Giant LieutenantMonsterGiantGiant15
HissahrFeature MonsterTroglodyteReptilian4
HobbleFeature MonsterHobgoblinGoblinoid5
Hobgoblin AvengerMonsterHobgoblinGoblinoid5
Hobgoblin BodyguardMonsterHobgoblinGoblinoid3
Hobgoblin EmissaryFeature MonsterHobgoblinGoblinoid4
Hobgoblin Patrol LeaderMonsterHobgoblinGoblinoid7
Hobgoblin SlayerMonsterHobgoblinGoblinoid4
Hobgoblin TacticianFeature MonsterHobgoblinGoblinoid5
Hobgoblin WardenFeature MonsterHobgoblinGoblinoid5
Hobgoblin Witch DoctorMonsterHobgoblinGoblinoid4
Huge Rust MonsterMonsterRust MonsterAberration6
Huge Violet SlimeMonsterViolet SlimeOoze4
Human HunterMonsterHumanHuman4
Human Man-at-ArmsMonsterHumanHuman4
Human SmugglerMonsterHumanHuman2
Human ThugMonsterHumanHuman2
HyssFeature MonsterTroglodyteReptilian5
InsgadreerFeature MonsterGiantGiant10
Iron DefenderMonsterIron DefenderConstruct1
IronspikeFeature MonsterIron DefenderConstruct1
Iss'larFeature MonsterTroglodyteReptilian2
Jacoby Drexelhand, The MadmanFeature MonsterHumanHuman0.5
Ker'xxan T'korchaFeature MonsterElfElf11
KharnosFeature MonsterBugBearGoblinoid2
KisslorFeature MonsterTroglodyteReptilian2
Kobold ChieftainMonsterKoboldReptilian1
Kobold ProphetMonsterKoboldReptilian0.5
Kobold RogueMonsterKoboldReptilian1
Kobold SentryMonsterKoboldReptilian0.5
Kobold SlaveMonsterKoboldReptilian1
Kobold SneakMonsterKoboldReptilian0.25
Kobold ThrowerMonsterKoboldReptilian1
Kobold WarriorMonsterKoboldReptilian1
Krung the BrutalFeature MonsterOgreGiant4
Kruts the CruelFeature MonsterOgreGiant3
LandslideFeature MonsterEarth ElementalEarth Elemental6
Large Brown SpiderMonsterArachnidVermin2
Large Earth ElementalMonsterEarth ElementalEarth Elemental5
Large Fire ElementalMonsterFire ElementalFire Elemental5
Large Violet SlimeMonsterViolet SlimeOoze3
Lesser Gray OozeMonsterGrey OozeOoze2
Grust the UsurperFeature MonsterOgreGiant5
MadoorahFeature MonsterBugBearGoblinoid2
Marguerite DrydenMonsterSpectreUndead5
Medium Earth ElementalMonsterEarth ElementalEarth Elemental3
Medium Monstrous ScorpionMonsterScorpionVermin1
MephitMonsterMephitAir Outsider0.25
Mephit of FerniaMonsterMephitFire Outsider9
Mephit of RisaMonsterMephitAir Outsider9
MiasmaFeature MonsterArachnidVermin5
Minotaur BerserkerMonsterMinotaurMonstrous Humanoid5
Minotaur LordMonsterMinotaurMonstrous Humanoid8
Minotaur ShamanMonsterMinotaurMonstrous Humanoid5
MiseryFeature MonsterArachnidVermin3
Morrigan XiRazdynFeature MonsterWraithUndead10
MuckFeature MonsterGrey OozeOoze4
Murat the ManiacalFeature MonsterOgreGiant3
MutinyFeature MonsterWolfAnimal3
Necromancer GertiFeature MonsterDwarfDwarf2
Nepenthe's SonFeature MonsterSkeletonUndead5
Night ScorpionMonsterScorpionVermin4
Ogre LeaderMonsterOgreGiant7
Oisin the MercifulFeature MonsterElfElf8
Olcanni SpiritshakerFeature Monster5
Omaren AssassinFeature MonsterSkeletonUndead2
Omaren DeathguardFeature MonsterSpectreUndead7
Omaren EcclesiastFeature MonsterWightUndead8
Omaren SentinelFeature MonsterSpectreUndead7
Pious Grew'elFeature MonsterGiantGiant10
PowderFeature MonsterWolfMagical Beast7
Prelate VendistoFeature Monster10
Quartermaster DrantFeature MonsterOgreGiant7
Quickfoot ThiefMonsterHumanHuman1
Quinn the QuickfootFeature MonsterHumanHuman2
R'zixxFeature MonsterBeholderAberration14
Ramsay MorcortFeature MonsterHumanHuman1
RedfangFeature MonsterArachnidVermin2
Reeksun BloodcraverFeature MonsterHobgoblinGoblinoid8
RhakmelFeature MonsterBugBearGoblinoid2
RuinFeature MonsterArachnidVermin5
Rusty Iron DefenderMonsterIron DefenderConstruct0.5
RyssalFeature MonsterTroglodyteReptilian2
ScurvyFeature MonsterBugBearGoblinoid5
Shaman HurpostawFeature MonsterTrollGiant8
Shaman PrysassFeature MonsterTroglodyteReptilian4
Shaman ShiressisFeature MonsterTroglodyteReptilian4
Shaman YarsnakFeature Monster7
ShriketalonFeature MonsterIron DefenderConstruct1
SkartongueFeature MonsterKoboldReptilian3
Skeleton KnightMonsterSkeletonUndead4
Skeleton SkirmisherMonsterSkeletonUndead1
Skeleton SwordsmanMonsterSkeletonUndead2
Skeleton VeteranMonsterSkeletonUndead2
Skeleton WarriorMonsterSkeletonUndead0.5
Slain GuardsmanMonsterZombieUndead0.25
Small Brown SpiderMonsterArachnidVermin0.25
SpiteFeature MonsterArachnidVermin3
SslyskFeature MonsterTroglodyteReptilian5
Summoned Fire ElementalFeature MonsterFire ElementalFire Elemental5
TarnishFeature MonsterRust MonsterAberration5
The Ghost of MargueriteFeature MonsterSpectreUndead10
The Soulless WarriorFeature MonsterWraithUndead5
ThreshFeature MonsterTroglodyteReptilian2
Tor'ghanFeature MonsterGiantGiant11
Training GolemMonsterGolemConstruct0.25
Troglodyte ChiefMonsterTroglodyteReptilian5
Troll ChieftainMonsterTrollGiant7
Troll ShamanMonsterTrollGiant6
Tunnelworm Grand ShamanFeature MonsterKoboldReptilian2
Tunnelworm InterrogatorMonsterKoboldReptilian1
ValakFeature MonsterSkeletonUndead8
Valak's FirstbornFeature MonsterSkeletonUndead6
VengeanceFeature MonsterScorpionVermin8
VenomFeature MonsterArachnidVermin0.5
VelahFeature MonsterDragonDragon15
Violet Progenitor SlimeFeature MonsterViolet SlimeOoze1
Vorag the VengefulFeature MonsterOgreGiant3
War Master KrugFeature MonsterOgreGiant3
War Master MuurjFeature MonsterHobgoblinGoblinoid8
Warden ArkikFeature MonsterKoboldReptilian1
Warforged Death PriestMonsterWarforgedLiving Construct4
Warforged Man-at-ArmsMonsterWarforgedLiving Construct4
Warlock CyressyFeature MonsterTroglodyteReptilian6
Warlock SlyssarisFeature MonsterTroglodyteReptilian6
Warrior of the SixMonsterHumanHuman6
WhisperdoomFeature MonsterArachnidVermin6
Whisperdoom's DaughterFeature MonsterArachnidVermin2
Winter WolfMonsterWolfMagical Beast5
Human BarbarianMonsterHumanHuman4
Witch Doctor ChikuFeature MonsterKoboldReptilian4
Witch Doctor DeezilFeature MonsterKoboldReptilian4
Witch Doctor GlikFeature MonsterKoboldReptilian3
Witch Doctor JeekaFeature MonsterKoboldReptilian3
Witch Doctor KarnatchFeature MonsterKoboldReptilian3
Witch Doctor KneezaFeature MonsterKoboldReptilian3
Witch Doctor KrankosFeature MonsterKoboldReptilian4
Witch Doctor KutikFeature MonsterKoboldReptilian3
Witch Doctor MoogFeature MonsterKoboldReptilian3
Witch Doctor RakhatFeature MonsterKoboldReptilian3
Witch Doctor RaktuFeature MonsterKoboldReptilian4
Witch Doctor SquaghFeature MonsterKoboldReptilian5
Witch Doctor WazulFeature MonsterKoboldReptilian3
Witch Doctor ZizooFeature MonsterKoboldReptilian3
WorgMonsterWolfMagical Beast2
Dread Wraith PratolFeature MonsterWraithUndead12
XeshahlFeature MonsterTroglodyteReptilian2
YaaryarFeature MonsterHobgoblinGoblinoid7
YrassilFeature MonsterTroglodyteReptilian2
Zan'GlaenFeature MonsterWightUndead9
Zared MightyhoofFeature MonsterMinotaurMonstrous Humanoid12
Glass SpiderMonsterArachnidVermin3
Wight MyrmidonMonsterWightUndead7
Omaren PugilistFeature MonsterZombieUndead8
Omaren MagusFeature MonsterSkeletonUndead9
Omaren SniperFeature MonsterSkeletonUndead8
Omaren ExecutionerFeature MonsterSpectreUndead7
Omaren SlayerFeature MonsterWightUndead9
Soul-Lock GuardianFeature MonsterWraithUndead8
Ochre JellyMonsterGrey OozeOoze5
Monarch ScorpionMonsterScorpionVermin8
Skeleton CaptainMonsterSkeletonUndead7
Wight High PriestMonsterWightUndead8
GargoyleMonsterGargoyleMonstrous Humanoid4
Wight PriestMonsterWightUndead5
Armored WightMonsterWightUndead5
Garl the GreyFeature MonsterSpectreUndead7
Huge Ochre JellyMonsterOchre JellyOoze8
Minotaur WarriorMonsterMinotaurMonstrous Humanoid4
Rust MonsterMonsterRust MonsterAberration3
Hobgoblin ClericMonsterHobgoblinGoblinoid3
Hobgoblin InfiltratorMonsterHobgoblinGoblinoid2
Hobgoblin GuardMonsterHobgoblinGoblinoid2
Guardian of Shan-to-KorFeature MonsterGolemConstruct8
Black WidowMonsterArachnidVermin2
Human NecromancerMonsterHumanHuman4
Lesser Violet SlimeMonsterViolet SlimeOoze
Calefax the MadFeature MonsterHumanHuman7
Troglodyte ShamanMonsterTroglodyteReptilian4
Human PirateMonsterHumanHuman2
Bram BrimstoneFeature MonsterDwarfDwarf7
Gwydion DogbaneFeature MonsterHalflingHalfling7
Quarion StormbringerFeature MonsterElfElf7
Greater Earth ElementalMonsterEarth ElementalEarth Elemental9
Chief MakkaFeature MonsterHobgoblinGoblinoid4
Clay GolemMonsterGolemConstruct10
Skeleton ArcusMonsterSkeletonUndead6
Arcane SkeletonMonsterSkeletonUndead2
Large Monstrous ScorpionMonsterScorpionVermin3
Human ApprenticeMonsterHumanHuman2
IronclawFeature Monster3
Fire MephitMonsterMephitFire Outsider3
Dread ZombieMonsterZombieUndead7
Troglodyte WarlockMonsterTroglodyteReptilian6
DeathshadowFeature MonsterWraithUndead9
Priest MyssyralFeature Monster9
Kobold ShamanMonsterKoboldReptilian1
Air MephitMonsterMephitAir Outsider3
Deadheart the UnbeatenFeature MonsterTrollGiant10
Mephit of LamanniaMonsterMephitAir Outsider9
Thaarak HoundMonsterHellhoundEvil Outsider10
Drow ScorpionMonsterDrow ScorpionAberration10
Iron GolemMonsterGolemConstruct13
Greater Fire ElementalMonsterFire ElementalFire Elemental9
Black PuddingMonsterBlack PuddingOoze7
Elf NecromancerMonsterElfElf4
Shade of AgonyFeature MonsterWraithUndead8
Shade of DespairFeature MonsterWraithUndead8
Shade of HatredFeature MonsterWraithUndead8
Soulless OneFeature MonsterSpectreUndead6
Ice MephitMonsterMephitIce Outsider3
Greater Fire MephitMonsterMephitFire Outsider6
Adran ir'KarsmoreFeature MonsterVampireUndead14
Skeleton ArcherMonsterSkeletonUndead2
War Master NaarlFeature MonsterOgreGiant3
Adorgar the GrudgebearerFeature MonsterSpectreUndead8
AkuulFeature MonsterDemonEvil Outsider12
Arcane BlackboneMonsterSkeletonUndead9
Blackbone KnightMonsterSkeletonUndead8
Blackbone MarksmanMonsterSkeletonUndead8
Blackbone ThrallMonsterSkeletonUndead7
Colvis HammercrushFeature MonsterWraithUndead11
Fallen WorkerMonsterZombieUndead8
MoldfangFeature MonsterTrollGiant8
Crippler BigfootFeature MonsterHobgoblinGoblinoid9
Elf BarbarianMonsterElfElf6
Elf Barbarian-ShamanMonsterElfElf7
Elf Fighter-WizardMonsterElfElf7
Twin HornFeature MonsterMinotaurMonstrous Humanoid11
ManeaterFeature MonsterMinotaurMonstrous Humanoid11
Boss JittikFeature MonsterKoboldReptilian1
Greater Air MephitMonsterMephitAir Outsider6
Desert ScorpionMonsterScorpionVermin2
Elf FootpadMonsterElfElf2
Halfling BanditMonsterHalflingHalfling2
Violet SlimeMonsterViolet SlimeOoze1
Witch Doctor ZeefFeature MonsterKoboldReptilian3
Hetman ShaaghFeature MonsterHobgoblinGoblinoid5
SlassFeature MonsterTroglodyteReptilian4
T'SarinFeature Monster5
EarthshakerFeature MonsterEarth ElementalEarth Elemental5
Dwarf ApprenticeMonsterDwarfDwarf2
Warrior of the Emerald ClawMonsterHumanHuman7
Summoned Hell HoundMonsterHellhoundEvil Outsider3
Fellswipe the ShieldbaneFeature MonsterHobgoblinGoblinoid6
OrtadarFeature MonsterGiantGiant10
HelosFeature MonsterMinotaurMonstrous Humanoid10
Halfling BardMonsterHalflingHalfling4
Halfling PriestMonsterHalflingHalfling7
Ogre ShamanMonsterOgreGiant5
HammerfistFeature MonsterTrollGiant0
Arzag-Khor WarmageMonsterHobgoblinGoblinoid7
Arzag-Khor SentryMonsterHobgoblinGoblinoid6
Arzag-Khor MuttMonsterWolfAnimal6
Arzag-Khor BerserkerMonsterHobgoblinGoblinoid7
Arzag-Khor PikemanMonsterHobgoblinGoblinoid6
Arzag-Khor AdeptMonsterHobgoblinGoblinoid6
Large Gray OozeMonsterGrey OozeOoze6
Warmage Zurat-KhorFeature MonsterHobgoblinGoblinoid10
Lieutenant Morkag-KhorFeature MonsterHobgoblinGoblinoid7
Lieutenant Karuk-KhorFeature MonsterHobgoblinGoblinoid7
Slimepus the Foul-breathedFeature MonsterTrollGiant7
Argor SoulbaneFeature MonsterOgreGiant5
Hobgoblin ChiefMonsterHobgoblinGoblinoid6
YarlburFeature MonsterTrollGiant9
SuropoxFeature MonsterTrollGiant9
Myrmidon PatroclusFeature MonsterWightUndead9
Huge Gray OozeMonsterGrey OozeOoze7
Brown Spider PrinceMonsterArachnidVermin5
UlagashFeature MonsterGiantGiant9
GorehoofFeature MonsterMinotaurMonstrous Humanoid8
Black Sun OgreMonsterOgreGiant8
Deathblood TrollMonsterTrollGiant7
Cultist JailerFeature MonsterHumanHuman7
Willowthorn LightfootFeature MonsterSpectreUndead10
Boneshrieker SavantMonsterSkeletonUndead9
Siren of InsanityMonsterElfElf7
Boneshrieker LegionnaireMonsterSkeletonUndead8
Boneshrieker HarrierMonsterSkeletonUndead8
Xorian FanaticMonsterElfElf7
Drow Scorpion ClericMonsterDrow ScorpionAberration10
Drow Scorpion WizardMonsterDrow ScorpionAberration10
Blood-DrinkerFeature MonsterArachnidVermin8
Shaman ReclaimerMonsterHobgoblinGoblinoid7
SearFeature MonsterMephitEvil Outsider9
High CultistMonsterHumanHuman11
Fire ReaverMonsterDemonEvil Outsider14
Idol of the FuryFeature MonsterConstruct0
Chef NargrylFeature MonsterGiantGiant7
Zulkash the Witch-DoctorFeature MonsterHobgoblinGoblinoid7
Drow BlackguardMonsterElfElf15
Drow Fighter-WizardMonsterElfElf10
Hill Giant SoothsayerMonsterGiantGiant16
Drow Death PriestMonsterElfElf14
Fire Giant SlayerMonsterGiantGiant16
Drow CaptainMonsterElfElf12
Drow ProphetMonsterElfElf12
Drow Barbarian-ShamanMonsterElfElf10
Drow NecromancerMonsterElfElf12
Drow AssassinMonsterElfElf14
Large Rust MonsterMonsterRust MonsterAberration7
InevitableFeature MonsterGolemConstruct15
Sor'jek IncanniFeature MonsterGiantGiant18
Ice FlenserMonsterDemonEvil Outsider14
Chieftain BergthrymFeature MonsterGiantGiant15
Shaman TelgirrodFeature MonsterGiantGiant12
Fire GiantMonsterGiantGiant10
Death StalkerMonsterScorpionVermin10
Drow Man-at-ArmsMonsterElfElf8
Drow HunterMonsterElfElf9
Drow SlayerMonsterElfElf7
Drow PriestMonsterElfElf9
Drow PeasantMonsterElfElf4
Drow GuardianMonsterElfElf10
Xandria Lok'kalerinFeature MonsterElfElf10
Deqren MarzatFeature MonsterElfElf9
Boro CharldonFeature MonsterElfElf9
Milos BaranFeature MonsterElfElf9
ZelnathFeature MonsterDemonEvil Outsider15
Myrmidon AutomedonFeature MonsterWightUndead8
BasthuulFeature MonsterDemonEvil Outsider12
Foundry SurveyorMonsterWarforgedLiving Construct10
Foundry EngineerMonsterWarforgedLiving Construct11
Foundry TroubleshooterMonsterWarforgedLiving Construct10
Mithril DefenderMonsterIron DefenderConstruct6
Arcane OozeMonsterOoze9
Adamantite DefenderMonsterIron DefenderConstruct9
Overseer RC1Feature MonsterWarforgedLiving Construct12
Master Control UnitFeature MonsterGolemConstruct14
Elder BeholderMonsterBeholderAberration17
Zealot of MadnessMonsterElfElf7
Urtyan MarkudFeature MonsterDrow ScorpionAberration10
Mastark MarkudFeature MonsterDrow ScorpionAberration10
Vault GuardianFeature MonsterWraithUndead11
Elf BardMonsterElfElf7
Hobgoblin SpectatorMonsterHobgoblinGoblinoid5
Minotaur PageMonsterMinotaurMonstrous Humanoid7
Lurking BruteMonsterBugBearGoblinoid8
Troll EnforcerMonsterTrollGiant7
Minotaur SpectatorMonsterMinotaurMonstrous Humanoid6
Lurking ThugMonsterOgreGiant8
Troll GladiatorMonsterTrollGiant8
Kobold GladiatorMonsterKoboldReptilian4
Minotaur GladiatorMonsterMinotaurMonstrous Humanoid7
Mephit GladiatorMonsterMephitAir Outsider8
Deadheart's SidekickMonsterTrollGiant8
Angog the ChampionFeature MonsterMinotaurMonstrous Humanoid9
Grogan the PromoterFeature MonsterBugBearGoblinoid9
Drunken OgreMonsterOgreGiant6
Enforcer SmashjawFeature MonsterTrollGiant8
FurorFeature MonsterWolfAnimal3
Quickfoot Cat BurglarMonsterHumanHuman0.25
Runty KoboldMonsterKoboldReptilian0.1
InstolgoldtFeature MonsterGiantGiant13
Shade of MadnessFeature MonsterWraithUndead5
Sorcerer VyikkusFeature MonsterGiantGiant15
ZerisenzFeature MonsterElfElf10
NuushmaarFeature MonsterTrollGiant9
OnyxhornFeature MonsterMinotaurMonstrous Humanoid8
Blackheart WarriorMonsterTrollGiant9
Blackheart WarriorMonsterTrollGiant10
Blackheart OverlordMonsterTrollGiant12
Elf Man-At-ArmsMonsterElfElf4
Vargo BodybreakerFeature MonsterHobgoblinGoblinoid12
The EaterFeature MonsterRust MonsterAberration4
Greater Iron DefenderMonsterIron DefenderConstruct3
Ker'xxan's GuardMonsterElfElf7
Cave StalkerMonsterElfElf4
Dwarf AcolyteMonsterDwarfDwarf2
Human PriestMonsterHumanHuman7
Human WarriorMonsterHumanHuman7
Bugbear GoonMonsterBugBearGoblinoid10
Cartel SentryMonsterDwarfDwarf10
Aurum ConcordianMonsterDwarfDwarf10
Cartel SmugglerMonsterElfElf10
Darkfang HunterMonsterArachnidVermin8
Ogre BruteMonsterOgreGiant10
HazadillFeature MonsterBugBearGoblinoid13
Eoman GalliusMonsterBugBearGoblinoid10
Huge Black PuddingMonsterBlack PuddingOoze9
Runetusk FighterMonsterOgreGiant8
Worg SentinelMonsterWolfMagical Beast8
Runetusk MageMonsterOgreGiant10
Runetusk ChampionMonsterOgreGiant12
Runetusk CommanderMonsterOgreGiant12
Jianna ShayeFeature MonsterHumanHuman12
Troll CaptiveMonsterTrollGiant9
Runetusk OverseerMonsterOgreGiant10
Charred SacrificeMonsterSkeletonUndead8
Burns-The-SoulFeature MonsterSpectreUndead12
WildmanMonsterWildmanMonstrous Humanoid8
Angarta MarkudFeature MonsterDrowAberration10
Ydriss HornhelmFeature MonsterHumanHuman12
Risen ServitorMonsterZombieUndead2
Scion of WrathMonsterHumanHuman50
Lyardiir ArrowfelFeature MonsterElfElf8
Vargo BodybreakerFeature MonsterHobgoblinGoblinoid12
Barrow WightMonsterWightUndead5
Vessel of the FaithFeature MonsterZombieUndead5
Death's AdvocateMonsterHumanHuman5
Taskmaster NeriahFeature MonsterDwarfDwarf4
Corpse GluttonMonsterGhastUndead3
Pestilent HunterMonsterHumanHuman4
Taskmaster ErastusFeature MonsterDwarfDwarf4
Priest of the Sanguine HeartMonsterHumanHuman6
HenenuFeature MonsterMummyUndead5
Gallows WightMonsterWightUndead3
Carrion FeederMonsterGhoulUndead1
Carrion FeederMonsterWightUndead5
Sepulcher WightMonsterWightUndead5
Priest of the Crimson HeartFeature MonsterHumanHuman6
Grim HarvesterMonsterHumanHuman4
Charnel WightMonsterWightUndead5
Gullet the Famished OneFeature MonsterWightUndead7
Shrouded TerrorFeature MonsterWraithUndead5
KhnumhotepFeature MonsterMummyUndead5
BekenkhonsuFeature MonsterMummyUndead5
UnasFeature MonsterMummyUndead5
Sulatar ClericMonsterElfElf4
A'tchkarFeature MonsterDrowElf11
Drow PaladinMonsterElfElf13
Juibless DevoteeMonsterTroglodyteReptilian6
Juibless ApprenticeMonsterTroglodyteReptilian7
Drow BarbarianMonsterElfElf10
High Priest ShylssassFeature MonsterTroglodyteReptilian9
Juibless PreacherMonsterTroglodyteReptilian8
Juibless WarlockMonsterTroglodyteReptilian9
Juibless WarlordMonsterTroglodyteReptilian10
Griel NightforgeFeature MonsterDwarfDwarf16
SizzleFeature MonsterMephitFire Outsider4
SleetFeature MonsterMephitIce Outsider4
VyragonFeature MonsterTrollGiant6
DoomstalkerFeature MonsterScorpionVermin12
Windlasher HarrierMonsterGnollGnoll10
Menechtarun HyenaMonsterWolfAnimal6
Windlasher GnollMonsterGnollGnoll8
Windlasher BerserkerMonsterGnollGnoll10
Windlasher AeromancerMonsterGnollGnoll12
Windlasher Spirit CallerMonsterGnollGnoll12
Eternal HunterMonsterSkeletonUndead10
Eternal WarriorMonsterSkeletonUndead10
Greater Sand MephitMonsterMephit6
Entombed ZombieMonsterZombieUndead7
Greater Dust MephitMonsterMephit6
Windlasher ShamanMonsterGnollGnoll8
Mummy GuardianMonsterMummyUndead10
Entombed ConcubineMonsterZombieUndead7
Entombed SlaveMonsterZombieUndead7
Ga'khatFeature Monster12
SekkekhFeature Monster12
Warforged TitanFeature MonsterWarforgedLiving Construct16
Ak'xan VarmaFeature MonsterAberration10
Calar Xal'vakFeature MonsterAberration10
Drow WarriorFeature MonsterElfElf9
Drow WarriorFeature MonsterElfElf8
Kas'san Gan'raFeature MonsterAberration10
Takk Ur'RosFeature MonsterAberration10
The VeneratedFeature MonsterMummyUndead5
Thirsty OneFeature MonsterMummyUndead12
Mad MummyFeature MonsterMummyUndead12
StinkpeltFeature Monster12
Duergar BruiserMonsterDwarfDwarf13
Duegar GuardMonsterDwarfDwarf11
Duegar SurveyorMonsterDwarfDwarf11
Duegar BlacksmithMonsterDwarfDwarf11
Gate SwarmerMonsterZombieUndead9
Skeletal Shock-TrooperMonsterSkeletonUndead6
Skeletal Shock-TrooperMonsterGhoulUndead10
Ancient Iron DefenderMonsterIron DefenderConstruct12
Ancient WarforgedMonsterWarforgedLiving Construct11
Fallow GhoulMonsterGhoulUndead10
Utach SandscrawlFeature Monster12
Lieutenant AyurroFeature Monster12
Wokran KullFeature Monster12
Commander ErrulfFeature Monster12
Volrune the CurateFeature Monster12
Yurrugh the SwiftFeature Monster12
MendexathazzFeature Monster12
Whirling OzannFeature Monster12
Haraja the FiredancerFeature Monster12
Dread WraithMonsterWraithUndead11
Mummy WardenMonsterMummyUndead10
Drifting ScourgeMonsterSpectreUndead9
Shrouded TerrorMonsterWraithUndead7
Shrouded HorrorMonsterWraithUndead9
Umbral WorgMonsterWolfUndead8
Drifting MarauderMonsterSpectreUndead8
BrumeFeature MonsterWolfUndead9
Invisible StalkerMonsterAir ElementalAir Outsider10
Phase SpiderMonsterArachnidMagical Beast7
Janos PorthakFeature MonsterSpectreUndead10
NebtawiFeature MonsterMummyUndead10
Umbral GargoyleMonsterGargoyleUndead8
Avatar of JuiblexFeature MonsterOchre JellyOoze10
Frozen ShadeMonsterWraithIce Outsider3
Therra CaliraFeature MonsterFire ElementalEvil Outsider0
KremenFeature MonsterTrollGiant8
Windlasher PackmasterMonsterGnollGnoll12
Quickfoot FighterMonsterHumanHuman4
Quickfoot CasterMonsterHumanHuman4
Reinforced Iron DefenderMonsterIron DefenderConstruct3
WoatheFeature MonsterArachnidVermin5
Bugbear RogueMonsterBugBearGoblinoid1
Bugbear BardMonsterBugBearGoblinoid1
EbonyFeature Monster0
ThalaanFeature Monster0
GaruntFeature Monster0
KarguthFeature Monster0
LotigathFeature Monster0
TalloakFeature Monster0
TwinfangFeature Monster0
High Priest of VolFeature Monster0
Sulatar FighterMonsterDrowElf4
Sulatar RangerMonsterElfElf4
Sulatar WizardMonsterElfElf4
Kidnapped Barmaid0
Walther Daedal0
Fiendish BatlingMonsterFiendish ScorpionAnimal3
Vermin KeeperMonsterTieflingNative Outsider4
Greater Hell HoundMonsterHellhoundEvil Outsider6
Tiefling ScoutMonsterTieflingNative Outsider5
Skeletal Storm-HunterMonsterSkeletonUndead8
Lonni RenaldoFeature MonsterHumanHuman13
Guard JobariFeature MonsterHumanHuman13
DeathshadeFeature MonsterShadowUndead13
Aurum SoldierMonsterDwarfDwarf0
Orphne's ShadowFeature MonsterElfElf12
Halfling Fighter/WizardMonsterHalflingHalfling0
Subverted DroneMonsterWarforgedLiving Construct0
Subverted SentinelMonsterWarforgedLiving Construct0
Patrick the ManiacalFeature MonsterHumanHuman15
Razor CatMonsterIron DefenderLiving Construct13
Fiendish TrollMonsterTrollGiant13
Ancient ArachnidMonsterArachnidVermin12
Arachnid QueenFeature MonsterArachnidVermin13
Varney, Ancient VampireFeature MonsterVampireUndead15
Erown, Frost Giant RecovererFeature MonsterGiantMonstrous Humanoid16
Fire Giant CommanderMonsterGiantGiant14
Hill Giant SeerMonsterGiantGiant9
Ruwenzori, Winter Wolf DenmotherFeature MonsterWolfMagical Beast16
Zeer, Ice MephitFeature MonsterMephitIce Outsider2
Syndicate MuscleMonsterHalflingHalfling1
QuendrelFeature MonsterHumanHuman5
Syndicate DevoteeMonsterDwarfDwarf4
Syndicate LoremasterMonsterElfElf3
Attack DogMonsterDogAnimal2
Syndicate ArcanistMonsterHumanHuman4
Fated RevenantMonsterHumanHuman8
XassakFeature MonsterTroglodyteReptilian8
Flesh GolemMonsterGolemLiving Construct14
Hobgoblin MarksmanMonsterHobgoblinGoblinoid6
ZirconFeature MonsterWarforgedLiving Construct7
The Rust EmperorFeature MonsterRust MonsterAberration14
Arach's KnightFeature MonsterGolemConstruct16
Arach's HoundMonsterIron DefenderConstruct0
Marilith QueenFeature MonsterDemonEvil Outsider14
JarilithMonsterDemonEvil Outsider12
Syndicate ProwlerMonsterHalflingHalfling1
Tiefling ApprenticeMonsterNative Outsider6
Gifh Fire HandsFeature MonsterTieflingNative Outsider7
Tiefling WizardMonsterTieflingNative Outsider8
Rance StatlerHumanHuman4
Syndicate ArcherMonsterHalflingHalfling2
Slab the CrusherFeature MonsterHumanHuman5
Syndicate SwiftbladeMonsterHumanHuman1
Washer WillFeature MonsterHumanHuman5
Unkor the GourmetFeature MonsterOgreGiant12
Ironfist PatchfurFeature MonsterMinotaurMonstrous Humanoid7
Mind FlayerMonsterMind FlayerAberration10

104 Guide(s) Found

Creating a Human ClericClass
Creating a Human BardClass
Creating a Halfling RogueClass
Creating an Elven WizardClass
Creating a Human FighterClass
Creating a Dwarven FighterClass
Sources of DRClass
XP ComparisonClass
Three Barrel CoveClass
Wilderness Area: The Vale of TwilightZone
Stone of Change Updated RecipesCrafting
Ways to Increase Your UMD: Highest Possible in the GameGeneral
Shroud Raid: Know Your RoleGeneral
Shroud Raid: Know Your Role, Part 2General
Trading Your Planar ShardsGeneral
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Running With The Devils Quest GuideQuest
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Take Me To The Pit: A Quest GuideQuest
Guide to Clickies: Making Your Character Self-SufficientGeneral
Rainbow In the Dark Quest GuideGeneral
Guide to Creatures: R to ZGeneral
Vault of the Night Part 5 Quest GuideQuest
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Crafting Basics: The Eldritch DeviceCrafting
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Crafting: Creating A Green Steel Blank, A Step by Step GuideCrafting
Crafting: Upgrading Items - Inferior Shards of PowerCrafting
Crafting: Upgrading Items - Shard of Great PowerCrafting
Crafting: Upgrading Items - Shard of Superior PowerCrafting
Guide to DDO Creatures: A to GCrafting
Guide to DDO Creatures: H to PGeneral
Haywire Foundry Quest GuideGeneral
Guide To Necropolis Silver Flame and Emerald Claw Trinket-Nugget UpgradeQuest
Tomb of the Unhallowed Quest GuideQuest
Litany of the Dead Quest Guide: Pre-Raid to Ascension ChamberQuest
Tomb of the Blighted Quest GuideQuest
The Necropolis Travel GuideGeneral
Tomb of the Forbidden Quest GuideQuest
Reaver Pre-Raid Tips: Slaying The Dragons and The GiantsQuest
Desecrated Temple of Vol Quest GuideQuest
The Flesh Maker's Laboratory Quest GuideQuest
And The Dead Shall Rise Quest GuideQuest
Wilderness Adventure Areas: New Approach to LevelingQuest
Depths of Doom Quest GuideQuest
Depths of Discord Quest GuideQuest
Depths of Darkness Quest GuideQuest
Depths of Despair Quest GuideQuest
Depths Series Quest GuideQuest
The Ruined Halls Quest GuideQuest
The Forgotten Caverns Quest GuideQuest
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Foundation of Discord Quest GuideQuest
Cry For Help Quest GuideQuest
Invaders Quest GuideQuest
Proof is in the Poison Quest GuideQuest
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The Reaver's Fate: A Guide to the Gianthold RaidQuest
Trial By Fire Quest GuideQuest
Cabal For One Quest GuideQuest
Garl's Tomb Part 2: Old Grey GarlQuest
Garl's Tomb Part 1: THe Troglodytes' GetQuest
Gianthold: Feast or FamineQuest
Hiding in Plain Sight Quest GuideQuest
Prison of the Planes Quest GuideQuest
Gianthold Tor Travel GuideGeneral
Guide to Magical WeaponsGeneral
VON 2: Prison of the Mind Quest GuideQuest
The Lair of Summoning: Challenging Low Level Quest GuideQuest
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Cleric Build GuideClass
Newbie Series: Creating an Elven Tempest RangerClass
Newbie Series: Creating a Human BarbarianClass
Newbie Series: Creating a Human PaladinClass

1011 Item(s) Found

NameSlotTypeDamage/ArmorSkill Mod(s)
Cloak of the Silver ConcordBackAdornmentHaggle +10
Diplomacy +10
Abnormally Large Spotted Mushroom
Aida's Necklace
Amulet of Natural ArmorNeckAdornmentNatural Armor Bonus +1
Deadly FeverblanchCollectible
Amber VialCollectible
Vial of Pure WaterCollectible
Vial of ContagionCollectible
Sweet WhitecapCollectible
Pale CreeperCollectible
Tome: Prophecies of KhyberCollectible
Page Torn from a Research NotebookCollectible
Khyber Prayer PamphletCollectible
Prayer BeadCollectible
Small Wooden IdolCollectible
Icon of KhyberCollectible
Flowering Spore PodCollectible
Intact Spore PodCollectible
Bruised Spore PodCollectible
Elemental IngotCollectible
Polished OreCollectible
Smoldering EmberCollectible
Planar SpoorCollectible
Planar CrystalCollectible
Planar TalismanCollectible
Flowering HellscapCollectible
Sour DarkcapCollectible
Fragrant DrowshoodCollectible
Duskbrood TrumpetCollectible
Executioner BeetleCollectible
Headsman's DelightCollectible
Amulet of the SixCollectible
Amulet of the Lost EmpireCollectible
Amulet of the ArchbishopCollectible
Romantic SonnetCollectible
Silver Flame HymnalCollectible
Ceramic BowlCollectible
Glass PhialCollectible
Crystal DecanterCollectible
Tome: Codes of the AurumCollectible
Cryptic MessageCollectible
Scholarly NoteCollectible
Singed SoarwoodCollectible
Charred SoarwoodCollectible
Lightning-Split SoarwoodCollectible
Stellar OrbCollectible
Runic ParchmentCollectible
House-Sealed LetterCollectible
Tome: History of the HousesCollectible
Lilly PetalsCollectible
Woodblossom NectarCollectible
Crimson NightshadeCollectible
Cryptmoss Worm LarvaCollectible
Cryptmoss WormCollectible
Cryptmoss QueenCollectible
Lush CryptmossCollectible
Withered CryptmossCollectible
Blade of the Dark SixCollectible
Signet of the DevourerCollectible
Shamanic TotemCollectible
Caravan's LogbookCollectible
Research DiaryCollectible
Tome: Myths of Old Xen'drikCollectible
Phoenix Tavern Purchase OrderCollectible
Wavecrasher Cargo ManifestCollectible
Tome: Stormreach Imports and Exports 857 YKCollectible
Sparkling DustCollectible
Luminescent DustCollectible
Glittering DustCollectible
Funerary Token
Mark of the KeeperCollectible
Necromantic GemCollectible
Intact FingerboneCollectible
Powdered BloodCollectible
Skull FragmentCollectible
Blue QuartzMiscellaneous
Blue SpinelMiscellaneous
Clear QuartzMiscellaneous
Lapis LazuliMiscellaneous
Red GarnetMiscellaneous
Red SpinelMiscellaneous
Rose DiamondMiscellaneous
Cask of Healing ElixirMiscellaneous
Gilded Scroll CaseMiscellaneous
Gnashtooth Guardroom KeyMiscellaneous
Green MushroomMiscellaneous
Guard Jung's BadgeMiscellaneous
Repair KitMiscellaneousRepair Bonus +1
Healer's KitMiscellaneousHeal Bonus +1
Iron KeyMiscellaneous
Level 1 Spell Inscription MaterialsMiscellaneous
Level 2 Spell Inscription MaterialsMiscellaneous
Level 3 Spell Inscription MaterialsMiscellaneous
Level 4 Spell Inscription MaterialsMiscellaneous
Level 5 Spell Inscription MaterialsMiscellaneous
Mark of ArcanaMiscellaneous
Mark of CombatMiscellaneous
Masterwork Healer's KitMiscellaneousHeal Bonus +2
Masterwork Repair KitMiscellaneousRepair Bonus +2
Masterwork Thieve's ToolsDisable Device +2
Open Lock +2
Thieve's ToolsDisable Device +1
Open Lock +1
Rusty Thieve's ToolsDisable Device -2
Open Lock -2
Sealed Writ of CommendationMiscellaneous
Set of Ancient DaggersMiscellaneous
Silver KeyMiscellaneous
Unholy ArtifactMiscellaneous
Venom's Poison SacMiscellaneous
Redfang's Silk GlandsMiscellaneous
Bile's StingerMiscellaneous
Wizard's StoneMiscellaneous
Writ of CommendationMiscellaneous
Bloodknuckle's Loincloth WaistbandWaistAdornment
Disease Immunity BeltWaistAdornment
Founder's HelmHeadAdornment
Grundok's BootsFeetAdornment
Ruined Signet BroochTrinketAdornmentHeal +1
Bubbling Brown FrothDrink
Cool Glass of Yummy MilkDrink
Enchanted Warforged Oil (Drink)Drink
Heavy Warforged Oil (Drink)Drink
Warforged Oil (Drink)Drink
Warforged Oil (Food)Food
Heavy Warforged Oil (Food)Food
Enchanted Warforged Oil (Food)Food
Ghallanda DistillateDrink
Glowing Blue VialDrink
Grape JuiceDrink
Murky Well WaterDrink
Sparkling Apple CiderDrink
Enigmatic Beef StewFood
Ghallanda Royal RationsFood
Greasy Chicken LegFood
Mint-Jellied Lamb ShanksFood
Succulent Pig PartsFood
Tasty HamFood
Treacled TurkeyFood
Vegetable HashFood
Ball of Bat Guano and SulfurReagent
Cat HairReagent
Bone BitReagent
Chameleon TailReagent
Diamond DustReagent
Eagle FeatherReagent
Eyelash of Gum ArabicReagent
Heart of HenReagent
Hollow ReedReagent
Licorice RootsReagent
Miniature CloakReagent
Mushroom Powder and SaffronReagent
Pinch of Bull DungReagent
Pork RindReagent
Pinch of Fine SandReagent
Pouch of Granite and Diamond DustReagent
Powdered SilverReagent
Small CandleReagent
Level 4 Spell Inscription MaterialsMiscellaneous
Banded MailBodyArmorArmor: 6
BreastplateBodyArmorArmor: 5
BrigandineBodyArmorArmor: 5
Yogg-Ratha ArmorBodyArmorArmor: 9
Silken MailBodyArmorArmor: 9Silent Moves +10
BloodstoneTrinketAdornment+6 Seeker
Chain ShirtBodyArmorArmor: 4
ChainmailBodyArmorArmor: 5
Full PlateBodyArmorArmor: 8
Half PlateBodyArmorArmor: 7
Hide ArmorBodyArmorArmor: 3
Leather ArmorBodyArmorArmor: 2
Padded ArmorBodyArmorArmor: 1
ScalemailBodyArmorArmor: 4
Splint MailBodyArmorArmor: 6
Studded Leather ArmorBodyArmorArmor: 3
Bronkarz's CloakBackAdornmentWill Save +1
Dink's Leather WrapsBodyArmorArmor: 4
Madoorah's VestBodyArmorArmor: 5
Shaagh's HelmHeadAdornmentIntimidate +3
Wraith's SkinBodyArmorArmor: 6Move Silently +5
Hide +5
Composite LongbowSecondaryWeapon1d8
Crit: 20-20 (x3)
Composite ShortbowSecondaryWeapon1d6
Crit: 20-20 (x3)
Great CrossbowSecondaryWeapon1d12
Crit: 19-20 (x2)
Heavy CrossbowSecondaryWeapon1d10
Crit: 19-20 (x2)
Light CrossbowSecondaryWeapon1d8
Crit: 19-20 (x2)
Crit: 20-20 (x3)
Repeating Heavy CrossbowSecondaryWeapon1d10
Crit: 19-20 (x2)
Repeating Light CrossbowSecondaryWeapon1d8
Crit: 19-20 (x2)
Crit: 20-20 (x3)
Crit: 20-20 (x2)
Crit: 20-20 (x2)
Throwing DaggerAmmoWeapon1d4
Crit: 19-20 (x2)
Throwing AxeAmmoWeapon1d6
Crit: 20-20 (x2)
Wooden Tower ShieldSecondaryShield1d6
Crit: 20-20 (x2)
Shield Bonus: 4
Attack Penalty -2
Heavy Steel ShieldSecondaryShield1d6
Crit: 20-20 (x2)
Shield Bonus: 2
Heavy Wooden ShieldSecondaryShield1d6
Crit: 20-20 (x2)
Shield Bonus: 2
Light Wooden ShieldSecondaryShield1d4
Crit: 20-20 (x2)
Shield Bonus: 1
Light Steel ShieldSecondaryShield1d6
Crit: 20-20 (x2)
Shield Bonus: 1
Wooden BucklerSecondaryShield1d4
Crit: 20-20 (x2)
Shield Bonus: 1
Bloodknuckle's SmasherPrimaryWeapon1d10
Bludgeon, Magic
Crit: 20-20 (x2)
Brakhash's AxePrimary, SecondaryWeapon1d8
Slash, Magic
Crit: 20-20 (x3)
Club of the Holy FlamePrimary, SecondaryWeapon1d6
Bludgeon, Good
Crit: 20-20 (x2)
Dwarven ThrowerAmmoWeapon1d6
Slash, Magic
Crit: 20-20 (x3)
Giant's RoarSecondaryWeapon1d8
Crit: 20-20 (x3)
Gwylan's BladePrimary, SecondaryWeapon1d6
Pierce, Magic
Crit: 19-20 (x2)
Rhakmel's DaggerPrimary, SecondaryWeapon1d4
Slash, Magic
Crit: 19-20 (x2)
Sickle of SypherosPrimary, SecondaryWeapon1d6
Slash, Magic
Crit: 20-20 (x2)
Swift DemiseSecondaryWeapon1d10
Crit: 19-20 (x2)
T'Korcha Family ScimitarPrimary, SecondaryWeapon1d6
Slash, Magic
Crit: 18-20 (x2)
Threnalian War BladePrimary, SecondaryWeapon1d8
Slash, Magic
Crit: 19-20 (x2)
Bastard SwordPrimaryWeapon1d10
Crit: 19-20 (x2)
BattleaxePrimary, SecondaryWeapon1d8
Crit: 20-20 (x3)
ClubPrimary, SecondaryWeapon1d6
Crit: 20-20 (x2)
DaggerPrimary, SecondaryWeapon1d4
Crit: 19-20 (x2)
Crit: 18-20 (x2)
Crit: 20-20 (x3)
Crit: 19-20 (x2)
Crit: 20-20 (x2)
HandaxePrimary, SecondaryWeapon1d6
Crit: 20-20 (x3)
Heavy MacePrimary, SecondaryWeapon1d8
Crit: 20-20 (x2)
Heavy PickPrimary, SecondaryWeapon1d6
Crit: 20-20 (x4)
KamaPrimary, SecondaryWeapon1d6
Crit: 20-20 (x2)
KhopeshPrimary, SecondaryWeapon1d8
Crit: 19-20 (x3)
KukriPrimary, SecondaryWeapon1d4
Crit: 18-20 (x2)
Light HammerPrimary, SecondaryWeapon1d4
Crit: 20-20 (x2)
Light MacePrimary, SecondaryWeapon1d6
Crit: 20-20 (x2)
Light PickPrimary, SecondaryWeapon1d4
Crit: 20-20 (x4)
LongswordPrimary, SecondaryWeapon1d8
Crit: 19-20 (x2)
Crit: 20-20 (x2)
MorningstarPrimary, SecondaryWeapon1d8
Crit: 20-20 (x2)
QuarterstaffPrimary, SecondaryWeapon1d6
Crit: 20-20 (x2)
RapierPrimary, SecondaryWeapon1d6
Crit: 18-20 (x2)
ScimitarPrimary, SecondaryWeapon1d6
Crit: 18-20 (x2)
ShortswordPrimary, SecondaryWeapon1d6
Crit: 19-20 (x2)
SicklePrimary, SecondaryWeapon1d6
Crit: 20-20 (x2)
WarhammerPrimary, SecondaryWeapon1d8
Crit: 20-20 (x3)
Cryptmoss InfusionPotion
Elixir of Lesser Mnemonic EnhancementPotion
Elixir of Minor Mnemonic EnhancementPotion
Feverblanch SalvePotion
Oil of Light RepairPotion
Potion of Cure Light WoundsPotion
Potion of Cure Moderate WoundsPotion
Oil of Moderate RepairPotion
Oil of Serious RepairPotion
Potion of Cure Serious WoundsPotion
Potion of AidPotion
Potion of BarkskinPotion
Potion of Barkskin (+3)Potion
Potion of Bear's EndurancePotion
Potion of BlessPotion
Potion of Blindness RemovalPotion
Potion of Curse RemovalPotion
Potion of Disease RemovalPotion
Potion of Fear RemovalPotion
Potion of Eagle's SplendorPotion
Potion of Fox's CunningPotion
Potion of Greater Ardor IIPotion
Potion of Greater Ardor IIIPotion
Potion of Greater Ardor IVPotion
Potion of Greater Ardor VPotion
Potion of Greater Beatitude VPotion
Potion of Greater Beatitude IVPotion
Potion of Greater Beatitude IIIPotion
Potion of Greater Beatitude IIPotion
Potion of Greater Brilliance IIPotion
Potion of Greater Brilliance IIIPotion
Potion of Greater Brilliance IVPotion
Potion of Greater Brilliance VPotion
Potion of Greater Cacophany VPotion
Potion of Greater Cacophany IVPotion
Potion of Greater Cacophany IIIPotion
Potion of Greater Cacophany IIPotion
Potion of Greater Efficacy IIPotion
Potion of Greater Efficacy IIIPotion
Potion of Greater Efficacy IVPotion
Potion of Greater Efficacy VPotion
Potion of Greater Erosion IIPotion
Potion of Greater Erosion IIIPotion
Potion of Greater Erosion IVPotion
Potion of Greater Erosion VPotion
Potion of Greater Freeze VPotion
Potion of Greater Freeze IVPotion
Potion of Greater Freeze IIIPotion
Potion of Greater Freeze IIPotion
Potion of Greater Impact IIPotion
Potion of Greater Impact IIIPotion
Potion of Greater Impact IVPotion
Potion of Greater Impact VPotion
Potion of Greater Inferno IIPotion
Potion of Greater Inferno IIIPotion
Potion of Greater Inferno IVPotion
Potion of Greater Inferno VPotion
Potion of Greater Mending IIPotion
Potion of Greater Mending IIIPotion
Potion of Greater Mending IVPotion
Potion of Greater Mending VPotion
Potion of Greater Nihil IIPotion
Potion of Greater Nihil IIIPotion
Potion of Greater Nihil IVPotion
Potion of Greater Spark IIPotion
Potion of Greater Spark IIIPotion
Potion of Greater Spark IVPotion
Potion of Greater Spark VPotion
Potion of Greater Nihil VPotion
Potion of HastePotion
Potion of HeroismPotion
Potion of Improved Ardor IPotion
Potion of Improved Efficacy IPotion
Potion of Improved Freeze IPotion
Potion of Improved Impact IPotion
Potion of Improved Inferno IPotion
Potion of Improved Mending IPotion
Potion of Improved Nihil IPotion
Potion of Improved Spark IPotion
Potion of InvisibilityPotion
Potion of JumpingPotion
Potion of Lesser RestorationPotion
Potion of Mage ArmorPotion
Potion of Owl's WisdomPotion
Potion of Paralysis RemovalPotion
Potion of Poison NeutralizationPotion
Potion of Protection from AcidPotion
Potion of Protection from ColdPotion
Potion of Protection from ElectricityPotion
Potion of Protection from EvilPotion
Potion of Protection from FirePotion
Potion of Protection from SonicPotion
Potion of RagePotion
Potion of Resist AcidPotion
Potion of Resist Acid 20Potion
Potion of Resist Cold 20Potion
Potion of Resist ColdPotion
Potion of Resist FirePotion
Potion of Resist Fire 20Potion
Potion of Resist SonicPotion
Potion of Resist Sonic 20Potion
Potion of Shield of FaithPotion
Potion of Shield of Faith (+3)Potion
Potion of Shield of TumblingPotion
Potion of Water BreathingPotion
Spore PodPotion
Gerard Dryden's MacePrimary, SecondaryWeapon1d8
Bludgeon, Magic
Crit: 20-20 (x2)
Skartongue's LadelPrimary, SecondaryWeapon1d6
Bludgeon, Magic
Crit: 20-20 (x2)
Wand of Bear's EndurancePrimaryWand
Wand of Bull's StrengthPrimaryWand
Wand of Burning HandsPrimaryWand
Wand of Cat's GracePrimaryWand
Wand of Charm PersonPrimaryWand
Wand of Cure Light WoundsPrimaryWand
Wand of Cure Moderate WoundsPrimaryWand
Wand of Repair Moderate DamagePrimaryWand
Wand of Repair Serious DamagePrimaryWand
Wand of Cure Serious WoundsPrimaryWand
Wand of Detect Secret DoorsPrimaryWand
Wand of Dispel MagicPrimaryWand
Wand of Eagle's SplendorPrimaryWand
Wand of EnfeeblementPrimaryWand
Wand of False LifePrimaryWand
Wand of FireballPrimaryWand
Wand of Fireball (6th)PrimaryWand
Wand of Fox's CunningPrimaryWand
Wand of Hold PersonPrimaryWand
Wand of InvisibilityPrimaryWand
Wand of Lightning BoltPrimaryWand
Wand of Lightning Bolt (6th)PrimaryWand
Wand of Magic Missile (3rd)PrimaryWand
Wand of Magic MissilePrimaryWand
Wand of Melf's Acid ArrowPrimaryWand
Wand of Owl's WisdomPrimaryWand
Wand of Phantasmal KillerPrimaryWand
Wand of Searing LightPrimaryWand
Wand of Shocking GraspPrimaryWand
Wand of SlowPrimaryWand
Wand of WebPrimaryWand
Wand of SuggestionPrimaryWand
Scroll of DoomScroll
Scroll of Obscuring MistScroll
Scroll of Otto's Resistible DanceScroll
Scroll of Owl's WisdomScroll
Scroll of AidScroll
Scroll of BaneScroll
Scroll of BarkskinScroll
Scroll of Bear's EnduranceScroll
Scroll of BlessScroll
Scroll of BlindnessScroll
Scroll of Bull's StrengthScroll
Scroll of Burning HandsScroll
Scroll of CamouflageScroll
Scroll of Cat's GraceScroll
Scroll of Cause FearScroll
Scroll of Charm MonsterScroll
Scroll of Charm PersonScroll
Scroll of Chill TouchScroll
Scroll of CommandScroll
Scroll of Command UndeadScroll
Scroll of Cure Light WoundsScroll
Scroll of Cure Moderate WoundsScroll
Scroll of Cure Serious WoundsScroll
Scroll of Daze MonsterScroll
Scroll of Deep SlumberScroll
Scroll of Detect Secret DoorsScroll
Scroll of Dispel MagicScroll
Scroll of Divine FavorScroll
Scroll of Eagle's SplendorScroll
Scroll of Expeditious RetreatScroll
Scroll of False LifeScroll
Scroll of Feather FallScroll
Scroll of Find TrapsScroll
Scroll of FireballScroll
Scroll of Flame ArrowScroll
Scroll of Flaming SphereScroll
Scroll of Fog CloudScroll
Scroll of Fox's CunningScroll
Scroll of GlitterdustScroll
Scroll of GreaseScroll
Scroll of Halt UndeadScroll
Scroll of HasteScroll
Scroll of HeroismScroll
Scroll of Hold PersonScroll
Scroll of Hypnotic PatternScroll
Scroll of HypnotismScroll
Scroll of Inflict Light WoundsScroll
Scroll of Inflict Moderate WoundsScroll
Scroll of Lesser RestorationScroll
Scroll of Lightning BoltScroll
Scroll of LongstriderScroll
Scroll of Mage ArmorScroll
Scroll of Magic MissileScroll
Scroll of Melf's Acid ArrowScroll
Scroll of PrayerScroll
Scroll of Protection from Energy (Acid)Scroll
Scroll of Protection from Energy (Cold)Scroll
Scroll of Protection from Energy (Electricity)Scroll
Scroll of Protection from Energy (Fire)Scroll
Scroll of Protection from Energy (Sonic)Scroll
Scroll of Protection from EvilScroll
Scroll of RageScroll
Scroll of Ray of EnfeeblementScroll
Scroll of Remove BlindnessScroll
Scroll of Remove DiseaseScroll
Scroll of Remove FearScroll
Scroll of Remove ParalysisScroll
Scroll of Repair Light DamageScroll
Scroll of Repair Moderate DamageScroll
Scroll of Repair Serious DamageScroll
Scroll of Resist Energy (Acid)Scroll
Scroll of Resist Energy (Cold)Scroll
Scroll of Resist Energy (Electric)Scroll
Scroll of Resist Energy (Fire)Scroll
Scroll of Resist Energy (Sonic)Scroll
Scroll of ScareScroll
Scroll of Scorching RayScroll
Scroll of Searing LightScroll
Scroll of ShieldScroll
Scroll of Shield of FaithScroll
Scroll of Shocking GraspScroll
Scroll of SleepScroll
Scroll of Sleet StormScroll
Scroll of SlowScroll
Scroll of Sound BurstScroll
Scroll of Stinking CloudScroll
Scroll of SuggestionScroll
Scroll of Touch of IdiocyScroll
Scroll of TumbleScroll
Scroll of Water BreathingScroll
Scroll of WebScroll
Password to Boss Jittik's PrisonMiscellaneous
Black Widow BracersWristAdornmentArmor Bonus +4
Goggles of GrabbingFaceAdornment
Misery's WebTrinketAdornment
Venn's NecklaceNeckAdornment
Acrobat's RingFingersAdornmentStriding +5%
Jump +3
Tumble +3
Gloves of DeceitHandsAdornmentBluff +5
Graskitch's SkullcapHeadAdornmentWill Save +2
Moss Weave CloakBackAdornmentFortitude Save +2
Sludge Fin BootsFeetAdornmentSwim +5
Tunnelworm Champion's BeltWaistAdornment
Bludgeon, Magic
Crit: 20-20 (x2)
Intidimate +3
Bluff +3
Melt Wood StaffPrimary, SecondaryWeapon1d6
Bludgeon, Magic
Crit: 20-20 (x2)
Guardkiller BowSecondaryWeapon1d8
Crit: 20-20 (x3)
Gnashtooth SicklePrimary, SecondaryWeapon1d6
Slash, Magic
Crit: 20-20 (x2)
Bloodletter's KnifePrimary, SecondaryWeapon1d4
Pierce, Magic
Crit: 19-20 (x2)
Sewer SmockBodyArmor
Scales of the AncestorsBodyArmorArmor: 5
Gnashtooth Piecmail ChainBodyArmorArmor: 4
Armor of the Unknown HeroBodyArmorArmor: 8
Lost Docent of the MatermindBodyArmor
Interrogator's ShieldSecondaryShield1d6
Bludgeon, Magic
Crit: 20-20 (x2)
Shield Bonus: 3
Intimidate +3
Guardian's DaggerPrimaryWeapon2d6
Slash, Magic
Crit: 17-20 (x2)
Scorpion StaffPrimary, SecondaryWeapon1d6
Bludgeon, Magic
Crit: 20-20 (x2)
Spider SpikePrimary, SecondaryWeapon1d6
Pierce, Magic
Crit: 18-20 (x2)
Spiked Mace of the ElementsPrimary, SecondaryWeapon1d8
Bludgeon, Magic
Crit: 20-20 (x2)
Gatewarden's GirdleWaistAdornmentFortitude Save +2
Gatewarden's GirdleHandsAdornmentHeal +3
Perform +3
Puzzle CapHeadAdornment
Surefoot BootsFeetAdornmentBalance +3
Move Silently +3
Witchdoctor's MantleBackAdornmentWill Save +2
Necromantic RobeBodyArmor
Spellshield DocentBodyArmor
Stonedust ChainBodyArmorArmor: 6
Stonedust LeatherBodyArmorArmor: 3
Unfinished Elemental PlatemailBodyArmorArmor: 8
Shadow StarAmmoWeapon1d2
Slash, Magic
Crit: 19-20 (x0)
Berserker BracersWristAdornmentIntimidate +3
Cloven Jaw War BeadsNeckAdornment
Ring of Dragon's BreathFingersAdornment
Trapblast GogglesFaceAdornmentReflex Save +4
Vial of SlumberdustTrinketMiscellaneous
Green Spinel
River Gate KeyMiscellaneous
Green KeyMiscellaneous
Red KeyMiscellaneous
Arrowmint LeavesDrink
Cryptmoss Silk SuturesTrinketAdornment
Key to Above DecksMiscellaneous
Phiarlan's RingFingersAdornmentPerform +5
Bludgeon, Magic
Crit: 20-20 (x2)
Shield Bonus: 3
Resistance +1
Blade of InquisitionPrimary, SecondaryWeapon1d8
Slash, Magic, Silver
Crit: 19-20 (x2)
Dagger of InquisitionPrimary, SecondaryWeapon1d4
Pierce, Magic, Silver
Crit: 19-20 (x2)
Morningstar of the HereticPrimary, SecondaryWeapon1d8
Bludgeon, Magic
Crit: 20-20 (x2)
Crit: 19-20 (x2)
Pillar of LightPrimary, SecondaryWeapon1d6
Bludgeon, Magic, Good
Crit: 20-20 (x2)
Boots of FaithFeetAdornmentJump +5
Cardinal's GlovesHandsAdornmentDiplomacy +5
Cloak of the AsylumBackAdornmentWill Save +2
Mask of the AsylumFaceAdornmentConcentration +5
Flamekeep DocentBodyArmor
Robe of DualityBodyArmor
Templar's ChainBodyArmorArmor: 7
Templar's LeatherBodyArmorArmor: 4
Templar's MailBodyArmorArmor: 8
Ring of the ArchbishopFingersAdornmentHeal +3
Wooden Prayer BeadsTrinketAdornment
Circlet of Silver FlameWristAdornment
Goggles of the InquisitionFaceAdornmentIntimidate +3
Marguerite's NecklaceNeckAdornment
Spicy Fungal GumboFood
OnyxhornPrimary, SecondaryWeapon1d4
Pierce, Magic
Crit: 19-20 (x2)
Wrath of SiberysSecondaryShield1d6
Bludgeon, Magic
Crit: 20-20 (x2)
Shield Bonus: 4
Boneshard FlutePrimary, SecondaryWeapon1d6
Bludgeon, Magic
Crit: 20-20 (x2)
Slash, Magic
Crit: 17-20 (x3)
Obsidian DaggerPrimary, SecondaryWeapon1d4
Pierce, Magic
Crit: 19-20 (x2)
Crit: 20-20 (x3)
SparkstrikerPrimary, SecondaryWeapon1d6
Pierce, Adamantite
Crit: 20-20 (x4)
Headman's HoodHeadAdornmentIntimidate +5
Hellfire CloakBackAdornment
Linen HandwrapsHandsAdornment
Switchblade BootsFeetAdornmentBluff +10
Trapsmith's ToolbeltWaistAdornmentDisable Device +5
Repair +5
Delera's VestmenBodyArmorArmor Bonus +2
Docent of the TombBodyArmorSpot +5
Balance +5
Listen +5
Search +5
Rusted ShirtBodyArmorArmor: 7
Silverflame HauberkBodyArmorArmor: 9
Wighthide ArmorBodyArmorArmor: 6
Black Lace BlindfoldFaceAdornmentSpot +7
Listen +7
Golden CartoucheNeckAdornmentUse Magic Device +3
Iron ManaclesNeckAdornmentProtection +4
Sigil of StormreachFingersAdornmentDiplomacy +5
Skeleton KeyTrinketAdornmentOpen Lock +7
Iron CleaverPrimary, SecondaryWeapon1d8
Slash, Magic
Crit: 20-20 (x3)
Threnalian War DaggerPrimary, SecondaryWeapon1d4
Pierce, Magic
Crit: 19-20 (x2)
Lily ExtractDrink
Tome of Flesh
Green Key (HL)Miscellaneous
Tome of BoneMiscellaneous
Xoriat Forged BladePrimary, SecondaryWeapon1d8
Slash, Magic, Chaotic
Crit: 19-20 (x2)
Rahkat's TrifleTrinketAdornment
Zizoo's SpangleTrinketAdornment
Stronghold KeyMiscellaneous
Fist of DarguulPrimary, SecondaryWeapon1d6
Bludgeon, Magic
Crit: 20-20 (x2)
Intimidate +5
Totemic Staff of SplinterskullPrimary, SecondaryWeapon1d6
Bludgeon, Magic
Crit: 20-20 (x2)
Whisperdoom's FangPrimary, SecondaryWeapon1d6
Pierce, Magic
Crit: 19-20 (x2)
Yarkuch's GreatswordPrimaryWeapon2d6
Slash, Magic
Crit: 19-20 (x2)
Black Wolfskin BeltWaistAdornment
Black Wolfskin CloakBackAdornmentResistance +2
Blademaster GauntletsHandsAdornment
Krugg's Spiked BootsFeetAdornmentReflex Save +2
Striding +10%
Yarkuch's HelmHeadAdornmentWill Save +1
Spider Silk RobeBodyArmorMove Silently +5
Lhor-Tragu's Shadowed ArmorBodyArmorArmor: 3
Splinterskull ChainmailBodyArmorArmor: 8
Warmaster HalfplateBodyArmorArmor: 10
Splinterskull DocentBodyArmor
Splinterskull DocentWristAdornment
Crimson GemstoneTrinketAdornment
Splinterskull Acolyte RingFingersAdornment
Visor of the Flesh Render GuardsFaceAdornment
Zulkash's Bone NecklaceNeckAdornment
Wharfrat's PlankSecondaryShield1d6
Bludgeon, Magic
Crit: 20-20 (x2)
Shield Bonus: 5
Swim +7
Blood MachetePrimary, SecondaryWeapon1d4
Slash, Magic
Crit: 18-20 (x2)
Bludgeon, Magic
Crit: 20-20 (x2)
Balance -5
Shamanic StaffPrimary, SecondaryWeapon1d6
Bludgeon, Chaotic, Magic
Crit: 20-20 (x2)
Sheridan's RuinPrimary, SecondaryWeapon1d6
Pierce, Magic
Crit: 15-20 (x2)
Sheridan's WrackPrimary, SecondaryWeapon1d4
Pierce, Magic
Crit: 17-20 (x2)
Sheridan's WrackAmmoWeapon1d2
Slash, Magic
Crit: 20-20 (x2)
Bubble BeltWaistAdornment
Hobnail BootsFeetAdornmentBalance +15
Phantasmic MasqueFaceAdornment
Quilted CapeBackAdornmentMove Silently +7
Resistance +2
Filtration ModuleBodyArmorRepair +5
Poison Save +4
Quicksilver CassokBodyArmorStriding +20%
Quicksilver CassokBodyArmorArmor: 12
Oilskin TunicBodyArmorArmor: 3
Swampscale ArmorBodyArmorArmor: 7Swim +7
Cliffdiver Luck CharmsWristAdornmentSwim +7
Jump +7
Striding +5%
Jeweler's LoupeFaceAdornmentHaggle +7
Disable Device +7
Mummified BatTrinketAdornmentListen +5
Spot +5
Poison RingFingersAdornment
Shrunken HeadNeckAdornmentResistance +3
Silver Bowl
Silver Key (SR)Miscellaneous
Jeweled KeyMiscellaneous
Gold KeyMiscellaneous
Iron Key (SM)Miscellaneous
White PearlMiscellaneous
Threnal Ceremonial BladeMiscellaneous
Fire OpalMiscellaneous
Helm of the FlameHeadAdornment
Gold Key (Haywire)Miscellaneous
Blessed CandleMiscellaneous
Kundarak Trooper's ShieldSecondaryShield1d6
Bludgeon, Magic
Crit: 20-20 (x2)
Shield Bonus: 6
Attack Penalty -2
Jeweled HammerPrimary, SecondaryWeapon1d8
Bludgeon, Magic
Crit: 19-20 (x3)
Crit: 19-20 (x2)
RetributionPrimary, SecondaryWeapon1d8
Slash, Good, Lawful, Magic
Crit: 19-20 (x2)
Theurgic StaffPrimary, SecondaryWeapon1d6
Bludgeon, Adamantite, Magic
Crit: 20-20 (x2)
Spot +5
AccompliceBackAdornmentMove Silently +10
Hide +10
Asbestos BootsFeetAdornmentReflex Save -2
Coin BeltWaistAdornmentHaggle +10
Glacial CasqueHeadAdornment
Rabbit GlovesHandsAdornment
Brilliant Docent of the DawnBodyArmor
Filtration ModuleBodyArmorArmor Bonus +2
Domus' CuirassBodyArmorArmor: 9
Domus' CuirassBodyArmorArmor: 5
Guard of the ShogunBodyArmorArmor: 9Intimidate +5
Diplomacy +5
Screaming Amathyst ArrowAmmoAmmo
Bracer of SpiderkindWristAdornmentPoison Save +2
Brass BeaverFingersAdornmentRepair +7
Crystal PrismNeckAdornment
Penny WhistleTrinketAdornment
Spectacular OpticsFaceAdornmentReflex Save +4
Protection +3
MuckbanePrimary, SecondaryWeapon1d6
Crit: 20-20 (x2)
Belt of the MroranonWaistAdornment
Docent of GraceBodyArmorBalance +5, Tumble +5
Dragon's EyeFingersAdornment
Hammer of LifePrimary, SecondaryWeapon1d10
Bludgeon, Magic
Crit: 20-20 (x2)
Heal +10
Repair +10
Natural Armor Bonus +2
Helm of MronananHeadAdornmentIntimidate +7
Kundarak Delving BootsFeetAdornmentMove Silently +5
Kundarak Delving SuitBodyArmorArmor: 6Search +5
Kundarak Warding BracersWristAdornmentResistance +3
Protection +3
Ring of the Silver ConcordFingersAdornmentProtection +2
Ruby Encrusted GauntletsHandsAdornment
Silver Necklace of ProphecyNeckAdornment
Cloak of ShadowsBackAdornmentArmor: 2Hide +7
Move Silently +7
Protection +2
Garrison's Pack of ToolsMiscellaneous
Black PearlMiscellaneous
Imperial TopazMiscellaneous
Violet GarnetMiscellaneous
White OpalMiscellaneous
Iron Key (SMW)Miscellaneous
Artifact CrateMiscellaneous
Iron Key (KB)Miscellaneous
Scroll of Moderate RepairScroll
Scroll of Bestow CurseScroll
Scroll of Ray of ExhaustionScroll
Wand of Fireball (10th)Wand
Eye of KhyberMiscellaneous
Left Claw of the Idol of HalokhMiscellaneous
Legs of the Idol of HalokhMiscellaneous
Trogskull HelmHeadAdornmentSpell Resistance +1
Scorpion Tail ShortbowSecondaryWeapon1d6
Magic, Poison
Crit: 20-20 (x3)
Grudgebearer's PlateChestArmorArmor: 10
Nuushmaar's Adamantite ToothPrimary, SecondaryWeapon1d6
Pierce, Adamantite, Magic
Crit: 18-20 (x18)
Giant Stalker's KnifePrimary, SecondaryWeapon1d4
Slash, Magic
Crit: 18-20 (x2)
Scarf of WarmthHeadAdornment
Minotaur Hair BeltWaistAdornmentBalance +5
Chiku's BaubleNeckAdornmentHeal +3
Drow Hunter's ArmorBodyArmor: 6
Kutik's BeadTrinketAdornment
Furor's HideBackAdornment
Book of ChartsMiscellaneous
+3 Deneith ArrowsAmmoAmmo
+3 Deneith BoltAmmoAmmo
+3 Deneith DartAmmoAmmo1d4
Pierce, Magic
Crit: 20-20 (x2)
+3 Deneith ShurikenAmmoAmmo1d2
Slash, Magic
Crit: 20-20 (x2)
+3 Deneith ShurikenAmmoAmmo1d6
Slash, Magic
Crit: 20-20 (x2)
+3 Deneith Throwing DaggerAmmoAmmo1d4
Pierce, Magic
Crit: 20-20 (x2)
Sanguine MothCollectible
Ritual AthameCollectible
Gold Key (XC)Miscellaneous
Wazul's AmuletNeckAdornmentReflex +2
Periapt of HealthNeckAdornment
Garzad's HelmHeadAdornment
Essence of the StoutBodyArmorArmor: 2
Silver Flame Trinket
Emerald Claw Trinket
Vol Prayer Charm
Mark of FavorCollectible
Crimson Key
Choker of the Silver TongueNeckAdornmentDiplomacy +5
Bluff +5
Chill ShardAmmoWeapon1d4
Crit: 19-20 (x2)
Aberrant RobeBodyArmor
Disc of EnhancementBodyArmor
Wight HideBodyArmorArmor: 4
Mace of the WraithPrimary, SecondaryWeapon1d8
Bludgeon, Magic
Crit: 20-20 (x2)
Silver LongbowSecondaryWeapon1d10
Crit: 19-20 (x3)
Fragment of the Silver FlameTrinketAdornment
BloodplateBodyArmorArmor: 10
Adamantite OreCollectible
Nightforge PlateBodyArmorArmor: 13
Nightforge DocentBodyArmorArmor: 5
Nightforge StilettoPrimary, SecondaryWeapon1d4
Adamantite, Pierce
Crit: 19-20 (x2)
Nightforge DartAmmoWeapon1d4
Adamantite, Pierce
Crit: 20-20 (x2)
Nightforge GorgetNeckAdornment
Nightforge DarkhelmHeadAdornmentWill Saves +5
Nightforge BracersWristAdornment
Nightforge MeshBodyArmorArmor: 9
Nightforge AegisSecondaryShield
Phiarlan RingFingersAdornmentPerform +5
Roguebane BreastplateBodyArmorArmor: 7
Thuranni Stalker's MailBodyArmorArmor: 7
FlamedaggerPrimary, SecondaryWeapon1d4
Pierce, Magic, Fire
Crit: 19-20 (x2)
Arlyn's StaffPrimaryWeapon1d6
Bludgeon, Magic
Crit: 20-20 (x2)
Protection +1
Tharkuul's BanePrimary, SecondaryWeapon1d6
Cold Iron, Slash, Good, Magic
Crit: 20-20 (x2)
Dark Blue Ioun StoneTrinketAdornmentListen +3
Spot +3
Moog's OrnamentTrinketAdornment
Miasma's FangPrimary, SecondaryWand1d4
Pierce, Magic
Crit: 19-20 (x2)
Fortification Save +1
Peridot RingFingersAdornmentWill Save +2
Bloodrage SymbiantTrinketAdornmentWill Save -2
Lightning RodPrimary, SecondaryWeapon1d6
Bludgeon, Magic
Crit: 20-20 (x2)
Garzuul's BanePrimaryWeapon1d12
Cold Iron, Magic, Slash
Crit: 20-20 (x3)
Tharkuul's BanePrimary, SecondaryWeapon1d6
Cold Iron, Magic, Slash
Crit: 20-20 (x2)
Prysuul's BanePrimaryWeapon1d10
Cold Iron, Magic, Slash
Crit: 19-20 (x2)
Tyrzza's BanePrimaryWeapon1d6
Cold Iron, Magic, Pierce
Crit: 18-20 (x2)
Beholder Optic NervesNeckAdornmentSearch +7
Spot +7
Muck's DoomPrimary, SecondaryWeapon1d6
Bludgeon, Magic
Crit: 20-20 (x2)
Mutiny's ToothPrimary, SecondaryWeapon1d4
Magic, Pierce
Crit: 19-20 (x2)
Hobble's CrossbowWeapon1d10
Crit: 19-20 (x2)
Scurvy's CloakAdornment
Ring of RageFingerAdornment
Boots of the Long StepFeetAdornmentStriding +5%
Sword of PainPrimary, SecondaryWeapon1d6
Magic, Slash
Crit: 19-20 (x2)
Helm of the MoranonHeadAdornmentIntimidate +7
Sword of ShadowPrimaryWeapon2d6
Adamantite, Magic, Slash
Crit: 18-20 (x3)
Intimidate +7
Stonemeld PlateBodyArmorArmor: 12
Kundarak Delving GogglesFaceAdornmentDisable Device +10
Spot +10
Ironweave RobeBodyArmorArmor: 5
Azure Necklace of ProphecyNeckAdornment
Ring of Trollish RegenerationFingerAdornmentNatural Armor Bonus +2
Cloak of Troll's RegenerationBackAdornment
Poison-Tipped CrossbowSecondaryWeapon1d8
Crit: 19-20 (x2)
Granite PlateBodyArmorArmor: 10
Twig of the Giant MagePrimary, SecondaryWeapon1d6
Bludgeon, Magic
Crit: 20-20 (x2)
Spell Resistance: 15
Maul of MightPrimaryWeapon1d10
Bludgeon, Magic
Crit: 20-20 (x2)
Chitin ShieldSecondaryShield1d6
Bludgeon, Magic
Crit: 20-20 (x2)
Shield Bonus: 2
Deezil's OrnamentNeckAdornment
Raktu's TrifleTrinketAdornment
Calamity's CarapaceBodyAmmoArmor: 4
Jeeka's SpangleTrinketAdornmentArmor Bonus +2
Glik's BangleTrinketAdornmentWill Save +2
Essence of the ScoutBodyArmor
Robe of WinterBodyArmor
Lesser Boots of Striding and SpringingFeetAdornmentStriding +10%
Jump +5%
Emerald Claw AmuletNeckAdornmentDiplomacy +3
Silver Flame AmuletNeckAdornment
Level 6 Spell Inscription MaterialsReagent
Mercury and PhosphorousReagent
Phial of Holy WaterReagent
Ogre Magi HornReagent
Lich DustReagent
Black Onyx GemReagent
Crushed Black PearlReagent
Ingot of Black Iron
Uncut Ruby
Uncut Piece of Jacinth
Uncut Fire Opal
Cactus SoupDrink
Fresh Spring WaterDrink
Dried FruitFood
Bread and HummusFood
Light Healing BalmFood
Mild Energy TonicDrink
Energy TonicDrink
Goat's MilkDrink
Boiled ScorpionFood
Healing BalmFood
Rapid Healing BalmFood
Strong Energy TonicDrink
Lamb KebabFood
Sweet Mint TeaDrink
Centurion ArmorBodyArmorArmor: 13Reflex Save +4
Insulated ArmorBodyArmorArmor: 11
Crit: 20-20 (x3)
Star of IrianPrimaryWeapon1d8
Crit: 20-20 (x2)
Shining Adamantite PlateBodyArmorArmor: 10
Platemail of GiantsBodyArmorArmor: 9
Goggles of PerceptionFaceAdornmentSpot +5
Search +5
Docent of AcidBodyArmor+1 to DC of Conjuration Spells
Circlet of St. MarkusHeadAdornment
BereavementPrimary, SecondaryWeapon1d8
Magic, Slash
Crit: 20-20 (x3)
+10 Seeker
Jungle CloakBackAdornmentHide +10
Skull Fetish MaskFaceAdornment
Vambraces of Inner LightBodyAmmoArmor: 11
Belt of Brute StrengthWaistAdornment
Battle CoinTrinketAdornment+1 To Hit
Gyroscopic BootsFeetArmorBalance +10
Striding: 30%
Savage SwordPrimaryWeapon1d10
Crit: 19-20 (x2)
Vibrant Purple Ioun StoneTrinketAdornment
Ironweave TunicArmorArmor: 7Reflex Saves -2
Royal Guard MaskFaceAdornment
Mysterious RingFingersAdornment+3 Protection
+3 To All Saving Throws
Coronation ShieldSecondaryShieldShield Bonus: 6
Mummy WrapsBodyArmorArmor: 5
Weathered TargeSecondaryShield1d6
Crit: 20-20 (x2)
Shield Bonus: 4
Shard of VollunTrinketAdornment
Hyena Claw NecklaceNeckAdornmentIntimidate +7
Resonant Guard ShirtBodyArmorArmor: 7Move Silently -5
Gold Festival CoinCollectible
Silver Festival CoinCollectible
Copper Festival CoinCollectible
A Festival TwigMiscellaneous
Warforged Titan CookieMiscellaneous
Beholder CookieMiscellaneous
Lamannia, the Twilight Forest Jelly CakeMiscellaneous
Daanvi, the Perfect Order Jelly CakeMiscellaneous
Velah, the Red Dragon CookieMiscellaneous
Queen Lailat, the Marilith CookieMiscellaneous
Xoriat, the Realm of Madness Jelly CakeMiscellaneous
Dolurrh, the Realm of the Dead Jelly CakeMiscellaneous
Risia, the Plane of Ice Jelly CakeMiscellaneous
Kythri, the Churning Chaos Jelly CakeMiscellaneous
Irian, the Eternal Day Jelly CakeMiscellaneous
Dal Quor, the Region of Dreams Jelly CakeMiscellaneous
Shavarath, the Battleground Jelly CakeMiscellaneous
Thelanis, the Faerie Court Jelly CakeMiscellaneous
Mabar, the Endless Night Jelly CakeMiscellaneous
Bow of the ElementsSecondaryWeapon1d8
Crit: 20-20 (x3)
MiragePrimary, SecondaryWeapon1d6
Crit: 18-20 (x2)
StingPrimary, SecondaryWeapon1d6
Crit: 19-20 (x2)
Tourney ArmorBodyArmorArmor: 13
Spiked TurbanHeadAdornment+3 Protection
+3 Resistance
Bracers of the HunterAdornment+5 Hide
+2 Reflex
+2 Sneak Attack
Firestorm Greaves33% Fire Absorption
FlintPrimary, SecondaryWeapon1d4
Crit: 19-20 (x2)
TinderPrimary, SecondaryWeapon1d6
Bludgeon, Magic
Crit: 20-20 (x2)
Gloves of the FalconHandsAdornment+10 Spot
Robe of FireBodyAmmo
Vulkoorim Dervish RobeBodyArmor+4 Armor Bonus
Vulkoorim PendantNeckAdornment
ZephyrPrimary, SecondaryWeapon1d6
Magic, Slash
Crit: 19-20 (x2)
Crit: 20-20 (x3)
+2 Extra Damage
Siberys Dragonshard
Imperfect Siberys Dragonshard
Flawed Siberys Dragonshard
Collapsible ShortbowSecondaryWeapon1d6
Pierce, Magic
Crit: 20-20 (x3)
+7 Jump
+7 Swim
+7 Tumble
Gauntlets of Ogre PowerHandsAdornment
Necklace of FireballsNeckAdornment
Periapt of Proof Against PoisonNeckAdornment
Periapt of WisdomNeckAdornment
Shield of the ScorpionSecondaryShield1d6
Crit: 20-20 (x2)
Shield Bonus: 6
Wolf Whistle NecklaceNeckAdornment
Ring of Spell StoringFingersAdornment
Dynastic FalcataPrimary, SecondaryWeapon1d8
Adamantite, Slash
Crit: 19-20 (x3)
Cloak of ProtectionBackAdornmentProtection +3
Silver Flame SymbolNeckAdornment
Robe of PotencyBodyArmor
Guardian MantleSecondaryShield1d6
Crit: 20-20 (x2)
Shield Bonus: 5
Attack Penalty -2
Boots of Minor StridingFeetAdornment+5% Striding
Battleworn Shield of CyreSecondaryShield1d6
Crit: 20-20 (x-2)
Shield Bonus: 3
Armor of AmokBodyArmorArmor: 4
Neecha's BeadTrinketAdornment+2 Reflex Saves
Chipped Bone TalismanCollectible
Ivory Scorpion IconCollectible
Tear of VulkoorCollectible
Mystic FormulaeCollectible
Academic TreatiseCollectible
Tome: Alchemist's ChapbookCollectible
Ruddy FungiCollectible
Bloodfeast FungiCollectible
Ancient Vulkoorim DaggerPrimary, SecondaryWeapon1d4
Piercing, Magic
Crit: 19-20 (x2)
Ward of UndeathShield1d6
Bludgeon, Magic
Crit: 20-20 (x2)
Shield Bonus: 4
Vulkoorim Fighting LeathersArmorArmor: 7+5 Hide
Surefooted BootsFeetAdornmentBalance +10
Striding +20%
Backstabber's GlovesHandsAdornment+10 Bluff
+2 Sneak Attack Bonus
+1 Vorpal Sickle of HagglePrimary, SecondaryWeapon1d6
Magic, Slash
Crit: 20-20 (x2)
+3 Haggle
Eteral Titan WandWand
Ancient BandRingAdornment+3 Protection
Magic, Slash
Crit: 18-20 (x2)
Weapon Focus: Falchion
Aquatic BracersWristAdornment+13 Swim
Daggertooth BeltWaistAdornment
Kardin's EyeTrinketAdornment+5 Resistance
Ring of the DjinnRingAdornment
Spiked BootsFeetAdornment+7 Balance
Immunity to Slippery Surfaces
Helm of the Black DragonHeadAdornment
Helm of the Blue DragonHeadAdornment
Madstone BootsFeetAdornment+20% Striding
Stormreaver's NapkinCloakAdornmentSpell Focus Mastery +1
Helm of the White DragonHeadAdornment
Giantcrafted Siberys CompassTrinketAdornment+13 Search
+2 Resistance
+4 Will Save
Manacles of Ceastless ToilWristAdornment
Mantle of the DragonfriendBack+7 Diplomacy
Ring of the Stormreaver ProphecyRingAdornment+2 Resistance
Gloves of EternityHandsAdornment+13 Heal
+13 Repair
Black Dragonhide ArmorArmorArmor: 8+13 Search
+13 Disable Device
Black Dragonplate ArmorArmorArmor: 14
Black Dragonscale ArmorArmorArmor: 11
Black Dragonscale DocentArmor+13 Disable Device
+13 Search
+10% Ranged Alacrity
Black Dragonscale RobeArmor
Scepter of SiberysPrimary, SecondaryWeapon1d6
Crit: 20-20 (x2)
+1 Use Magic Device
Blue Dragonhide ArmorBodyArmorArmor: 8
Blue Dragonplate ArmorBodyArmorArmor: 14
Blue Dragonscale ArmorBodyArmorArmor: 11
Blue Dragonscale RobeBodyArmor+4 Armor Bonus
Blue Dragonscale DocentBodyArmor
Ring of BalanceRingAdornment+13 Balance
+2 Natural Armor Bonus
Jorgundal's CollarNeckAdornment+10% Melee Alacrity
Yaaryar's Magnicent BandRingAdornment+1 Resistance
Robe of Arcane PuisanceBodyArmor+3 Natural Armor
Robe of ResistanceArmor+1 Resistance
Cloven-Jaw LongbowWeapon1d8
Crit: -20 (x3)
+1 Resistance
Kargon's Tasty Ham
Brooch of Water BreathingNeckAdornment
exampleA delimited field listing the slots that an item can fit into. Ex: BodyThis field is used to set any plusses or additional information that an item has that can not be contained elsewhere. Ex: Open Lock +1
Hide +2
Imbued Darkleaf Banded ArmorBodyArmorArmor: 9Resistance +4
Torc of Prince Raiyum-de IINeckAdornment
Sandstorm GogglesFaceAdornment
Cloak of the ZephyrBackAdornment
Bracers of the Demon's ConsortWristAdornment
Dustless BootsFeetAdornmentStriding +20%
Move Silently +15
Hide +11
Pouch of JerkyTrinketAdornment
Seal of EarthFingersAdornmentNatural Armor Bonus +3
Inferno BracersWristAdornment
Breastplate of VolBodyArmorArmor: 10
Boots of the InnocentFeetAmmo+5 Resistance
+15% Striding
Cloak of IceBackAdornment
Ethereal BracersWristAdornment
Chord of ReprisalsWaistAdornment
Glimpse of the SoulFaceAdornment+10 Bluff
+10 Diplomacy
Enchant Bonus
Minos LegensHeadAdornment
TradusorHeadAdornment+4 Reflex Save
Undying GazeHeadAdornment+10 Intimidate
+6 Shatter
Pirate's BandanaHeadAdornmentHide +5
Bludgeon, Magic
Crit: 20-20 (x2)
Shield Bonus: 7
Protection +4
Resistance +4
Gloves of DexterityAdornment
Pall of BloodBodyArmor
Goggles of IntuitionFaceAdornmentSneak Attack Bonus +2
Docent of BloodBodyArmor+10% Healing
-10% Fortification
Eye of the BeholderFingers
LaceratorPrimary, SecondaryWeapon1d6
Magic, Slash
Crit: 18-20 (x2)
Phase HammerWeapon1d10
Adamantite, Bludgeon
Crit: 20-20 (x3)
Bludgeon, Magic
Crit: 20-20 (x2)
Shield Bonus: 3
Eyes of CharmingFaceAdornment
Aegis FlameShield1d6
Crit: -20 (x2)
Shield Bonus: 7
Blood of BellowsShield1d6
Crit: -20 (x2)
Shield Bonus: 7
Mystic BeltWaistAdornment
Necklace of ContemplationNeckAdornmentConcentration +5
To-Hit Bonus +1
Goggles of ShieldingFaceAdornment
Battleworn HelmetHeadAdornmentConcentration +3
Spectral GlovesHandsAdornmentTo-Hit Bonus +2
Enlightened RobesBodyArmor
Bracers of DeftnessWristsAdornmentArmor: 6Tumble +5
Tchurvul's KukriMain Hand, Off HandWeapon1d4
Crit: 18-20 (x2)
Lucky HatHeadAdornment
Plate Armor of the DeepBodyArmorArmor: 8Swim +13
Battleworn ChainmailBodyArmorArmor: 5
Demonic BreastplateBodyArmorArmor: 5
Gleaming Adamantite PlateBodyArmorArmor: 8
Giantcrafted Plate ArmorBodyArmorArmor: 8
White Dragonplate ArmorBodyArmorArmor: 9
Stormreaver Fresco
Dragon Relic
Elf Relic
Giant Relic

662 NPC(s) Found

NameNPC Type
Archbishop Dryden
Euphonia Teles (Trainer)Trainer
Euphonia TelesQuest
Agramire Qualfork, TavernkeepBarkeep
Andolar Ruug
Brother LockerlyBinder
Edvag Goodgold
Kranig StoneshieldQuest
Lordamire 'The Hammertongue', TavernkeepBarkeep
Malison Deathsong, BarkeepBarkeep
Lorridan SilvermantleQuest
Master ThorpeQuest
Thurd SteelhandQuest
Brother MirashaiBinder
Kestinia Lei, ProvisionerBarkeep
Kurvic the HoundQuest
Eldamir FallowcrestQuest
Alamere Evilbane, Holy Reagent VendorHoly Reagent Vendor
Quolish Wren, Potion VendorPotion Vendor
Salar Riptalon, Arcane Reagent VendorArcane Reagent Vendor
Jacobi Alluance, Weapon BrokerWeapon Broker
Kari ArklanWeapon Pawn Broker
Lorindal JaroWeapon Pawn Broker
Sarah d'DeneithWeapon Pawn Broker
Commander TesaraQuest
Gladewatch SoldierGuard
Brother MontalvoBinder
Lamden Wynn, InnkeeperBarkeep
Devlin Dullpick
Adora Quillbane, Missile Weapons VendorMissile Weapons Vendor
Fergus Blasko, Melee Weapons VendorMelee Weapons Vendor
Janiero Coldiron, Armor VendorArmor Vendor
Kaelpit Dourstroke, Shield VendorShield Vendor
Branner Ironbreaker
Canton Silverams
Colin Ziele
Garlan Dinkle
Giggs Elorreathi
Keane d'Deneith
Kimlar Ironbreaker
Mats Beltane
Menos Xuekaine
Morin Axleson
Neville Stormhammer
Scholes of Vedykar
Solania Rhone
Trace Jax
Harbormaster ZinQuest
Alisandra AshentouchedQuest
Armswoman Leima d'Deneith, Fighter TrainerFighter Trainer
Bereschel d'DeneithGuard
Chirugeon Lajamal, Medicinal Spore CollectorMedicinal Spore Collector
Evi JossGatekeeper
Flintchip Fireson, Elemental Essence CollectorElemental Essence Collector
Hadley d'Deneith
Guide Iaxx'nol Varrax, Ranger TrainerRanger Trainer
Tara Wightraven, Infernal Essence CollectorInfernal Essence Collector
Beckah Songbarrow
Chamberlain Cyrese EmbreeQuest
Deen WermierQuest
Derek GrospicQuest
Farrik Foe-Cleaver, Fungus CollectorFungus Collector
Garoudry Wynn, Cleric TrainerCleric Trainer
Jandul d'JorascoQuest
Lamia d'Jorasco
Mantakhan, Beetle CollectorBeetle Collector
Mara Cullych, Paladin TrainerPaladin Trainer
Sir Alsen of Thrane, Paladin TrainerPaladin Trainer
Priestess Tamberri, Cleric TrainerCleric Trainer
Verisgante, Talisman CollectorTalisman Collector
Anxel Billuck, Rogue TrainerRogue Trainer
Carinth Sorenda, Rogue TrainerRogue Trainer
Barrenon the Fox, Barbarian TrainerBarbarian Trainer
Chor Blast-Horn, Lyrics CollectorLyrics Collector
Husk, Apparatus CollectorApparatus Collector
Ulfgar d'Kundarak
Zarius d'Kundarak
Warder BarrachGatekeeper
Warder RavnikaGatekeeper
Aulandar Thistlecrown, Divine Scrolls VendorDivine Scrolls Vendor
Auromir Palance, Arcane Scrolls VendorArcane Scrolls Vendor
Basillca Tardin, Wondrous Items VendorWondrous Items Vendor
Arcanist Arvilen Greeneyes, Wizard TrainerWizard Trainer
Bowdlin, Wood CollectorWood Collector
Coralay D'PhiarlanQuest
Kayla Skywhisper, Omen CollectorMineral Collector
Maestro Forsith d'Phiarlan, Bard TrainerBard Trainer
Mystic Delene d'Phiarlan, Sorcerer TrainerSorcerer Trainer
Seld the Gray Sister, Intelligence CollectorIntelligence Collector
Tarantus D'Phiarlan
Wransyl of VedykarGatekeeper
Captive Crew MemberQuest
Mad Anne RackhamQuest
Brother CallawayBinder
Carberent D'DeneithQuest
Dale Vintner
Durk the DerangedQuest
Kensellen d'JorascoQuest
Mistress AhuraQuest
Samson Cully
Selena Eldborn
Seamus Luckypenny
Vannick the Sot
Head Librarian GuilluameQuest
Belinda WallsHeavy Armor Vendor
Dallor TuringLight Armor Vendor
Izadore EamonsShield Vendor
Jericho PyrewrightMedium Armor Vendor
Sister Ealsa Wyrmclout, Divine Reagent VendorDivine Reagent Vendor
Sarlona Courd, Arcane Reagent VendorArcane Reagent Vendor
Huhaet Doomstealer
Nehorhaeh Lizardslayer
Blake Cooper, BankerBanker
Johnston Brier, BankerBanker
Lyrinna Boylston, BankerBanker
Mikita Smith, BankerBanker
Tad Darksteel, BankerBanker
Tfisg Steelsmith, BankerBanker
Miller Tarrigan Rosethorn
Corual Laoli, Arcane Scrolls VendorArcane Scrolls Vendor
Cullian Barrows, Wondrous Items VendorWondrous Items Vendor
Panlamin Felwrought, Wands VendorWands Vendor
Riamorn Fellshard, Divine Scrolls VendorDivine Scrolls Vendor
Acolyte HestairQuest
Brother BancroftBinder
Haddi Malewud, TavernkeepBarkeep
Bedraggled PrisonerQuest
Skittish PrisonerQuest
Aramel 'Skully' Boneshard, BarkeepBarkeep
Brother VentnorBinder
Cog, TavernkeepBarkeep
Henda BoulderbreakerCasino
Johan Lonnen
Legira Marblefist
Rongi Starwatcher
Toheas Songweaver
Y'laria Deathsong, TavernkeepBarkeep
Falcor RedwillowQuest
Research Assistant Caldia
Research Assistant Gadbin
Avnar the Ranger
Nostros the Sorcerer
Teresa the Fighter
Jan FalnerQuest
Sal DanelQuest
Arlag the Noose
Evi Joss (SWT)
Hern Ear-Cutter
Jelari of Verge
Lhantro of Tantamar, InnkeeperBarkeep
Ormo Notchblade
Sister SaraBinder
Wafiz ir'Sulesh
Beli Sanddap, Fine Enchanted ArmorArmor Pawn Broker
Calloway Turrilcob, Armor BrokerArmor Broker
Derek Kandar, Quality Armor BrokerArmor Pawn Broker
Thorvax d'Kundarak, Magical Armor BrokerArmor Pawn Broker
Guard RusticelloQuest
Sailor CalatinGatekeeper
Bruku, Elder of the Grey MoonQuest
Lord Hragg of Grey MoonQuest
Agrimor 'The Summoner', Arcane Reagent VendorArcane Reagent Vendor
Barrigan Turaen, Shield VendorShield Vendor
Blackjack, Simple Melee VendorSimple Melee Vendor
Brevial Serpenthelm, Medium Armor VendorMedium Armor Vendor
Brother Bauroth Goeth, Holy Reagent VendorHoly Reagent Vendor
Camryn Malicanth, Martial Missile VendorMartial Missile Vendor
Corinn Ironmaul, Heavy Armor VendorHeavy Armor Vendor
Falquen Al-Sarrac, Martial Melee VendorMartial Melee Vendor
Graylan Tigersoul, Light Armor VendorLight Armor Vendor
Jalin Kalabrey, Potion VendorPotion Vendor
Kylanni Baum, Divine Scrolls VendorDivine Scrolls Vendor
Olvod Alorum, Wands VendorWands Vendor
Talishar Waverider, Exotic Missile VendorExotic Missile Vendor
Raef Larksong, General Goods VendorGeneral Goods Vendor
Acolyte Jonath Darel, Cleric TrainerCleric Trainer
Altan Eguilan
Aerie Kelle
Apprentice Kismi Middob, Wizard TrainerWizard Trainer
Berrigan EngeQuest
Brute Ryjah Alatir, Barbarian TrainerBarbarian Trainer
Captain Niles CageQuest
Celaeno Kelle, Mushroom CollectorMushroom Collector
Dahlia Fey
Dalsimara CourdryQuest
Disa Mendore
Edrun FaernQuest
Eugenia Potter
Footpad Armoth Kell, Rogue TrainerRogue Trainer
Garrison FelmarQuest
Giles Goodman, Documents CollectorDocuments Collector
Giles Goodman, Document Collector (Harbor)Lore Collector
Goldscuttle, Religious Icon CollectorReligious Items Collector
Guard AglerQuest
Guard BodkinGuard
Guard ChaiteGuard
Guard CrichtonGuard
Guard HealfdeneGuard
Guard JungQuest
Guard KillmartenGatekeeper
Guard SamovarGuard
Guard WiglafGuard
Harmon TaftQuest
Kalimnal d'KundarakQuest
Lysander WhisperwindCasino
Maryle Tallow
Minstrel Dorin Bluestone, Bard TrainerBard Trainer
Novice Edlin, Sorcerer TrainerSorcerer Trainer
Protector Torr Oakheart, Paladin TrainerPaladin Trainer
Sarisha Sarai
Scout Caen Morne, Ranger TrainerRanger Trainer
Soldier Synn Ironfist, Fighter TrainerFighter Trainer
Tambor SmytheQuest
Tavish Bronzefoot
Wash Pynoptis, Arcane CollectorArcane Collector
William Broadbrow
Ciadan Kelle, Mushroom CollectorMushroom Collector
Dulcinea Black
Elspeth Wright, General Item VendorGeneral Item Vendor
Guard HeorogarGatekeeper
Lord Gerald GoodbladeQuest
Lyannis Cloudwhisperer
Tattered Alice
Three-Fingered ThadWeapon Vendor
Adept Davin Weld, Cleric TrainerCleric Trainer
Aurla CoursonQuest
Basil TallbarrowQuest
Bellwether Bill
Clarence Roden, Entomological CollectorEntomological Collector
Clarice Roden, Moth CollectorMoth Collector
Davyd Turner, Primitive Tool CollectorPrimitive Tool Collector
Defender Thoradin Flamesworn, Paladin TrainerPaladin Trainer
Friar RenauQuest
Guard JoalamGuard
Guard SteelgreavesGuard
Harven GralakQuest
Helga Rocksmasher
Jasper CruikshankQuest
Kazhan Raynes
Kipling Vranch, Financial Record CollectorFinancial Record Collector
Klane Der'Sibil
Loura Jotun, Moss CollectorMoss Collector
Magician Aldred Starmark, Sorcerer TrainerSorcerer Trainer
Martin Songsmith, Street PerformerStreet Performer
Nat Gann, Street PerformerStreet Performer
Nellwynn JaedleQuest
Nessa Kahire
Peta Flashpin, Pigment CollectorPigment Collector
Polorom 'the Owl'
Professor Blythe
Recurve, Ranger TrainerRanger Trainer
Robber Mika Tamar, Rogue TrainerRogue Trainer
Savage Kenric Strongclub, Barbarian TrainerBarbarian Trainer
Scholar Alseria Eldemaw, Wizard TrainerWizard Trainer
Thadine Bedeire
Tracker Marcus Greenbow, Ranger TrainerRanger Trainer
Troubadour Asla Winterrose, Bard TrainerBard Trainer
Ulcana BraddockQuest
Veteran Andon 'Bloodyface' Grey, Fighter TrainerFighter Trainer
Wayfinder DaelQuest
Xovun Chalk, Forensic CollectorForensic Collector
Yannick Drumdoom, Morbid Curious CollectorMobrbid Curious Collector
Chief UngurzQuest
Ungurz's Warrior
Silver Flame GuardGuard
Silver Flame AdeptGuard
Achka, Son of HraggQuest
Arissa FaernQuest
Coyle LovellQuest
Chief Engineer DerwardQuest
Acolai Irbanto
Brusk the Rat
Eremic QuallQuest
Fispin Korr
Imanna of Carthyl
Moritt Hastigal, InnkeeperBarkeep
Wransyl of Vedykar (OEBI)
Yasha Wine-tooth
Alleria Nightswallow, TavernkeepBarkeep
Jordan Coulter, BarkeepBarkeep
Brother KewBinder
The GatekeeperGatekeeper
Guard TemberQuest
Private JakeGuard
Ala'kia D'agon, TavernkeepBarkeep
Baudry CartamonQuest
Brother AugustusQuest
Brother TanglewoodBinder
Fitzpat the FenceQuest
Lesto Half-PriceQuest
Shir Clowenks d'PhiarlanQuest
Lars RifleeQuest
Red TomQuest
Rosie the JinxQuest
Crulamin ArudalMissile Weapons Vendor
Faolin VestrilMelee Weapons Vendor
Lyomad TawnrolExotic Weapons Vendor
Aida, Tavern WenchQuest
Brother Augustus (Wavecrest)Binder
Dalsamira Courdry (Wavecrest)
Gimcrack the Sly
Jubal Ursuin
Miss Garnet
Sigmund Bauerson, TavernkeepBarkeep
Alciana d'DeneithQuest
Brother HeathcoteBinder
Naloran Deathsong, BarkeepBarkeep
Carrack the RestlessQuest
Aratix D'PhiarlanQuest
Borlan Corrigan, InnkeeperBarkeep
Brother AirlieBinder
Inquisitor GnomonQuest
Lady NepentheQuest
Arlos ar-Kerran
Chief Eechik
Venn ar-Kerran
Brother Talimar, Holy Reagent VendorHoly Reagent Vendor
Frank Farquhar
Kohl Pyrewright, Arcane Reagent VendorArcane Reagent Vendor
Nalia Dagoward, Potion VendorPotion Vendor
Wrint QuickbladeQuest
Colam MerseinQuest
Dead GirlQuest
Hargo KinmareQuest
Demodris Meele
Priest of the Silver Flame
Mourning Acquaintance
Mourning Brother
Mourning Relative
Mourning Widow
Kaelar Ashenmor, Missile Weapons VendorMissile Weapons Vendor
Rasmussen, Exotic Weapons VendorExotic Weapons Vendor
Uriel DriefenMelee Weapons Vendor
Brother DevonianBinder
Bula O'loarima, TavernkeepBarkeep
Leira Jaffae
Menos Xuekaine (DST)Quest
Mirra ParthilcarQuest
Mur Ay'Strew
Old Man Newton
Qweleen Hellestrae
Sylvia Stonewarden
Yranos Whitefern
Giles Goodman, Document CollectorDocuments Collector
Master FulvioQuest
Loghan D'DeneithQuest
Haverdasher, Kundarak WarderQuest
Kirstana of FairhavenQuest
Thaddeus d'JorascoQuest
Kamat ThaarQuest
Gatekeeper ChulkashQuest
Barrow d'KundarakQuest
Laird StromvauldQuest
Inquisitor LightbringerQuest
Zaveera HalfspearQuest
Deneith Mercenary
Kundarak Digger
Freelance Explorer
Brother QuailBinder
Steppy, Barkeep and RepairsBarkeep
Jalisco Hellios
Sergeant Katani d'DeneithGuard
Outpost Skirmisher
Lukas Pietre, Jewelry BrokerJewelry Broker
Shard, Clothing BrokerClothing Broker
Commander Agrimar FirebrandQuest
Corporal DelvasconQuest
Karnat ThaarQuest
Admiral Storm
Tabitha d'Deneith
Vaylin d'Deneith
Axelrod Gunnerson
Snorri Stonebeard
Olaf StoutheartQuest
Ogre SlaveQuest
Chactidae FalaknumaQuest
Vbec Godskiller
Trok Hillsmasher
Kuror Ogrebattler
Ravnar Doomgauntlet
Domrif Gravelhunter, BankerBanker
Ruk Gemsmasher, BankerBanker
Hdoda Glittergem, BankerBanker
Darfa Goldnugget, BankerBanker
Falgii Giltmad, BankerBanker
Gurshek Ironbad, Medium Armor VendorMedium Armor Vendor
Akamar Blighthand, Shield VendorShield Vendor
Balamur Hammerclang, Heavy Armor VendorHeavy Armor Vendor
Tamlin Moltencore, Light Armor VendorLight Armor Vendor
Brother de BuciBinder
Mistress OrphneQuest
Shen Kulle
Elite Guard Dukas
Vault Guardian
Elite Guard HaydnGuard
Talf HalfspearQuest
Marek MalcanusQuest
Ballard Quilfar, Cleric TrainerCleric Trainer
Balefyre, Barbarian TrainerBarbarian Trainer
Lark Fyrewarden, Sorcerer TrainerSorcerer Trainer
Dorian Bllgreave, Fighter TrainerFighter Trainer
Kharvos ValadanQuest
Quim Stonecutter, Chief EngineerQuest
Kundarak Engineer
Deneith ExplorerQuest
Urgol the RegistrarQuest
Gatekeeper GrotzQuest
Dirge of KarrnathQuest
Master Myr'drilQuest
Berne JornQuest
Philver SharpwoodQuest
Opal Moon
Gilles Stonehurler
Rain Eldersong
Terrence Wylder
Paela Chaatu
Gate Warden IronclawQuest
Inquisitive IngaramQuest
Zerchi Spire-KeeperGatekeeper
Terrion the Unhinged
Navigator KestrelGatekeeper
Karn Cold-TrailQuest
Ostler CaulstoneQuest
Laina the ExcoriatedBinder
Wildman GuideQuest
Runetusk GuideQuest
Astra Quinlin of the Silver FlameSilver Flame
Johanna d'Orien
Nyx DurandimionDrow Elder
Ryo SilverbrowCoin Lords
Capshaw the CrierVoice Of The People
Sorvile Smythe
House Orien CourierCourier
Tarwin d'DeneithHouse Deneith Vendor
Oleg d'DeneithHouse Deneith
Maris D'PhiarlanHouse Phiarlan
Fingalar D'PhiarlanHouse Phiarlan Vendor
Montague Goudreau of the Coin LordsCoin Lords
Cecil Oewards
Rhialle 'Blossom' D'Jorasco
Annabelle D'JorascoHouse Jorasco Vendor
Karya D'KundarakHouse Kundarak
Ogre Deserter
Wildman Rebel
The Twilight Keeper
Axelrod GunnersonQuest
Snorri Stonebeard
Pok Tranh
Grayson Harkness
The Herald
Bragdii WyvernborneQuest
Gunther GloomtenderQuest
Mikela RavenspearLitany Collector
Vikram ManpoorQuest
Lady Vienne
Yanoush the Dour
Kai-Teng Fairuza
Jakob Izakanos
Fram RedbonesQuest
Raddha CrossQuest
Xaeon PentrhaxQuest
Ninevah ShadowsbroughLitany Collector
Jessica Three-Rivers
Sir Pythias The Radiant
Samir SirkaQuest
Kyriel Kallistae
Dame Calla Swiftmare
Loremistress JinnaQuest
Sister BernadetteBinder
Brand Gorvant, BarkeepBarkeep
Julia Farind, General Supplies and RepairsGeneral Supplies And Repairs
Guard BransonQuest
Captain Uru
Captain Rhaynes
Michael Singer
Vargus d'DeneithQuest
Avanti MoonwillowQuest
Odonis ArkimGatekeeper
Opu the ElderQuest
Sir Kinze MacDunnamQuest
Galrias the SmithQuest
Iosynne d'PhiarlanQuest
Frederik Star, Arcane Scroll VendorArcane Scroll Vendor
Drudori Alzander, General Item VendorGeneral Item Vendor
Sailor Quilli
Bahir Khalidan
Warforged Laborer
Ark Sunderhoof
Behn the ProspectorMineral Collector
Wayfinder Skavyr
Polonius Raimarr
Miroc Thrice-BornQuest
Jaefan DruzQuest
Calyx ShattermoonQuest
Zavik Dunedreamer
Masei Mkembe
Kobold Refugee
Male Refugee
Female Refugee
Jaidene Forgemaiden
Elderly Refugee
Sister ErietteBinder
Ortolan Thoom
Empyrandus d'Phiarlan
Zawabi the Elder DjinniQuest
Halfling Refugee
Dwarven Merchant
Raddha Cross
Siendra d'JorascoQuest
Eriephaus d'PhiarlanQuest
Hazra d'KundarakQuest
Micah d'JorascoQuest
GeneciaAgent Of Argonnessen
Gatekeeper TrakashQuest
Tempered Iron Golem
Jackson LawsArena Coordinator
The Jester of FestivusQuest
The HeraldQuest
Siendra d'JorascoQuest
Shadow KnightQuest
Shadow KingQuest
Shadow GuardQuest
Shadow LordQuest
Maxon The DreamwalkerRitual Paraphernalia Collector
Zolar DrexxianDrow Artifact Collector
Magda YarrowmillText Collector
TarboxFungi Collector
Illizar al'Illziustrem
Serif D'Phiarlanl, AuctioneerAuctioneer
Anabele d'JorascoQuest
Cydonie of ArgonessenQuest
Stormsworn Sky Knight
Jorgundal ar'GrundQuest
DarkhoofForsworn Conjurer
HargrunGeneral Vendor
MorgarkRunetusk Auctioneer
NarkonkRunetusk Conjurer
Stormsworn Earthcaller
Blaze ar'RhindQuest
Armec OremQuest
Pheryl BarloAurum Recruit
EebilsteenkBlackheart Grunt
KrakadoomForsworn Scout
Orzabel StonesmasherAurum Quartermaster
Fraz BermikAurum Banker
Nimbus Ar'YorgQuest
Ruat Acalay
Phinnian Barkbow
exampleType Of NPC. Ex: Weapon Vendor
Balkar AislinTapestry Collector
Leros LevithasQuest
Mentau The FleshmakerHuman
Guard Joalam (MB)
Human City Guard
Valera Aradore
Brother LyonBinder
Ulf Q'shalTavernkeep
Yalina EldcrestTavernkeep
Nomicon of the TwelveAuctioneer
PalomicArcane Wands and Scrolls Vendor
Monnys OrienPotion and Arcane Reagent Vendor
Jeanseime BrucetiusQuest NPC
Raya TimeronQuest NPC
Vyona TablarQuest NPC
Gustavine KyerrhQuest NPC
Aaseamah Screven
Baldar the Bold
Kaja Bauerdatter
Sigmund Baureson
Linus Weir
Ursa Jernsward
Viggie Storr
Gunnar Bauerson
Phiver Sharpwood
Olistair BinderQuest
Madhand Mulvaney
Maxwell Stater
Burgundy TirQuest
Laurent Chastel
Anabela d'Jorasco
Walk Up Quest
Holton KisaveQuest
Lowan Nilmani
Bittany Deville
Crag the Cydonie
Lineya Ibane
Blaze ah'rind
Nimbus as'Yorg
Sir Rohine Stiedra
Aaseameh Screven
Delvarrion Iravati
Brunaccio Patroclus
Gustor Miles
Item Shop
Yorrick AmanatuQuest
Lyvetenant ThifsparQuest
Maxwell StatlerQuest
Erath the BlindQuest NPC
Guard KaydQuest
Gardak the Traitor
Neemef BaktoQuest
Vrall the Fearless
Gorn Gut-Chewer
Grammah Binder
Jerald Binder
Althea Binder
Buchwald Binder

82 Object(s) Found

Adventurer's PackCollection Node
Alchemy TableCollection Node
Artifact CrateQuest
BookshelfCollection Node
CorpseCollection Node
Crude AltarCollection Node
Cursed SarcophagusQuest
MossCollection Node
Mushroom (Lower)Collection Node
Mushroom (Upper)Collection Node
RubbleCollection Node
Weapon CrateDestroyable
Treasure ChestChest
Cask of Healing Elixir ChestChest
Chief Eechik's Key ChestQuest
Gilded Scroll CaseQuest
Gnashtooth Guardroom Key ChestQuest
Guard Jung's BadgeQuest
Iron Key ChestQuest
Marguerite's NoteQuest
Chest of the Ancient DaggersQuest
Unholy Artifact ChestQuest
CollectibleCollection Node
Spike TrapTrap
Secret DoorDoor
Fire TrapTrap
Chest With Jittik's PasswordChest
CabinetCollection Node
Locked DoorDoor
The Dead Halls EntranceDoor
Kundarak to Market EntranceDoor
Acid TrapTrap
Chest with the Green KeyQuest
Chest with the Red KeyQuest
Jungle BushCollection Node
The Fire Caves EntranceDoor
Altar of the Dragon BelowQuest
Magefire Cannon PartsQuest
Graveyard ExitDoor
Entrance to Delera's Tomb, Reliquary, AntechamberDoor
Tear of DhaakanQuest
Evil Altar
Necromancer's Lair EntranceDoor
Strength DoorDoor
Stone JugDestroyable
Floor PuzzleQuest
Stronghold Key ChestQuest
Summoning FireQuest
Intelligence RuneLever
Speaking StoneQuest
Falling Floor TrapTrap
Wheel PuzzleQuest
Breakable DoorDestroyable
Garl's Tomb EntranceDoor
Troglodyte EggDestroyable
Lacquered BoxDestroyable
Wisdom RuneDoor
Sonic TrapTrap
Wooden UrnDestroyable
Lightning TrapTrap
Frost TrapTrap
Blade TrapTrap
Dart TarpTrap
Ancient PedestalQuest
Purifying AltarQuest
Cardinal Brevonis's SarcophagusQuest
Charisma RuneLever
Dart TrapTrap
Immortal LockQuest
Speaking StoneLever
Bat SocketQuest
Snake SocketQuest
Sogshadow Moss PatchCollection Node
Market BarracksDoor

419 Quest(s) Found

NameRatingTypeBase XP
A Man Named Baudry Cartamon80
Protect Baudry's Interests8308
Stop Hazadill's Shipment8240
Retrieve the Stolen Goods8480
A Matter of Protection7133
The Friar's Niece90
The Sanctuary7381
Return to the Sanctuary7821
The Old Archives7660
The Crypt of Gerard Dryden8968
Archbishop's Daughter7480
Archbishop's Fate10104
Intact Spore Pods6Collection0
Bruised Spore Pods5Collection0
Flowering Spore Pods8Collection0
Elemental Ingots8Collection0
Polished Ore6Collection0
Smoldering Embers5Collection0
Planar Crystals6Collection0
Planar Spoors7Collection0
Planar Talismans8Collection0
Flowering Hellscaps8Collection0
Sour Darkcaps5Collection0
Fragrant Drowshoods6Collection0
Amulets of the Lost Empire5Collection0
Amulets of the Six6Collection0
Amulets of the Archbishop8Collection0
Executioner Beetles8Collection0
Headsman's Delights6Collection0
Duskbrood Trumpets5Collection0
Tome: Lost Songs of Cyre8Collection0
Silver Flame Hymnals7Collection0
Romantic Sonnets5Collection0
Ceramic Bowls5Collection0
Glass Phials7Collection0
Crystal Decanters8Collection0
Scholarly Notes7Collection0
Cryptic Messages5Collection0
Singed Soarwood5Collection0
Charred Soarwood7Collection0
Lightning-Split Soarwood8Collection0
Runic Parchments5Collection0
House-Sealed Letters7Collection0
Tome: History of the Houses8Collection0
Stellar Orbs8Collection0
Woodblossom Nectars5Collection0
Lilly Petals5Collection0
mysterious ring6Collection0
Tome: Prophecies of Khyber8Collection0
Tome: Myths of Old Xen'drik8Collection0
Research Diaries6Collection0
Caravan's Logbook5Collection0
Pages Torn From a Research Notebook5Collection0
Sweet Whitecaps (Celaeno)5Collection0
Sweet Whitecaps (Ciadan)5Collection0
Pale Creepers (Ciadan)7Collection0
Deadly Feverblanch (Ciadan)5Collection0
Pale Creepers (Celaeno)7Collection0
Deadly Feverblanches (Celaeno)5Collection0
Prayer Beads5Collection0
Small Wooden Idols6Collection0
Icons of Khyber9Collection0
Vials of Contagion9Collection0
Vials of Pure Water7Collection0
Amber Vials5Collection0
Blades of the Dark Six5Collection0
Signets of the Devourer6Collection0
Shamanic Totems8Collection0
Tome: Stormreach Imports and Exports 857 YK8Collection0
Wavecrasher Cargo Manifests7Collection0
Phoenix Tavern Purchase Orders5Collection0
Withered Cryptmoss5Collection0
Lush Cryptmoss8Collection0
Luminescent Dust8Collection0
Sparkling Dust7Collection0
Glittering Dust5Collection0
Skull Fragments5Collection0
Powdered Blood5Collection0
Intact Fingerbones8Collection0
Necromantic Gems8Collection0
Marks of the Keeper6Collection0
Funerary Tokens6Collection0
Archer Point Defense7672
Eremic Quall50
Assault on Splinterskull100
Assault on Splinterskull: First Strike8672
Assault on Splinterskull: The Hobgoblin's Captives8480
Assault on Splinterskull: Yarkuch's War-Plans8560
Assault on Splinterskull: Whisperdoom's Spawn8933
The Deadly Package: Agent of Darguul8800
The Deadly Package: Stronghold Key81360
Doom of the Witch Doctor: The Way to Zulkash81194
The Last Move: The Way to Yarkuch8544
Buy a New Weapon50
Caged Trolls8720
Caverns of Korromar72040
Combat Training512
Combat Magic510
Stealth Training512
Grey Moon Waning100
The Iron Mines: Justice for Grust8780
Grey Moon Waning: Trollish Scourge81280
Grey Moon Waning: Extermination81120
Cult of the Six: Captives of the Cult81326
Fane of the Six: Cleansing the Temple81836
Fane of the Six: Quench the Flames81938
Cult of the Six: Church of the Fury91938
Valak's Mausolem71175
Dead Predators7550
Delera's Tomb100
Delera's Tomb: The Mystery of Delera's Tomb81642
Delera's Tomb: The Missing Party84458
Delera's Tomb: Free Delera82048
Delera's Tomb: Return to Delera's Tomb50
Thrall of the Necromancer104522
Durk's Got a Secret8806
The Eastern Excavation80
The Eastern Excavation: The Library of Threnal7816
The Patriarch's Crypt7560
Doom of the Witch Doctor: Zulkash Herald of Woe81269
The Last Move: Yarkuch's Last Stand81224
Bringing the Light6180
The Iron Mines: Freeing Achka7420
Cult of the Six: Book of the Six81632
Fane of the Six: Fall of the Prelate81944
The Eastern Excavation: Escort the Expedition85598
The Eastern Excavation: Hold for Reinforcements7684
Euphonia's Mission8120
Freshen the Air5901
The Troglodytes' Get6990
Old Grey Garl81371
Garrison's Missing Pack8659
Gladewatch Outpost Defense71530
Gone Missing50
Guard Duty8448
Gwylan's Stand83840
The Seal of Shan-to-Kor100
The Cloven-Jaw Scourge: Blockade91040
The Halls of Shan-to-Kor103005
Healing Magic50
The Depths of Darkness8702
The Depths of Discord8756
The Depths of Despair8545
The Depths of Doom8672
Information is Key8800
Irestone Inlet81404
Kobold Assault5640
Making Your Presence Known50
Mirra's Sleepless Nights7760
Missing in Action8410
Old Sully's Grog80
Taking Stock766
The Waterworks60
Three-Barrel Cove60
Tangleroot Gorge60
Postern Gate Wilds60
The Steam Tunnels60
Purge the Heretics7330
Quest for the Ancient Daggers8360
Recovering the Lost Tome8693
Redfang the Unruled8648
Redwillow's Ruins81004
Rest for the Restless7935
Search for Rare Scrolls8240
Sewer Rescue8320
Steal the Healing Elixir8299
Stealthy Repossession8872
Talk to the Tavernkeep50
Taming the Flames7821
Tempest's Spine97055
Ruined Halls71260
The Fire Caves80
The Fire Caves: The Stones Run Red81664
The Fire Caves: Brood of Flame8924
Stormcleave Outpost94624
Survive the Low Road8520
The Forgotten Caverns7990
The Giant Lieutenants7400
The Giant's Supplies7380
The Giant's Lair7324
The Harbormaster's Seal100
The Haunted Library82856
The Lost Seekers100
The Kobold's Den: Clan Gnashtooth91232
The Kobold's Den: Rescuing Arlos91642
Venn's Trail: Clan Tunnelworm92176
Venn's Trail: Venn's Fate9960
The Kobold's New Ringleader91040
The Lair of Summoning7896
The Sacred Helm71244
The Scoundrel's Run81280
The Smuggler's Warehouse8594
The Sunken Sewer8396
The Swiped Signet71248
The Western Ruins80
The Western Ruins: In Need of Supplies8680
The Western Ruins: The Rescue82890
The Western Ruins: Secure the Area82052
Walk the Butcher's Path81048
Warder Defense653
The Bounty Hunter71200
The Graverobber82048
The Tear of Dhakaan83072
The Path to Madness8272
The Xorian Cipher71768
The Vault of Night100
Tharashk Arena81904
Prison of the Mind83060
Gateway to Khyber8624
Jungles of Khyber88640
The Missing Ward7240
The Cloven Jaw Scourge: Caverns of Shaagh102669
The Haywire Foundry84079
Vault of the Night99120
Plane of the Night101900
Stromvauld's Mine82652
Threnal Arena80
The Chamber of Insanity7784
The Church and the Cult91679
Southern Excavation100
Southern Excavation: Missing Expedition81620
Southern Excavation: Entering the Gate Chamber82160
The Gate Chamber10570
Thwarting the Threat7200
The Miller's Debt7220
Tome: Codes of the Aurum8Collection0
Crimson Nightshades8Collection0
Cryptmoss Worm Larvae5Collection0
Cryptmoss Queens7Collection0
Cryptmoss Worms6Collection0
Ruins of Threnal50
Sorrowdusk Isle60
Home Sweet Sewer7106
An Explosive Situation7220
The Lower Cathedral7720
Hiding In Plain Sight10Access2760
The Twilight Forge912100
The Sigil of Dal Qoor90
Bring Me the Head of Ghola-Fan60
The Titan Awakes102620
Tomb of the Burning Heart8660
Tomb of the Immortal Heart8660
Tomb of the Crimson Heart8660
Tomb of the Sanguine Heart8660
Vol Prayer Charms6Collection0
Marks of Favor6Collection0
Abbot's Ring6Collection0
The Bloody Crypt80
The Pit82020
The Faithful Departed82038
The Shrouded Vale8326
The Spawn of Whisperdoom73700
Slavers of the Shrieking Mines80
A Relic of a Sovereign Past95699
Adamantite Ore100
The Prisoner00
The Keeper's Sanctuary00
The Chamber of Rahmat81366
Desert Caravan03433
An Offering of Blood85300
The Reaver's Bane100
Ingots of Black Iron6Collection0
Uncut Rubies7Collection0
Uncut Pieces of Jacinth7Collection0
Uncut Fire Opals7Collection0
The Chamber of Raiyum86399
The Chains of Flame84468
Orb of the Djinn8Collection0
Cursed Phylatercy8Collection0
Drow-Blessed Blood8Collection0
Sands of Menechtarun60
The Chamber of Kourush81433
Made to Order73220
Maraud the Mines72100
From Beyond the Grave71300
The Enemy Within75300
Purge the Fallen Shrine72500
Dreams of Insanity74180
Raid the Vulkoorim72100
Black Anvil Forest60
The Pool of Reflection60
Festivus Coins Collection8Collection0
The Shadow Crypt80
And the Dead Shall Rise...73700
Tomb of the Shadow Guard73160
Tomb of the Shadow Knight73160
Tomb of the Shadow Lord72548
Tomb of the Shadow King73568
Blessed Candle Collection7Collection0
Silver Bowl Collection7Collection0
Ritual Athame Collection7Collection0
Tear of Vulkoor Collection7Collection0
Ivory Scorpion Icon Collection7Collection0
Chipped Bone Talisman Collection7Collection0
Mystic Formulae Collection7Collection0
Academic Treatise Collection7Collection0
Tome: Alchemist's Chapbook Collection7Collection0
Sanguine Moth Collection7Collection0
Bloodfeast Fungi Collection7Collection0
Ruddy Fungi Collection7Collection0
The Western Ruins: Secure the Area82052
Black Dragonscale Armor10Collection0
Elfcraft Armor10Collection0
The Crucible812060
Blue Dragonscale Armor10Collection0
Dragoncraft Armor10Collection0
White Dragonscale Armor10Collection0
Giantcraft Armor10Collection0
The Madstone Crater80
The Prison of the Planes85620
Slayer: Tangleroot Gorge7105
Explorer: Tangleroot Gorge7175
Rare Encounters: Tangleroot Gorge7350
Rare Encounters: Sorrowdusk Isle7500
Explorer: Sorrowdusk Isle7250
Slayer: Sorrowdusk Isle7150
Skyro's Jewel70
Slayer: Undead of Menechtarun70
Slayer: Gnolls of Menechtarun70
Slayer: Scorrow of Menechtarun70
Rare Encounters of Menechtarun70
Explorer: Menechtarun70
Proof Is In The Poison82596
Mark of the Dragon90
Invasion Tokens7Collection0
Slayer: Waterworks70
Rare Encounters: Waterworks70
Rare Encounters: The Cerulean Hills70
Explorer: The Cerulean Hills70
Slayer: The Cerulean Hills70
Tattered Tapestries9Collection0
Tomb of the Tormented70
Tomb of the Forbidden70
Tomb of the Unhallowed70
Tomb of the Blighted70
Searing Heights70
Slayer: Searing Heights70
Rare Encounters: Searing Heights70
Explorer: Searing Heights70
Devil Assault81900
Rainbow in the dark0Access8433
Bastion of Power06425
Genesis Point09060
Sins of Attrition07156
The Weapon's Shipment03460
Wrath of the Flame02321
The Reavers Fate06540
Litany of the Dead08740
Let Sleeping Dust Lie06766
Ritual Sacrifice07433
Running with the Devils07099
The Coalescence Chamber09300
Accursed Ascension04900
Enter the Kobold08835
Monastery of the Scorpion08420
Prey of the Hunter06340
Stealer of Souls09252
The Thirtennth Eclipse011540
A Vision of Destruction08200
The Hound of Xoriat08200
A New Invasion09172
Zawabi's Revenge95140
A Cabal for One83092
A Cry For Help85086
Feast or Famine84793
Foundation of Discord84089
The Maze of Madness83620
Trial by Fire84206
Desecrated Temple of Vol85344
Flesh Maker's Laboratory85344
Ghosts of Perdition06448
Gianthold Tor07460
Inferno of the Damned05896
Madstone Crater012796
Come Out and Slay0793
Dirty Laundry8793
Stand Your Ground7734
Stormreaver Fresco0793
The Legend of Two-toed Tobias71220
A Relic of a Soverign Past05699
Against the Demon Queen86399
The Cursed Crypt86819
Cannith Crystal0220
Heytons Rest0313
The Collaborator0340
The Storehouse Secret0260
Stopping the Sahuagin0584
Misery's Peak0676
Bookbinder Rescue0966
The Sharn Syndicate90
The Sharn Syndicate: Slab60
The Sharn Syndicate: Laundry60
The Chamber of Insanity7784
Rare Encounters: Eerie Forest80
Explorer: Eerie Forest80
Slayer: Eerie Forest80
Slayer: Aussircaex's Valley80
Rare Encounters: Aussircaex's Valley80
Explorer: Aussircaex's Valley80
Slayer: Korthos Island70
Rare Encounters: Korthos Island70
Explorer: Korthos Island70
The Sharn Syndicate: Underlord70
The Sharn Syndicate: Stolen Property60
The Sharn Syndicate: Gangs of Stormreach60

838 Skill(s) Found

NameClassAction Type
BalanceALL(1) Passive
ConcentrationBRD(1) , CLR() , SRC() , WIZ() Passive
BluffALL(1) Action
DiplomacyALL(1) Passive
Dwarven Armored Agility IALL(1) Passive
Dwarven Poison Resistance IIALL(3) Passive
Dwarven Search IALL(1) Passive
Goblinoid Hatred IALL(1) Passive
Disable DeviceROG(1) Action
HealALL(1) Action
HideALL(1) Passive
IntimidateALL(1) Action
JumpALL(1) Passive
ListenALL(1) Passive
Move SilentlyALL(1) Passive
Open LockROG(1) Action
Paladin's Action Boost IPAL(1) Action
Paladin's Grace IPAL(1) Passive
Paladin's RallyPAL(1) Action
RepairALL(1) Action
SpotALL(1) Passive
SwimALL(1) Passive
TumbleALL(1) Passive
Use Magic DeviceALL(1) Passive
SearchALL(1) Action
Skill Recovery IALL(1) Passive
Skill Interaction IALL(1) Passive
AcrobaticALL(1) Passive
Adamantite BodyALL(1) Passive
AlertnessALL(1) Passive
Arcane LoreBRD(1) , SRC() , WIZ() Passive
AthleticALL(1) Passive
AttackALL(1) Action
Aura of GoodPAL(1) Passive
Barbarian's Action Boost IBRB(1) Action
Barbarian's IntimidationBRB(1) Passive
Bard's Charisma IVBRD(12) Passive
Bow StrengthRGR(1) Passive
BullheadedALL(1) Passive
CleaveALL(1) Action
Cleric's Wisdom ICLR(1) Passive
Bard's Charisma IIIBRD(9) Passive
Combat CastingBRD(1) , CLR() , SRC() , WIZ() Passive
Combat ExpertiseALL(1) Action
Combustion ISRC(1) , WIZ(1) Passive
Combustion IISRC(3) , WIZ(3) Passive
Combustion IIISRC(5) , WIZ(5) Passive
Combustion IVSRC(7) , WIZ(7) Passive
Combustion VSRC(9) , WIZ(9) Passive
Composite PlatingALL(1) Passive
Construct Thinking IALL(1) Passive
Defensive FightingFIG(1) , BRB(1) , PAL(1) , ROG(1) , BRD(2) , RGR(1) Action
Devotion IBRD(1) , CLR(1) Passive
Devotion IIBRD(4) , CLR(3) Passive
Devotion IIIBRD(7) , CLR(5) Passive
Devotion IVBRD(10) , CLR(7) Passive
Devotion VCLR(9) Passive
DisciplineALL(1) Passive
Divine Healing ICLR(4) Passive
Divine Cleansing ICLR(1) Passive
Divine Light ICLR(1) Action
Divine Vitality ICLR(1) Action
Divine Vitality IICLR(3) Action
Divine Vitality IIICLR(5) Action
Divine Vitality IVCLR(7) Action
Divine Vitality VCLR(9) Action
DodgeALL(1) Passive
Dwarven Axe Damage IALL(1) Passive
Dwarven Constitution IALL(1) Passive
Dwarven Constitution IIALL(3) Passive
Dwarven Constitution IIIALL(5) Passive
Dwarven Poison Resistance IALL(1) Passive
Dwarven Search IVALL(7) Passive
Dwarven Search IIALL(3) Passive
Dwarven Search IIIALL(5) Passive
Dwarven Spell Resistance IALL(1) Passive
Dwarven StabilityALL(1) Passive
Dwarven StonecunningALL(1) Passive
Elven Dexterity IALL(1) Passive
Elven Enchantment Resistance IALL(1) Passive
Elven Enchantment Resistance IALL(4) Passive
Elven Keen SensesALL(1) Passive
Elven Melee Damage IALL(1) Passive
Elven Perception IALL(1) Passive
Elven Perception IIALL(3) Passive
Elven Perception IIIALL(5) Passive
Elven Ranged Damage IALL(1) Passive
Empower HealingBRD(1) , CLR() , RGR() , PAL() Action
Empower SpellBRD(1) , SRC() , WIZ() Action
Enchantment Save BonusALL(1) Passive
Energy of Music IBRD(1) Passive
Energy of Music IIBRD(2) Passive
Energy of Music IIIBRD(3) Passive
Energy of Music IVBRD(4) Passive
Energy of Music VBRD(5) Passive
Energy of Music VIBRD(6) Passive
Energy of Music VIIBRD(7) Passive
Energy of Music VIIIBRD(8) Passive
Energy of Music IXBRD(9) Passive
Energy of Music XBRD(10) Passive
Energy of the Dragonblooded ISRC(1) Passive
Energy of the Zealot ICLR(1) Passive
Energy of the Zealot IICLR(2) Passive
Energy of the Zealot IIICLR(3) Passive
Energy of the Zealot IVCLR(4) Passive
Energy of the Zealot VCLR(5) Passive
Energy of the Zealot VICLR(6) Passive
Energy of the Zealot VIICLR(7) Passive
Energy of the Zealot VIIICLR(8) Passive
Energy of the Zealot IXCLR(9) Passive
Energy of the Zealot XCLR(10) Passive
Energy of the Scholar IWIZ(1) Passive
Energy of the Scholar IIWIZ(2) Passive
Energy of the Scholar IIIWIZ(3) Passive
Energy of the Scholar IVWIZ(4) Passive
Energy of the Scholar VWIZ(5) Passive
Energy of the Scholar VIWIZ(6) Passive
Energy of the Scholar VIIWIZ(7) Passive
Energy of the Scholar VIIIWIZ(8) Passive
Energy of the Scholar IXWIZ(9) Passive
Energy of the Scholar XWIZ(10) Passive
Enlarge SpellBRD(1) , SRC() , WIZ() Action
Eschew MaterialsBRD(1) , CLR() , SRC() , WIZ() Action
Exotic Weapon Proficiency: Bastard SwordALL(1) Passive
Exotic Weapon Proficiency: Dwarven WaraxeALL(1) Passive
Exotic Weapon Proficiency: Great CrossbowALL(1) Passive
Exotic Weapon Proficiency: Heavy CrossbowALL(1) Passive
Exotic Weapon Proficiency: KamaALL(1) Passive
Exotic Weapon Proficiency: KhopeshALL(1) Passive
Exotic Weapon Proficiency: Light CrossbowALL(1) Passive
Exotic Weapon Proficiency: ShurikenALL(1) Passive
Extend SpellBRD(1) , CLR() , SRC() , WIZ() Action
Extended Rage IBRB(1) Action
Extra Song IBRD(1) Passive
Extra Song IIBRD(3) Passive
Extra Song IIIBRD(5) Passive
Extra Turning IICLR(3) , PAL() Passive
Extra Turning IIICLR(5) , PAL() Passive
Extra Turning ICLR(1) , PAL() Passive
Fast MovementBRB(1) Passive
Fast Recovery IBRB(1) Passive
Favored Enemy: AberrationRGR(1) Passive
Favored Enemy: AnimalRGR(1) Passive
Favored Enemy: Chaotic OutsiderRGR(1) Passive
Favored Enemy: ConstructRGR(1) Passive
Favored Enemy: DragonRGR(1) Passive
Favored Enemy: DwarfRGR(1) Passive
Favored Enemy: ElementalRGR(1) Passive
Favored Enemy: ElfRGR(1) Passive
Favored Enemy: Evil OutsiderRGR(1) Passive
Favored Enemy: GiantRGR(1) Passive
Favored Enemy: HalflingRGR(1) Passive
Favored Enemy: HumanRGR(1) Passive
Favored Enemy: Lawful OutsiderRGR(1) Passive
Favored Enemy: Magical BeastRGR(1) Passive
Favored Enemy: Monstrous HumanoidRGR(1) Passive
Favored Enemy: OozeRGR(1) Passive
Favored Enemy: ReptilianRGR(1) Passive
Favored Enemy: UndeadRGR(1) Passive
Favored Enemy: VerminRGR(1) Passive
Fighter's Action BoostFIG(1) Action
Giant EvasionALL(1) Passive
Glaciation ISRC(1) , WIZ(1) Passive
Glaciation IISRC(3) , WIZ(3) Passive
Glaciation IIISRC(5) , WIZ(5) Passive
Glaciation IVSRC(7) , WIZ(7) Passive
Glaciation VSRC(9) , WIZ(9) Passive
Great CleaveALL(1) Action
Great FortitudeALL(1) Passive
Greater Devotion IBRD(3) , CLR(3) Passive
Greater Nullification ICLR(3) Passive
Greater Weapon Focus: Bludgeoning WeaponsALL(1) Passive
Greater Weapon Focus: Piercing WeaponsALL(1) Passive
Greater Weapon Focus: Ranged WeaponsALL(1) Passive
Greater Weapon Focus: Slashing WeaponsALL(1) Passive
Greater Weapon Focus: Thrown WeaponsALL(1) Passive
Faster Sneaking IROG(1) Passive
Faster Sneaking IIROG(2) Passive
Faster Sneaking IIIROG(3) Passive
Faster Sneaking IVROG(4) Passive
Faster Sneaking VROG(5) Passive
Faster Sneaking VIROG(6) Passive
Faster Sneaking VIIIROG(8) Passive
Faster Sneaking IXROG(9) Passive
Faster Sneaking XROG(10) Passive
Faster Sneaking VIIROG(7) Passive
Extra Empathy IRGR(1) Passive
Extra Empathy IIRGR(2) Passive
Extra Empathy IIIRGR(3) Passive
Extra Empathy IVRGR(4) Passive
Extra Empathy VRGR(5) Passive
Extra Empathy VIRGR(6) Passive
Extra Empathy VIIRGR(7) Passive
Extra Empathy VIIIRGR(8) Passive
Extra Empathy IXRGR(9) Passive
Extra Empathy XRGR(10) Passive
Halfling AgilityALL(1) Passive
Halfling BraveryALL(1) Passive
Halfling Fear Resistance IALL(1) Passive
Halfling Keen EarsALL(1) Passive
Halfling Luck IALL(1) Passive
Halfling Size BonusALL(1) Passive
Halfling Thrown Weapon Damage IALL(1) Passive
HamstringROG(1) Action
Healer's Friend IALL(1) Passive
Medium Armor ProficiencyALL(1) Passive
Light Armor ProficiencyALL(1) Passive
Shield Proficiency: GeneralALL(1) Passive
Tower Shield ProficiencyALL(1) Passive
Heavy Armor ProficiencyALL(1) Passive
Heighten SpellBRD(4) , CLR(2) , SRC(2) , WIZ(2) Action
Hero's Companion ICLR(1) , PAL(1) Action
Hero's Companion IICLR(3) , PAL(3) Action
Heroic DurabilityALL(1) Passive
Human Versatility IALL(1) Passive
Human Versatility IIALL(3) Passive
Human Versatility IIIALL(5) Passive
Human Versatility IVALL(7) Passive
Human Versatility VALL(9) Passive
Immunity to SleepALL(1) Passive
Immunity to SleepALL(1) Passive
Improved Cast on the RunBRD(1) , CLR(1) , PAL(1) , RGR(1) , SRC(1) , WIZ(1) Passive
Improved Critical: Bludgeoning WeaponsALL(1) Passive
Improved Critical: Piercing WeaponsALL(1) Passive
Improved Critical: Slashing WeaponsALL(1) Passive
Improved Critical: Ranged WeaponsALL(1) Passive
Improved Critical: Thrown WeaponsALL(1) Passive
Improved Damage Reduction IALL(1) Passive
Improved Devotion IBRD(2) , CLR() Passive
Improved Mental ToughnessBRD(5) , CLR(5) , PAL(5) , RGR(5) , SRC(5) , WIZ(5) Passive
Improved FeintROG(1) Action
Improved Shield BashALL(1) Passive
Improved Shield MasteryALL(1) Passive
Improved SunderALL(1) Passive
Improved TripALL(1) Action
Improved TurningCLR(1) , PAL(1) Passive
Improved Two Handed FightingALL(1) Passive
Improved Two Weapon FightingALL(1) Passive
Inscribe ScrollWIZ(1) Action
Inspired Attack IBRD(1) Passive
Inspired Bravery IBRD(1) Passive
Inspired Bravery IIBRD(3) Passive
Inspired Damage IIBRD(4) Passive
Inspired Damage IBRD(1) Passive
Iron WillALL(1) Passive
Item Defense IFIG(1) Passive
Light FortificationALL(1) Passive
Lightning ReflexesALL(1) Passive
Luck of HeroesALL(1) Passive
Magical TrainingALL(1) Passive
Magnetism ISRC(1) , WIZ(1) Passive
Magnetism IISRC(3) , WIZ(3) Passive
Magnetism IIISRC(5) , WIZ(5) Passive
Magnetism IVSRC(7) , WIZ(7) Passive
Magnetism VSRC(9) , WIZ(9) Passive
ManyshotALL(1) Action
Martial Weapon Proficiency: BattleaxeALL(1) Passive
Martial Weapon Proficiency: FalchionALL(1) Passive
Martial Weapon Proficiency: GreataxeALL(1) Passive
Martial Weapon Proficiency: GreatclubALL(1) Passive
Martial Weapon Proficiency: GreatswordALL(1) Passive
Martial Weapon Proficiency: HandaxeALL(1) Passive
Martial Weapon Proficiency: Heavy PickALL(1) Passive
Martial Weapon Proficiency: KukriALL(1) Passive
Martial Weapon Proficiency: Light HammerALL(1) Passive
Martial Weapon Proficiency: Light PickALL(1) Passive
Martial Weapon Proficiency: LongbowALL(1) Passive
Martial Weapon Proficiency: LongswordALL(1) Passive
Martial Weapon Proficiency: MaulALL(1) Passive
Martial Weapon Proficiency: RapierALL(1) Passive
Martial Weapon Proficiency: ScimitarALL(1) Passive
Martial Weapon Proficiency: Short SwordALL(1) Passive
Martial Weapon Proficiency: ShortbowALL(1) Passive
Martial Weapon Proficiency: Throwing AxeALL(1) Passive
Martial Weapon Proficiency: WarhammerALL(1) Passive
Maximize SpellALL(1) Action
Mental ToughnessALL(1) Passive
Mithral BodyALL(1) Passive
MobilityALL(1) Passive
Music of MakersBRD(3) Action
NegotiatorALL(1) Passive
Nimble FingersALL(1) Passive
Nullification ICLR(1) Passive
Nullification IICLR(3) Passive
Nullification IIICLR(5) Passive
Nullification IVCLR(7) Passive
Nullification VCLR(9) Passive
Orc and Goblin BonusALL(1) Passive
Paladin's Action Boost IPAL(1) Passive
Paladin's Action Boost IIPAL(3) Passive
Paladin's Action Boost IIIPAL(5) Passive
Paladin's Action Boost IVPAL(7) Passive
Paladin's Action Boost VPAL(9) Passive
Paladin's Grace IPAL(1) Passive
Paladin's Grace IIPAL(3) Passive
Paladin's Grace IIIPAL(3) Passive
Point Blank ShotALL(1) Passive
Poison Save BonusALL(1) Passive
Power AttackALL(1) Passive
Precise ShotALL(1) Passive
PrecisionALL(1) Action
Quick DrawALL(1) Passive
Quicken SpellBRD(1) , CLR(1) , PAL(4) , RGR(4) , SRC(1) , WIZ(1) Action
RageBRB(1) Action
Rapid ReloadALL(1) Passive
Rapid ShotALL(1) Passive
Reconstruction ISRC(1) , WIZ(1) Passive
Reconstruction IISRC(3) , WIZ(3) Passive
Reconstruction IIISRC(5) , WIZ(5) Passive
Reconstruction IVSRC(7) , WIZ(7) Passive
Reconstruction VSRC(9) , WIZ(9) Passive
Religious LoreBRD(1) , CLR(1) , PAL(1) Passive
ResilienceALL(1) Action
Resist PoisonALL(1) Passive
SapALL(1) Action
Self SufficientALL(1) Passive
Shield MasteryALL(1) Passive
Shot on the RunALL(1) Passive
Simple Weapon Proficiency: ClubALL(1) Passive
Simple Weapon Proficiency: DaggerALL(1) Passive
Simple Weapon Proficiency: DartALL(1) Passive
Simple Weapon Proficiency: Heavy CrossbowALL(1) Passive
Simple Weapon Proficiency: Heavy MaceALL(1) Passive
Simple Weapon Proficiency: Light MaceALL(1) Passive
Simple Weapon Proficiency: Light CrossbowALL(1) Passive
Simple Weapon Proficiency: MorningstarALL(1) Passive
Simple Weapon Proficiency: QuarterstaffALL(1) Passive
Simple Weapon Proficiency: SickleALL(1) Passive
Simple Weapon Proficiency: Throwing DaggerALL(1) Passive
Weapon Proficiency: UnarmedALL(1) Passive
Skill Focus: BalanceALL(1) Passive
Skill Focus: BluffALL(1) Passive
Skill Focus: DiplomacyALL(1) Passive
Skill Focus: Disable DeviceALL(1) Passive
Skill Focus: HaggleALL(1) Passive
Skill Focus: HealALL(1) Passive
Skill Focus: HideALL(1) Passive
Skill Focus: IntimidateALL(1) Passive
Skill Focus: JumpALL(1) Passive
Skill Focus: ListenALL(1) Passive
Skill Focus: Move SilentlyALL(1) Passive
Skill Focus: Open LocksALL(1) Passive
Skill Focus: PerformALL(1) Passive
Skill Focus: RepairALL(1) Passive
Skill Focus: SearchALL(1) Passive
Skill Focus: SpotALL(1) Passive
Skill Focus: SwimALL(1) Passive
Skill Focus: TumbleALL(1) Passive
Skill Focus: Use Magic DeviceALL(1) Passive
Skill Interaction IIIBRB(5) Passive
Skill Interaction IVBRB(7) Passive
Skill Interaction VBRB(9) Passive
Skill Interaction IBRB(1) Passive
Skill Interaction IIBRB(3) Passive
Skill Interaction I (Bard)BRD(1) Passive
Skill Interaction II (Bard)BRD(3) Passive
Skill Interaction III (Bard)BRD(5) Passive
Skill Interaction IV (Bard)BRD(7) Passive
Skill Interaction V (Bard)BRD(9) Passive
Skill Magic IBRD(1) Passive
Skill Magic IIIBRD(5) Passive
Skill Magic IVBRD(7) Passive
Skill Magic VBRD(9) Passive
Skill Magic IIBRD(3) Passive
Skill Recovery ICLR(1) Passive
Skill Recovery IICLR(3) Passive
Skill Recovery IIICLR(5) Passive
Skill Recovery IVCLR(7) Passive
Skill Recovery VCLR(9) Passive
Skill Perception IROG(1) Passive
Skill Perception IIROG(3) Passive
Skill Perception IIIROG(5) Passive
Skill Perception IVROG(7) Passive
Skill Perception VROG(9) Passive
Skill Resourcefulness IIWIZ(3) Passive
Skill Resourcefulness IIIWIZ(5) Passive
Skill Resourcefulness IVWIZ(7) Passive
Skill Resourcefulness VWIZ(9) Passive
Skill Resourcefulness IWIZ(1) Passive
Skill Stealth IROG(1) , RGR() Passive
Skill Stealth IIROG(3) , RGR() Passive
Skill Stealth IIIROG(5) , RGR() Passive
Skill Stealth IVROG(7) , RGR() Passive
Skill Stealth VROG(9) , RGR() Passive
Skill Tactics ICLR(1) Passive
Skill Tactics IICLR(3) Passive
Skill Tactics IIICLR(5) Passive
Skill Tactics VCLR(9) Passive
Skill Tactics IVCLR(7) Passive
Slicing BlowALL(1) Action
Slower Decay IALL(1) Passive
Smite EvilPAL(1) Action
Snake BloodALL(1) Passive
SneakALL(1) Action
Spell Focus: AbjerationBRD(1) , CLR(1) , RGR(1) , PAL(1) , SRC(1) , WIZ(1) Passive
Spell Focus: AlterationBRD(1) , CLR(1) , RGR(1) , PAL(1) , SRC(1) , WIZ(1) Passive
Spell Focus: ConjurationBRD(1) , CLR(1) , RGR(1) , PAL(1) , SRC(1) , WIZ(1) Passive
Spell Focus: DivinationBRD(1) , CLR(1) , RGR(1) , PAL(1) , SRC(1) , WIZ(1) Passive
Spell Focus: EnchantmentBRD(1) , CLR(1) , RGR(1) , PAL(1) , SRC(1) , WIZ(1) Passive
Spell Focus: EvocationBRD(1) , CLR(1) , RGR(1) , PAL(1) , SRC(1) , WIZ(1) Passive
Spell Focus: IllusionBRD(1) , CLR(1) , RGR(1) , PAL(1) , SRC(1) , WIZ(1) Passive
Spell Focus: NecromancyBRD(1) , CLR(1) , RGR(1) , PAL(1) , SRC(1) , WIZ(1) Passive
Spell Focus: TransmutationBRD(1) , CLR(1) , RGR(1) , PAL(1) , SRC(1) , WIZ(1) Passive
Spell Save BonusALL(1) Passive
Spring AttackALL(1) Action
StealthyALL(1) Passive
Stunning BlowALL(1) Action
SunderALL(1) Action
ToughnessALL(1) Passive
TrapfindingROG(1) Action
TripALL(1) Action
Two Handed FightingALL(1) Passive
Two Weapon BlockingALL(1) Passive
Two Weapon DefenseALL(1) Passive
Two Weapon FightingALL(1) Passive
Warforged Durability IALL(1) Passive
Warforged ResistanceALL(1) Passive
Warforged Ward IALL(1) Passive
Weapon FinesseALL(1) Passive
Weapon Focus: BludgeoningALL(1) Passive
Weapon Focus: PiercingALL(1) Passive
Weapon Focus: RangedALL(1) Passive
Weapon Focus: SlashingALL(1) Passive
Weapon Focus: ThrownALL(1) Passive
Weapon Specialization: BludgeoningALL(1) Passive
Weapon Specialization: PiercingALL(1) Passive
Weapon Specialization: RangedALL(1) Passive
Weapon Specialization: ThrownALL(1) Passive
Weapon Specialization: SlashingALL(1) Passive
Whirlwind AttackALL(1) Action
Wild EmpathyRGR(1) Action
Trap SenseROG(1) Passive
Inspire CourageBRD(1) Action
FascinateBRD(1) Action
Inspire CompetenceBRD(3) Action
Inspire GreatnessBRD(9) Action
Suggestion (Bard)BRD(6) Action
Aura of CouragePAL(3) Passive
Divine GracePAL(2) Passive
Turn UndeadCLR(1) , PAL(4) Action
Lay on HandsPAL(2) Action
Remove Disease (PAL)PAL(6) Action
EvasionROG(2) Passive
Sneak AttackROG(1) Passive
Trap Sense (2)ROG(3) Passive
Uncanny DOdgeROG(4) Action
Human Charisma IALL(4) Passive
Human Charisma IIALL(8) Passive
Human Constitution IIALL(8) Passive
Human Constitution IALL(4) Passive
Human Intelligence IALL(4) Passive
Human Intelligence IIALL(8) Passive
Improved Devotion IIBRD(5) , CLR(4) Passive
Greater Devotion IIBRD(8) , CLR(6) Passive
Greater Devotion IIIBRD(9) , CLR(9) Passive
Greater Devotion IVBRD(12) , CLR(11) Passive
Human Strength IALL(5) Passive
Bard's Charisma IBRD(3) Passive
Bard's Charisma IIBRD(6) Passive
Erosion IPassive
Improved Erosion IPassive
Greater Erosion IPassive
Greater Erosion IIPassive
Improved Erosion IIPassive
Erosion IIPassive
Erosion IIIPassive
Improved Erosion IIIPassive
Greater Erosion IIIPassive
Greater Erosion IVPassive
Improved Erosion IVPassive
Erosion IVPassive
Erosion VPassive
Improved Erosion VPassive
Greater Erosion VPassive
Impulse IPassive
Improved Impulse IPassive
Greater Impulse IPassive
Impulse IIPassive
Improved Impulse IIPassive
Greater Impulse IIPassive
Greater Impulse IIIPassive
Improved Impulse IIIPassive
Impulse IIIPassive
Impulse IVPassive
Improved Impulse IVPassive
Greater Impulse IVPassive
Greater Impulse VPassive
Improved Impulse VPassive
Impulse VPassive
Inspired Bravery IIIBRD(5) Passive
Inspired Bravery IVBRD(7) Passive
Inspired Damage IIIBRD(7) Passive
Inspired Attack IIBRD(8) Passive
Extra Smite IPAL(1) Passive
Superior Inferno IPassive
Superior Inferno IIPassive
Superior Inferno IIIPassive
Superior Inferno IVPassive
Superior Inferno VPassive
Touch Of The Rotbone
Chill Gust Glyph
Fighter's Strategy IFIG(2)
Fighter's Strategy IIFIG(4)
Fighter's Strategy IIIFIG(6)
Fighter's Strategy IVFIG(8)
Fighter's Strategy VFIG(10)
Fighter's Critical Accuracy VFIG(10)
Fighter's Critical Accuracy IVFIG(8)
Fighter's Critical Accuracy IIIFIG(6)
Fighter's Critical Accuracy IIFIG(4)
Fighter's Critical Accuracy IFIG(2)
Fighter's Armor Mastery IFIG(3)
Fighter's Armor Mastery IIFIG(6)
Fighter's Armor Mastery IIIFIG(9)
Fighter's Tower Shield Mastery IIIFIG(9)
Fighter's Tower Shield Mastery IIFIG(6)
Fighter's Tower Shield Mastery IFIG(3)
Dwarven Tactics IALL(1)
Dwarven Tactics IIALL(4)
Dwarven Tactics IIIALL(8)
Dwarven Tactics IVALL(10)
Dwarven Armor Mastery IALL(4)
Dwarven Armor Mastery IIALL(8) Passive
Elven Arcane Fluidity IALL(3) Passive
Elven Arcane Fluidity IIALL(6) Passive
Elven Arcane Fluidity IIIALL(9) Passive
Barbarian Desert Lore IBRB(4) Passive
Barbarian Desert Lore IIBRB(8) Passive
Barbarian Tundra Lore IIBRB(8) Passive
Barbarian Tundra Lore IBRB(4) Passive
Barbarian Swamp Lore IBRB(4) Passive
Barbarian Swamp Lore IIBRB(8) Passive
Ranger Swamp Lore IIRGR(7) Passive
Ranger Swamp Lore IRGR(3) Passive
Ranger Tundra Lore IRGR(3) Passive
Ranger Tundra Lore IIRGR(7) Passive
Ranger Desert Lore IIRGR(7) Passive
Ranger Desert Lore IRGR(3) Passive
Fire Trap Lore IROG(4) Passive
Fire Trap Lore IIROG(8) Passive
Cold Trap Lore IIROG(8) Passive
Cold Trap Lore IROG(4) Passive
Acid Trap Lore IROG(4) Passive
Acid Trap Lore IIROG(8) Passive
Sonic Trap Lore IIROG(8) Passive
Sonic Trap Lore IROG(4) Passive
Electric Trap Lore IROG(4) Passive
Electric Trap Lore IIROG(8) Passive
Strength of Stone IALL(3) Passive
Strength of Stone IIALL(6) Passive
Strength of Stone IIIALL(9) Passive
Drow Spell ResistanceALL(1) Passive
Spell Save BonusALL(1) Passive
Curse of Tseralith
See Invisible
Frozen Wind Glyph
Improved Spell Resistance VALL(10) Passive
Improved Spell Resistance IALL(2) Passive
Improved Spell Resistance IIALL(4) Passive
Improved Spell Resistance IIIALL(6) Passive
Improved Spell Resistance IVALL(8) Passive
Axe Damage IIALL(10) Passive
Axe Damage IALL(2) Passive
Dwarven Shield Mastery IALL(2) Passive
Dwarven Shield Mastery IIALL(6) Passive
Dwarven Shield Mastery IIIALL(10) Passive
Dwarven Spell Resistance IIALL(5) Passive
Dwarven Spell Resistance IIIALL(10) Passive
Elf Melee Damage IIALL(10) Passive
Elf Ranged Damage IIALL(10) Passive
Halfling Luck IIALL(5) Passive
Halfling Luck IIIALL(10) Passive
Halfling Thrown Weapon Damage IIIALL(10) Passive
Halfling Thrown Weapon Damage IIALL(10) Passive
Hero's Companion IIIALL(5) Action
Hero's Companion IVALL(7) Action
Hero's Companion VALL(10) Action
Improved Recovery IALL(2) Passive
Improved Recovery IIALL(7) Passive
Improved Recovery IIIALL(10) Passive
Improved Damage Reduction IIALL(10) Passive
Elven Arcanum IVALL(11) Passive
Elven Arcanum IIIALL(8) Passive
Elven Arcanum IIALL(5) Passive
Elven Arcanum IALL(2) Passive
Elven Perception IVALL(7) Passive
Elven Perception VALL(9) Passive
Elven Perception VIALL(11) Passive
Dwarven Faith IALL(2) Passive
Dwarven Faith IIALL(5) Passive
Dwarven Faith IIIALL(8) Passive
Dwarven Faith IVALL(11) Passive
Dwarven Poison Resistance IIIALL(5) Passive
Dwarven Poison Resistance IVALL(8) Passive
Dwarven Poison Resistance VALL(11) Passive
Dwarven Search VALL(9) Passive
Dwarven Search VIALL(11) Passive
Dwarven Armor Mastery IIIALL(12) Passive
Strength of Stone IVALL(12) Passive
Elven Arcane Fluidity IVALL(12) Passive
Elven Melee Damage IIALL(10) Passive
Elven Melee Attack IIALL(12) Passive
Elven Melee Attack IALL(6) Passive
Elven Ranged Damage IIALL(10) Passive
Elven Ranged Attack IIALL(12) Passive
Elven Ranged Attack IALL(6) Passive
Halfling Stealth IALL(1) Action
Halfling Stealth IIALL(3) Action
Halfling Stealth IIIALL(5) Action
Halfling Stealth IVALL(7) Action
Halfling Stealth VALL(9) Action
Halfling Stealth VIALL(11) Action
Warforged Durability IIALL(3) Passive
Warforged Durability IIIALL(5) Passive
Warforged Durability IVALL(7) Passive
Warforged Durability VALL(9) Passive
Warforged Durability VIALL(11) Passive
Halfling Thrown Weapon Attack IALL(4) Passive
Halfling Thrown Weapon Attack IIALL(8) Passive
Halfling Thrown Weapon Attack IIIALL(12) Passive
Human Versatility VIALL(11) Passive
Inscribed Armor IALL(2) Passive
Inscribed Armor IIALL(5) Passive
Inscribed Armor IIIALL(8) Passive
Inscribed Armor IVALL(11) Passive
Barbarian Desert Lore IIIBRB(11) Passive
Barbarian Swamp Lore IIIBRB(11) Passive
Barbarian Tundra Lore IIIBRB(11) Passive
Barbarian's Constitution IVBRB(11) Passive
Barbarian's Constitution IBRB(2) Passive
Barbarian's Constitution IIBRB(5) Passive
Barbarian's Constitution IIIBRB(8) Passive
Improved Trap Sense IBRB(3) Passive
Improved Trap Sense IIBRB(5) Passive
Improved Trap Sense IIIBRB(7) Passive
Improved Trap Sense IVBRB(9) Passive
Improved Trap Sense VBRB(11) Passive
Power Rage IVBRB(11) Passive
Power Rage IIIBRB(8) Passive
Power Rage IBRB(2) Passive
Power Rage IIBRB(5) Passive
Energy of Music XIBRD(11) Passive
Energy of Music XIIBRD(12) Passive
Extra Song IVBRD(7) Passive
Extra Song VBRD(9) Passive
Extra Song VIBRD(11) Passive
Inspired Damage IVBRD(11) Passive
Cleric's Wisdom IVCLR(11) Passive
Cleric's Wisdom IIICLR(8) Passive
Cleric's Wisdom IICLR(5) Passive
Energy of the Zealot XICLR(11) Passive
Greater Nullification IICLR(6) Passive
Greater Nullification IIICLR(9) Passive
Greater Nullification IVCLR(12) Passive
Improved Devotion IIIBRD(7) , CLR(6) Passive
Improved Devotion IVBRD(9) , CLR(8) Passive
Improved Devotion VBRD(11) , CLR(10) Passive
Improved Nullification ICLR(2) Passive
Improved Nullification IICLR(4) Passive
Improved Nullification IIICLR(6) Passive
Improved Nullification IVCLR(8) Passive
Improved Nullification VCLR(10) Passive
Energy of the Templar IPAL(4) Passive
Energy of the Templar IIPAL(5) Passive
Energy of the Templar IIIPAL(6) Passive
Energy of the Templar IVPAL(7) Passive
Energy of the Templar VPAL(8) Passive
Energy of the Templar VIPAL(9) Passive
Energy of the Templar VIIPAL(10) Passive
Energy of the Templar VIIIPAL(11) Passive
Fighter's Mobility IVFIG(11) Passive
Fighter's Mobility IIIFIG(8) Passive
Fighter's Mobility IFIG(2) Passive
Fighter's Mobility IIFIG(5) Passive
Fighter's Strength IFIG(2) Passive
Fighter's Strength IIFIG(5) Passive
Fighter's Strength IIIFIG(8) Passive
Fighter's Strength IVFIG(11) Passive
Energy of the Wild IRGR(4) Passive
Energy of the Wild IIRGR(5) Passive
Energy of the Wild IIIRGR(6) Passive
Energy of the Wild IVRGR(7) Passive
Energy of the Wild IVRGR(7) Passive
Energy of the Wild VRGR(8) Passive
Energy of the Wild VIRGR(9) Passive
Energy of the Wild VIIRGR(10) Passive
Energy of the Wild VIIIRGR(11) Passive
Faster Sneaking XIROG(11) Passive
Skill Ingenuity IROG(1) Passive
Skill Ingenuity IIROG(3) Passive
Skill Ingenuity IIIROG(5) Passive
Skill Ingenuity IVROG(7) Passive
Skill Ingenuity VROG(9) Passive
Skill Ingenuity VIROG(11) Passive
Skill Perception VIROG(11) Passive
Skill Stealth VIROG(11) Passive
Energy of the Dragonblooded IISRC(2) Passive
Energy of the Dragonblooded IIISRC(3) Passive
Energy of the Dragonblooded IVSRC(4) Passive
Energy of the Dragonblooded VSRC(5) Passive
Energy of the Dragonblooded VISRC(6) Passive
Energy of the Dragonblooded VIISRC(7) Passive
Energy of the Dragonblooded VIIISRC(8) Passive
Energy of the Dragonblooded IXSRC(9) Passive
Energy of the Dragonblooded XSRC(10) Passive
Energy of the Dragonblooded XISRC(11) Passive
Energy of the Dragonblooded XIISRC(12) Passive
Greater Combustion ISRC(3) , WIZ(3) Passive
Greater Combustion IISRC(6) , WIZ(6) Passive
Greater Combustion IIISRC(9) , WIZ(9) Passive
Greater Combustion IVSRC(12) , WIZ(12) Passive
Improved Combustion ISRC(2) , WIZ(2) Passive
Improved Combustion IISRC(5) , WIZ(5) Passive
Improved Combustion IIISRC(7) , WIZ(7) Passive
Improved Combustion IVSRC(9) , WIZ(9) Passive
Improved Combustion VSRC(11) , WIZ(11) Passive
Improved Glaciation VSRC(10) , WIZ(10) Passive
Improved Glaciation IVSRC(8) , WIZ(8) Passive
Improved Glaciation IIISRC(6) , WIZ(6) Passive
Improved Glaciation IISRC(4) , WIZ(4) Passive
Improved Glaciation ISRC(2) , WIZ(2) Passive
Greater Glaciation ISRC(3) , WIZ(3) Passive
Greater Glaciation IISRC(5) , WIZ(5) Passive
Greater Glaciation IIISRC(7) , WIZ(7) Passive
Greater Glaciation IVSRC(9) , WIZ(9) Passive
Greater Glaciation VSRC(11) , WIZ(11) Passive
Greater Magnetism VSRC(11) , WIZ(11) Passive
Greater Magnetism IVSRC(9) , WIZ(9) Passive
Greater Magnetism IIISRC(7) , WIZ(7) Passive
Greater Magnetism IISRC(5) , WIZ(5) Passive
Greater Magnetism ISRC(3) , WIZ(3) Passive
Improved Magnetism ISRC(2) , WIZ(2) Passive
Improved Magnetism IISRC(4) , WIZ(4) Passive
Improved Magnetism IIISRC(6) , WIZ(6) Passive
Improved Magnetism IVSRC(8) , WIZ(8) Passive
Improved Magnetism VSRC(10) , WIZ(10) Passive
Energy of the Scholar XIWIZ(11) Passive
Energy of the Scholar XIIWIZ(12) Passive
Improved Devotion VIPassive
Greater Devotion VIPassive
Devotion VIPassive
Lesser Cacophany IPassive
Lesser Cacophany IIPassive
Lesser Cacophany IIIPassive
Lesser Cacophany IVPassive
Lesser Cacophany VPassive
Cacophany VPassive
Cacophany IVPassive
Cacophany IIIPassive
Cacophany IIPassive
Cacophany IPassive
Greater Cacophany IPassive
Greater Cacophany IIPassive
Greater Cacophany IIIPassive
Greater Cacophany IVPassive
Greater Cacophany VPassive
Superior Cacophany VPassive
Superior Cacophany IVPassive
Superior Cacophany IIIPassive
Superior Cacophany IIPassive
Superior Cacophany IPassive
Barbarian's Action Boost IBRB(1) Action
Barbarian's Action Boost IIBRB(3) Action
Barbarian's Action Boost IIIBRB(6) Action
Barbarian's Action Boost IVBRB(9) Action
Barbarian's Action Boost VBRB(12) Action
Barbarian's Power Attack IBRB(1) Passive
Barbarian's Power Attack IIBRB(6) Passive
Barbarian's Power Attack IIIBRB(12) Passive
Extended Rage IIBRB(4) Passive
Extended Rage IIIBRB(7) Passive
Extended Rage IVBRB(10) Passive
Extended Rage VBRB(12) Passive
Greater Willpower IBRB(4) Passive
Greater Willpower IIBRB(9) Passive
Greater Willpower IIIBRB(12) Passive
Resist Disease And Poison IBRB(12) Passive
Skill Interaction VIBRB(12) Passive
Warlord's ToughnessBRB(12) Passive
Skill Interaction VI (BRD)BRD(12) Passive
Inspired Attack IIIBRD(12) Passive
Skill Magic VIBRD(12) Passive
Cleric's Charisma ICLR(6) Passive
Cleric's Charisma IICLR(9) Passive
Cleric's Charisma IIICLR(12) Passive
Energy of the Zealot XIICLR(12) Passive
Skill Athleticism IBRB(1) , RGR(1) Passive
Skill Athleticism IIBRB(3) , RGR(3) Passive
Skill Athleticism IIIBRB(5) , RGR(5) Passive
Skill Athleticism IVBRB(7) , RGR(7) Passive
Skill Athleticism VBRB(9) , RGR(9) Passive
Skill Athleticism VIBRB(12) , RGR(12) Passive
Skill Tactics VICLR(12) Passive
Energy of the Wild IXRGR(12) Passive
Favored Damage IRGR(1) Passive
Favored Damage IIRGR(4) Passive
Favored Damage IIIRGR(8) Passive
Favored Damage IVRGR(12) Passive
Favored Defense IVRGR(12) Passive
Favored Defense IIIRGR(8) Passive
Favored Defense IIRGR(4) Passive
Favored Defense IRGR(1) Passive
Ranger's Action Boost IRGR(1) Action
Ranger's Action Boost IIRGR(3) Action
Ranger's Action Boost IIIRGR(6) Action
Ranger's Action Boost IVRGR(9) Action
Ranger's Action Boost VRGR(12) Action
Glaciation VISRC(12) , WIZ(12) Passive
Improved Glaciation VISRC(13) , WIZ(13) Passive
Greater Glaciation VISRC(14) , WIZ(14) Passive
Magnetism VISRC(12) , WIZ(12) Passive
Reconstruction VISRC(12) , WIZ(12) Passive
Skill Resourcefulness VIWIZ(12) Passive
SpellsingerBRD(6) Passive
VirtuosoBRD(6) Passive
WarchanterBRD(6) Passive
exampleDelimited list of the classes who can use this skill. Ex: BRD(The spell levels requires by the classes to use these skills. So if bards received it as a second level skill, but clerics as a first then you would list the above spell as: 2) , CLR(1)
Armor Class BonusMNK(1)
Flurry of BlowsMNK(1)
Unarmed StrikeMNK(1)
Still MindMNK(3)
Slow FallMNK(4)
Fast MovementMNK(3)
Purity of BodyMNK(5)
Wholeness of BodyMNK(7)
Improved EvasionMNK(9)
Ki Strike (Lawful)MNK(10)
Ki Strike (Adamantite)MNK(16)
Diamond BodyMNK(11)
Abundant StepMNK(12)
Diamond SoulMNK(13)
Quivering PalmMNK(15)
Quivering PalmMNK(3)
Fists of DarknessMNK(3)
Ten Thousand StarsMNK(6) Action
Void StrikeMNK(1) Action

461 Spell(s) Found

NameClassDamage Type
Apple Cider
Bear's EnduranceRGR(2) , SRC(2) , WIZ(2)
Beef Stew
BlessCLR(1) , PAL(1)
BlindnessSRC(2) , WIZ(2)
Break EnchantmentBRD(4) , CLR(5) , PAL(4) , SRC(5) , WIZ(5)
Brown Froth
Bull's StrengthCLR(2) , PAL(2) , SRC(2) , WIZ(2)
Burning HandsSRC(1) , WIZ(1) Fire
Cause FearBRD(1) , CLR(1) , SRC(1) , WIZ(1)
Chaotic Outsider Bane
Dragon Bane
Giant Bane
Goblinoid Bane
Halfling Bane
Monstrous Humanoid Bane
Ooze Bane
Reptilian Bane
Undead Bane
Greater Undead Bane
Greater Reptilian Bane
Greater Ooze Bane
Greater Monstrous Humanoid Bane
Greater Halfling Bane
Greater Goblinoid Bane
Greater Giant Bane
Greater Dragon Bane
Greater Chaotic Outsider Bane
Charm MonsterSRC(4) , WIZ(4)
Charm PersonSRC(1) , WIZ(1)
Chicken Leg
Chill TouchSRC(1) , WIZ(1) Cold
CloudkillSRC(5) , WIZ(5)
Command UndeadSRC(2) , WIZ(2)
Cone of ColdSRC(5) , WIZ(5) Cold
Crushing DespairBRD(3) , SRC(4) , WIZ(4)
Cure Critical WoundsBRD(4) , CLR(4)
Cure Serious WoundsBRD(4) , CLR(5) , PAL(4) , RGR(4)
Cure Light WoundsBRD(1) , CLR(1) , PAL(1) , RGR(1)
Cure Moderate WoundsBRD(2) , CLR(2) , PAL(2) , RGR(2)
Mass Cure Light WoundsBRD(5) , CLR(5)
Daze MonsterBRD(2) , SRC(2) , WIZ(2)
DeathwardCLR(4) , PAL(4)
Deep SlumberRGR(3) , SRC(3) , WIZ(3)
Detect Secret DoorsBRD(1) , SRC(1) , WIZ(1)
Disease Immunity
Dispel MagicPAL(3) , RNG(3) , SRC(3) , WIZ(3)
Divine FavorCLR(1) , PAL(1)
Dominate PersonBRD(4) , SRC(5) , WIZ(5)
Expeditious RetreatBRD(1) , SRC(1) , WIZ(1)
Enchanted Warforged Drink
Enchanted Warforged Food
False LifeSRC(2) , WIZ(2)
Feather FallSRC(1) , WIZ(1)
Find TrapsCLR(2)
FireballSRC(3) , WIZ(3) Fire
Flame ArrowSRC(3) , WIZ(3) Fire
Flaming BurstFire
Flaming SphereSRC(2) , WIZ(2) Fire
Fog CloudSRC(2) , WIZ(2)
Fortitude Save
Fox's CunningBRD(2) , SRC(2) , WIZ(2)
Ghallanda Distillate
Ghallanda Rations
Ghost Touch
GlitterdustBRD(2) , SRC(2) , WIZ(2)
Glowing Blue Vial
Grape Juice
Heavy Warforged Drink
Heavy Warforged Food
HeroismBRD(2) , SRC(3) , WIZ(3)
Hold PersonBRD(2) , SRC(3) , WIZ(3)
Hypnotic PatternBRD(2) , SRC(2) , WIZ(2)
HypnotismBRD(1) , SRC(1) , WIZ(1)
Ice StormSRC(4) , WIZ(4) Cold
Inflict Critical WoundsCLR(4)
Inflict Serious WoundsCLR(3)
Inflict Light WoundsCLR(1)
Inflict Moderate WoundsCLR(2)
InvisibilityBRD(2) , SRC(2) , WIZ(2)
JumpRGR(1) , SRC(1) , WIZ(1)
Lamb Shanks
Lesser Cold Resistance
Lesser False Life
Lesser Fire Resistance
Lesser Lightning Resistance
Lesser Sonic Resistance
Lesser Mnemonic Enhancer
Lesser RestorationCLR(2) , PAL(2)
Lesser Fortification
Lightning BoltSRC(3) , WIZ(3) Electricity
Lightning Guard
Mage ArmorSRC(1) , WIZ(1)
Magic MissileSRC(1) , WIZ(1)
Melf's Acid ArrowSRC(2) , WIZ(2) Acid
Moderate Fortification
Move Silently
Minor Mnemonic Enhancer
Obscuring MistCLR(1) , SRC(1) , WIZ(1)
Otto's Resistible DanceBRD(1) , SRC(2) , WIZ(2)
Owl's WisdomSRC(2) , WIZ(2)
Pig Parts
Power I
Power II
Power III
Power IV
Power V
Power VI
Power VII
Power VIII
Phantasmal KillerSRC(4) , WIZ(4)
Protection from Energy: AcidSRC(3) , WIZ(3)
Protection from Energy: ColdSRC(3) , WIZ(3)
Protection from Energy: ElectricitySRC(3) , WIZ(3)
Protection from Energy: FireSRC(3) , WIZ(3)
Protection from Energy: SonicSRC(3) , WIZ(3)
Protection from EvilCLR(1) , PAL(1) , SRC(1) , WIZ(1)
RageBRD(2) , SRC(3) , WIZ(3)
Ray of EnfeeblementSRC(1) , WIZ(1)
Ray of ExhaustionSRC(3) , WIZ(3)
Remove BlindnessCLR(3)
Remove DiseaseCLR(3)
Remove FearBRD(1) , CLR(1)
Remove ParalysisCLR(2)
Repair Moderate DamageSRC(2) , WIZ(2)
Repair Light DamageSRC(1) , WIZ(1)
Resist Energy (Acid)SRC(2) , WIZ(2)
Resist Energy (Cold)SRC(2) , WIZ(2)
Resist Energy (Electricity)SRC(2) , WIZ(2)
Resist Energy (Fire)SRC(2) , WIZ(2)
Resist Energy (Sonic)SRC(2) , WIZ(2)
DismissalSRC(4) , WIZ(4)
Mind FogBRD(5) , SRC(5) , WIZ(5)
DeafnessBRD(3) , CLR(3)
Death WardCLR(4)
Holy SmiteCLR(4)
Neutralize PoisonBRD(4) , CLR(4) , PAL(4) , RGR(3)
RestorationCLR(4) , PAL(4)
Spell ResistanceCLR(5) , SRC(5) , WIZ(5)
Flame StrikeCLR(5)
Greater CommandCLR(5)
Raise DeadCLR(5)
Slay LivingCLR(5)
See InvisibilityBRD(3)
Good HopeBRD(3)
HasteBRD(3) , SRC(3) , WIZ(3)
ShoutBRD(4) , SRC(4) , WIZ(4)
Hold MonsterBRD(4) , SRC(5) , WIZ(5)
Scarab of Protection Mutation
Scarab of Spell Absorption Mutation
ScareBRD(2) , SRC(2) , WIZ(2)
Scorching RaySRC(2) , WIZ(2)
Searing LightCLR(3)
ShieldSRC(1) , WIZ(1)
Shield of FaithCLR(1)
Shocking BurstElectricity
Shocking GraspSRC(1) , WIZ(1) Electricity
SleepBRD(1) , SRC(1) , WIZ(1)
Sleet StormSRC(3) , WIZ(3) Cold
SlowSRC(3) , WIZ(3)
SoundburstBRD(2) , CLR(2) Sonic
Stinking CloudSRC(3) , WIZ(3)
StoneskinSRC(4) , WIZ(4)
SuggestionBRD(2) , SRC(3) , WIZ(3)
Summon Monster IBRD(1) , CLR(1) , SRC(1) , WIZ(1)
Summon Monster IIBRD(2) , CLR(2) , SRC(2) , WIZ(2)
Summon Monster IIIBRD(3) , CLR(3) , SRC(3) , WIZ(3)
Summon Monster IVBRD(4) , CLR(4) , SRC(4) , WIZ(4)
Summon Monster VBRD(5) , CLR(5) , SRC(5) , WIZ(5)
Tasty Ham
Treacled Turkey
Troll Regeneration
Mephit Fast Healing
Touch of IdiocySRC(2) , WIZ(2)
TumbleRGR(1) , SRC(1) , WIZ(1)
Underwater Action
Vegetable Hash
Warforged Drink
Warforged Food
Well Water
Wizardry I
Wizardry II
Wizardry III
Water BreathingSRC(3) , WIZ(3)
WebSRC(2) , WIZ(2)
Yummy Milk
Eagle's SplendorBRD(2) , CLR(2) , PAL(2) , SRC(2) , WIZ(2)
Cat's GraceRGR(2) , SRC(2) , WIZ(2)
Stone Form Damage Reduction
Stone Form Healing
Troglodyte Stench
spiffy spell
Enhancement Bonus +1
Enhancement Bonus +2
Enhancement Bonus +3
Enhancement Bonus +4
Enhancement Bonus +5
Lesser Human Bane
Lesser Dragon Bane
Lesser Undead Bane
Lesser Ooze Bane
Lesser Goblinoid Bane
Lesser Evil Outsider Bane
Lesser Giant Bane
Lesser Reptilian Bane
Lesser Vermin Bane
Lesser Axeblock
Flametouched IronGood
Acid Resistance
Sonic Resistance
Lightning Resistance
Fire Resistance
Cold Resistance
Silent Moves
Silver, AlchemicalSilver
Pure Good
True ChaosChaotic
Divine PowerCLR(4)
Poison (Weapon)Poison
Proof Against Poison
Acid BurstAcid
Bone Breaking
Lesser Elf BaneElf
Elf BaneElf
Lesser Glaciation I
Lesser Glaciation II
Lesser Glaciation III
Lesser Glaciation IV
Lesser Glaciation V
Lesser Glaciation V
Lesser Glaciation V
Lesser Combustion V
Lesser Combustion IV
Lesser Combustion III
Lesser Combustion II
Lesser Combustion II
Lesser Combustion I
Icy BurstCold
Superior Nihil I
Superior Nihil II
Superior Nihil III
Superior Nihil IV
Superior Nihil V
Improved False Life
Greater Magical Beast Bane
Improved Lightning Resistance
Improved Acid Resistance
Improved Sonic Resistance
Improved Cold Resistance
Improved Fire Resistance
Vermin Bane
True LawLawful
Lesser Elemental Bane
Elemental Bane
Greater Elemental Bane
Greater Glaciation I
Greater Glaciation II
Greater Glaciation III
Greater Glaciation IV
Greater Glaciation V
Good Luck
Slow Trap
Bestow CurseCLR(3) , SRC(4) , WIZ(4)
Superior Efficacy I
Anarchic BurstChaotic
Niac's Cold RaySRC(1) , WIZ(1) Cold
KnockSRC(2) , WIZ(2)
Dimension DoorBRD(4) , SRC(4) , WIZ(4)
Wall of FireSRC(4) , WIZ(4) Fire
TeleportSRC(5) , WIZ(5)
Tendon Slice Bonus
Minor Repair LoreWeapon
Sneak Attack BonusWeapon
Acid FogSRC(6) , WIZ(6) Acid
Chain LightningSRC(6) , WIZ(6) Electricity
Circle of DeathSRC(6) , WIZ(6)
Create UndeadSRC(6) , WIZ(6)
Flesh to StoneSRC(6) , WIZ(6)
Globe of InvulnerabilityCLR(6)
Greater Dispel MagicBRD(5) , CLR(6) , SRC(6) , WIZ(6)
Greater HeroismBRD(5) , SRC(6) , WIZ(6)
Mass Bear's EnduranceSRC(6) , WIZ(6)
Mass Bull's StrengthCLR(6) , SRC(6) , WIZ(6)
Mass Cat's GraceBRD(6) , SRC(6) , WIZ(6)
Mass Eagle's SplendorBRD(6) , CLR(6) , SRC(6) , WIZ(6)
Mass Fox's CunningBRD(6) , SRC(6) , WIZ(6)
Mass Owl's WisdomSRC(6) , WIZ(6)
Mass SuggestionBRD(5) , SRC(6) , WIZ(6)
Otiluke's Freezing SphereSRC(6) , WIZ(6) Cold
ReconstructSRC(6) , WIZ(6)
Stone to FleshSRC(6) , WIZ(6)
Summon Monster VIBRD(6) , CLR(6) , SRC(6) , WIZ(6)
Symbol of FearCLR(6) , SRC(6) , WIZ(6)
Symbol of PersuasionSRC(6) , WIZ(6)
True SeeingSRC(6) , WIZ(6)
Undeath to DeathCLR(6) , SRC(6) , WIZ(6)
Lightning Bolt Ward
Nimbus of LightCLR(1) Light
Lesser Healing Lore
Heal Moderate
Charm Canine
Blessing of the Silver Flame
Mind BlasterPsionic
Mass AidCLR(3)
ContagionCLR(4) , SRC(4) , WIZ(4) Disease
EnervationSRC(4) , WIZ(4)
Fire TrapSRC(4) , WIZ(4) Fire
Freedom of MovementBRD(4) , CLR(4) , RGR()
Ghoul TouchWIZ(2) , SRC(2)
Hold AnimalRGR(2)
Magic Circle Against EvilCLR(3) , PAL(3) , SRC(3) , WIZ(3)
Shadow WalkBRD(5) , SRC(6) , WIZ(6)
Mass Shield of FaithCLR(4)
Spike GrowthRGR(2)
Summon Nature's Ally IRGR(1)
Summon Nature's Ally IIRGR(2)
Summon Nature's Ally IIIRGR(3)
Symbol of PainCLR(5) , SRC(5) , WIZ(5)
Tenser's TransmutationSRC(6) , WIZ(6)
Wild InstinctsRGR(3)
Control UndeadSRC(7) , WIZ(7)
Delayed Blast FireballSRC(7) , WIZ(7) Fire
DestructionSRC(7) , WIZ(7)
Finger of DeathSRC(7) , WIZ(7)
Greater TeleportSRC(7) , WIZ(7)
Mass Hold PersonSRC(7) , WIZ(7)
Mass InvisibilitySRC(7) , WIZ(7)
Power Word: BlindSRC(7) , WIZ(7)
Greater RestorationCLR(7)
Mass RestorationCLR(7)
Mass Spell ResistanceCLR(7)
Summon Monster VIICLR(7) , SRC(7) , WIZ(7)
Symbol of StunningCLR(7) , SRC(7) , WIZ(7)
Symbol of WeaknessCLR(7) , SRC(7) , WIZ(7)
Waves of ExhaustionSRC(7) , WIZ(7)
Summon Nature's Ally IVRGR(4)
Mass LongstriderRGR(4)
Holy SwordPAL(4)
Chaos HammerCLR(4)
Close WoundsCLR(2)
NightshieldCLR(1) , SRC(1) , WIZ(1)
Order's WrathCLR(4)
Spawn ScreenCLR(2) , SRC(2) , WIZ(2)
Unholy BlightCLR(4)
Focusing ChantBRD(1)
Ooze PuppetSRC(2) , WIZ(2)
exampleClasses which can cast this spell. Ex: BRD(This field is used in conjunction with the class field ot determine the spell level required to cast this spell. For example if) , CLR() Type of damage for damaging spells. Ex: Fire
Eat Jerky
Greater Stability
Fire Guard
Polar RaySRC(8) , WIZ(8) Cold
SunburstSRC(8) , WIZ(8) Light
Mass Charm MonsterBRD(6) , SRC(8) , WIZ(8)
Mass Cure Critical WoundsCLR(8)
FirestormCLR(8) Fire
Horrid WiltingSRC(8) , WIZ(8)
Mass Inflict Critical WoundsCLR(8)
Otto's Irresistible DanceBRD(6) , SRC(8) , WIZ(8)
Greater ShoutBRD(6) , SRC(8) , WIZ(8) Sonic
Summon Monster VIIICLR(8) , SRC(8) , WIZ(8)
Trap the SoulSRC(8) , WIZ(8)
Necromancy Focus
Absorb Doomsphere Spells
Incorporeal Bane
Mandate of Shavarath
Melee Alacrity 10%
Tchurvul's Touch
Mass Charm MonsterBRD(6) , SRC(8) , WIZ(8)
Dominate MonsterSRC(9) , WIZ(9)
Acid SpraySRC(1) , WIZ(1) Acid
Acid BlastSRC(3) , WIZ(3) Acid
Chain MissilesSRC(3) , WIZ(3)
Electric LoopSRC(2) , WIZ(2) Electricity
Energy DrainCLR(9) , SRC(9) , WIZ(9)
Frost LanceSRC(3) , WIZ(3) Cold
Mass HealCLR(9)
Mass Hold MonsterSRC(9) , WIZ(9)
Meteor SwarmSRC(9) , WIZ(9)
Mordenkainen’s DisjunctionSRC(9) , WIZ(9)
Power Word: KillSRC(9) , WIZ(9)
Prismatic SpraySRC(7) , WIZ(7)
Mass Repair Critical DamageSRC(8) , WIZ(8)
Mass Repair Moderate DamageSRC(6) , WIZ(6)
Mass Repair Serious DamageSRC(7) , WIZ(7)
Summon Monster IXCLR(9) , SRC(9) , WIZ(9)
Snowball SwarmSRC(2) , WIZ(2) Cold
True ResurrectionCLR(9)
Wail of the BansheeSRC(9) , WIZ(9)
Superior Devotion I
Feat: Mobility

316 Zone(s) Found

NameTypeLevel Range
Outer Splinterskull Fortress: First StrikeDungeon3 - 10
Inner Splinterskull Fortress: ZulkashDungeon5 - 10
Archer PointOutdoor5 - 10
Bogwater TavernTavern1 - 10
Adept's RestTavern1 - 10
Alchemist's LaboratoryDungeon1 - 10
Troglodyte ClutchDungeon4 - 10
Anvil Fire InnTavern1 - 10
Kobold AssaultOutdoor3 - 10
Inner Splinterskull Fortress: AgentDungeon5 - 10
Bugbear RuinsDungeon7 - 10
Cartamon's Shipping WarehouseDungeon1 - 10
Bonebite HideoutDungeon1 - 10
Caverns of KorromarDungeon8 - 10
Caverns of ShaaghDungeon4 - 10
Chamber of InsanityDungeon5 - 10
Clan Gnashtooth PrisonDungeon2 - 10
Clan GnashtoothDungeon2 - 10
Clan TunnelwormDungeon3 - 10
Clan Tunnelworm PrisonDungeon3 - 10
Cloven-Jaw StrongholdDungeon3 - 10
Combat Magic RoomDungeon1 - 1
Combat Training RoomDungeon1 - 1
Crypt of the GuardDungeon1 - 10
Cult of the Six: Church of FuryDungeon7 - 10
Cultists ShrineDungeon2 - 10
Dagoward's ApothecaryShop1 - 10
Ever Full FlagonTavern1 - 10
Euphonia's ChallengeDungeon1 - 1
Delera's Tomb: The Missing PartyDungeon7 - 10
Den of the Kobold BrothersDungeon2 - 10
Delera's GraveyardOutdoor5 - 12
Erstwhile EmporiumShop1 - 10
Empty HandedShop1 - 10
Eastern CatacombsDungeon3 - 10
Emerald Claw's LaboratoryDungeon6 - 10
Western CatacombsDungeon3 - 10
Delera's Tomb: Free DeleraDungeon7 - 10
Dragon Tooth ArmsShop1 - 10
Drowning Sorrows TavernTavern1 - 10
Dryden Family TombDungeon2 - 10
Delera's TombDungeon5 - 10
Eye of Kol KorranOutdoor4 - 10
Eyegouger's BasementDungeon1 - 10
Fallowcrest LibraryDungeon1 - 10
Delera's AntechamberDungeon5 - 10
Fare TradesShop1 - 10
Feather's Fall ApothecaryShop1 - 10
Fane of the SixDungeon10 - 10
Forgotten CavernsDungeon6 - 10
Gambler's DenDungeon1 - 10
Garl's TombDungeon6 - 10
Gladewatch OutpostOutdoor5 - 10
Golden Wing InnTavern1 - 10
Grey Moon's Den: Trollish ScourgeDungeon7 - 10
Grey Moon's Den: ExterminationDungeon7 - 10
Gwylan's StandDungeon7 - 10
Hammer and ChainShop1 - 10
Hammersmith's InnTavern1 - 10
Harbormaster's HouseHome1 - 10
Haunted LibraryDungeon5 - 10
Fane of the Six: QuenchDungeon10 - 10
Haunted WarehouseDungeon1 - 10
Hazadill's Shipping WarehouseDungeon1 - 10
Hazadill's Shipping Warehouse: RetrieveDungeon1 - 10
Healing Magic RoomDungeon1 - 1
Stealth RoomDungeon1 - 1
Hidden ChapelDungeon6 - 10
Outer Splinterskull Fortress: DoomDungeon5 - 10
Inner Splinterskull Fortress: YarkuchDungeon5 - 10
Parthilcar Tower CryptDungeon6 - 10
Phoenix TavernTavern1 - 10
Postern Gate WildsOutdoor1 - 10
Quickfoot HideoutDungeon3 - 10
Redfang's Nesting GroundsDungeon3 - 10
Redwillow's RuinsOutdoor7 - 10
Rook's GambitTavern1 - 1
Ruined HallsDungeon5 - 10
Ruins of ThrenalOutdoor7 - 10
Salty Wench TavernTavern1 - 10
Scoundrel's RunDungeon7 - 10
Second Gauntlet GoodsShop1 - 10
Musty-Smelling WarehouseDungeon1 - 10
Smuggler's RestCity1 - 1
Smuggler's WarehouseDungeon2 - 10
Sorrowdusk IsleOutdoor4 - 10
Sorrowdusk Temple: CleansingDungeon8 - 10
Sorrowdusk Temple: FallDungeon8 - 10
The BazaarShop1 - 10
The HarborCity1 - 10
Stormreach MarketplaceCity1 - 20
Lordsmarch BankDungeon4 - 7
House DeneithCity2 - 10
House JorascoCity2 - 10
House KundarakCity2 - 10
House PhiarlanCity2 - 12
House of WizardryShop1 - 10
Inner Splinterskull SanctumDungeon7 - 10
Dryden's ChamberDungeon1 - 10
Irestone InletOutdoor3 - 10
Kenebrooke's BasementDungeon1 - 10
Lair of SummoningDungeon3 - 10
Leaky Dinghy TavernTavern1 - 10
Library ArchivesDungeon2 - 10
Lion's Head ArmoryShop1 - 10
Liquid CharmShop1 - 10
Lower CathedralDungeon3 - 10
Lower Cathedral: PatriarchDungeon3 - 10
Necromancer's LairDungeon5 - 10
Object DesireShop1 - 10
Open Palm InnTavern1 - 10
Osgood's BasementDungeon1 - 10
Tangleroot GorgeOutdoor2 - 10
Tempest's SpineDungeon8 - 10
The Brutes' BarracksDungeon9 - 10
The Butcher's PathDungeon2 - 10
The CatacombsDungeon1 - 10
The CryptsDungeon4 - 10
The Dead HallsDungeon4 - 10
The Depths of DarknessDungeon4 - 10
The Depths of DespairDungeon4 - 10
The Depths of DoomDungeon5 - 10
The Depths of DiscordDungeon4 - 10
The Fire Caves: StonesDungeon4 - 10
The Fire Caves: BroodDungeon4 - 10
The Flame-Lord's HavenDungeon10 - 10
The Foul ChambersDungeon2 - 10
The Giant's LairDungeon9 - 10
The Halls of Shan-To-KorDungeon2 - 10
The Iron Mines: FreeingDungeon6 - 10
The Iron Mines: JusticeDungeon6 - 10
The Sunken SewerDungeon2 - 10
The Kidnapper's RefugeDungeon2 - 10
The Kobolds' BlockadeDungeon3 - 10
The Library of Threnal: LibraryDungeon9 - 10
The Library of Threnal: HoldDungeon9 - 10
The Library of Threnal: EscortDungeon9 - 10
The Low RoadDungeon1 - 10
The One-Eared Bugbear InnTavern1 - 10
The Rusty NailTavern1 - 10
The Sanctuary: Part OneDungeon1 - 10
The Sanctuary: Part TwoDungeon1 - 10
The Scavenger's WarrenDungeon2 - 10
The Scorched CavernsDungeon4 - 10
The Steam TunnelsDungeon1 - 10
The Temple Outpost: BookDungeon8 - 10
The Temple Outpost: CaptivesDungeon8 - 10
The TwelveCity2 - 10
The WaterworksDungeon1 - 10
The Wayward LobsterTavern1 - 10
The Western Ruins: RescueDungeon8 - 10
The Western Ruins: SecureDungeon8 - 10
The Western Ruins: SuppliesDungeon8 - 10
Three-Barrel CoveOutdoor4 - 10
Aboard the Sea WitchDungeon5 - 10
Troglodyte GrottoDungeon2 - 10
Valak's MausoleumDungeon7 - 10
Vault of the RestlessDungeon4 - 10
Vestril's ArmsShop1 - 10
Wavecrest InnTavern1 - 10
Xanti'lar's Throne RoomDungeon8 - 10
Wavecrest Inn Basement: ThwartingDungeon1 - 10
Wavecrest Inn Basement: GrogTavern1 - 10
Stormcleave OutpostDungeon8 - 10
Outer Splinterskull Fortress: Hobgoblin's CaptivesDungeon3 - 10
Outer Splinterskull Fortress: YarkuchDungeon3 - 10
Outer Splinterskull Fortress: WhisperdoomDungeon4 - 10
Outer Splinterskull Fortress: Stronghold KeyDungeon4 - 10
Knave's HollowDungeon6 - 10
Garl's Tomb: Part TwoDungeon6 - 10
Arzag-Khor SewersDungeon7 - 10
The Lightfoot ResidenceDungeon7 - 10
The Path to MadnessOutdoor8 - 10
The Xorian CipherDungeon8 - 10
Tharashk ArenaDungeon8 - 10
Prison of the MindDungeon8 - 10
Blackheart EncampmentDungeon9 - 10
Jungles of KhyberDungeon9 - 10
The Haywire FoundryDungeon9 - 10
Vault of the NightDungeon10 - 10
Plane of the NightDungeon10 - 10
Stromvauld's MineDungeon8 - 10
Temple of VolDungeon9 - 10
The Southern Ruins: MissingDungeon9 - 10
The Southern Ruins: EnteringDungeon9 - 10
The Gate ChamberDungeon10 - 10
Miller Tarrigan's HouseDungeon1 - 10
Delver's CanteenTavern5 - 10
Bank of Kundarak1 - 10
Cold-Fired ArmoryShop1 - 10
Mistress Orphne's HavenHome2 - 10
Jorn Family CryptDungeon1 - 10
Scrag's SewerDungeon1 - 10
Sharpwood's WarehouseDungeon1 - 10
Cartamon's Shipping Warehouse: HidingDungeon8 - 10
The Restless IslesOutdoor7 - 10
The FootholdTavern7 - 10
Phiarlan FoyerShop2 - 10
Volcano's MouthOutdoor7 - 10
The Bloody CryptDungeon5 - 7
The NecropolisCity4 - 18
Tomb of the Sanguine HeartDungeon4 - 7
Tomb of the Crimson HeartDungeon4 - 7
Tomb of the Burning HeartDungeon4 - 7
Tomb of the Immortal HeartDungeon4 - 7
The PitDungeon7 - 10
Tomb of the AncientsDungeon8 - 10
The Shrouded ValeOutdoor8 - 10
Waterworks - Side EntranceDungeon10 - 12
Temple of the Sovereign HostCity1 - 10
Black Anvil MinesDungeon8 - 10
The Broken HighwayOutdoor11 - 12
Zawabi's RefugeCity8 - 12
Tomb of the Wizard-KingDungeon12 - 12
The Burning CityDungeon12 - 12
The Vulkoor SpiralDungeon11 - 12
Masei ImportsShop8 - 12
Sands of MenechtarunOutdoor8 - 12
Tomb of the AstrologerDungeon11 - 12
Tomb of the PhysicianDungeon10 - 12
Fallen ShrineDungeon11 - 12
Firebrand WarrensDungeon11 - 12
Vulkoorim CrecheDungeon11 - 12
Haywire GrottoDungeon11 - 12
Black Anvil ForestOutdoor11 - 12
Pool of ReflectionOutdoor11 - 12
Penitent's RestDungeon11 - 12
Gate of NightmaresOutdoor11 - 12
Spire of ValidusDungeon9 - 12
Tomb of the Shadow GuardDungeon8 - 12
Tomb of the Shadow KnightDungeon8 - 12
Tomb of the Shadow LordDungeon8 - 12
Tomb of the Shadow KingDungeon8 - 12
The Shadow CryptDungeon9 - 12
Gianthold TorOutdoor9 - 16
The CrucibleDungeon14 - 14
Madstone CraterDungeon14 - 14
Prison of the PlanesDungeon14 - 14
Stormreaver's Inner SanctumDungeon14 - 14
Ruins of GiantholdOutdoor12 - 18
Vile ApothecaryDungeon4 - 10
Hall of the MarkDungeon1 - 14
Cerulean HillsOutdoor1 - 5
example0 - 0
The Black MausoleumDungeon10 - 14
Tomb of the TormentedDungeon10 - 14
Tomb of the ForbiddenDungeon10 - 14
Tomb of the UnhallowedDungeon10 - 14
Tomb of the BlightedDungeon10 - 14
Searing HeightsOutdoor3 - 8
Orchard of the Macabre: The Fleshmaker's LaboratoryDungeon10 - 18
Den of ObscurityDungeon0 - 0
Meridia0 - 0
Vale of Twilight0 - 0
Market BarracksDungeon6 - 18
Ataraxia's HavenCity10 - 20
Korthos VillageCity1 - 2
Korthos Hall -
Korthos IslandOutdoor1 - 2
Heyton Family Crypt -
Wavecrest Tavern -
Village Storehouse -
Cannith ManufactoryDungeon1 - 2
Cannith Aqueduct -
Underground Complex -
Sharpewoods Warehouse -
Misery's PeakDungeon1 - 2
The Binder HomeDungeon4 - 8
The Tenemants -
Dragontail SaloonDungeon4 - 7
Three Barrell Cove -
The Weeping CoveDungeon4 - 8
House Philarian -
Penitents Rest -
Kourush's Tomb -
Whisperdoom's Lair -
Restless Isles -
The Court LailatDungeon12 - 14
Waterworks side Entrance -
Tomb of the Wizard King -
The Cursed Crypt -
Twilight Forge -
The Circle of Eternity -
Hobgoblin LairDungeon12 - 15
Rakshasa LairDungeon12 - 15
Orc Lair -
Aurum Lair -
Minotaur Lair -
Troll Lair -
Desecrated Temple of VolDungeon14 - 18
Glacial Abyss -
Inferno of the Damned -
The Prison of the Planes -
Meridia (M) -
Crimson Foot Hive -
Eladrin Stronghold -
Fallen Chamber -
Hall of Accesion -
Reavers Refuge -
Mount Reysalon -
Saomi Gardens -
Aussircaex's ValleyOutdoor15 - 20
Eerie ForestOutdoor15 - 20
Merida -
The Shroud -
The Subterranean -
Amrath -
Hall of the Third Legion -
The Iron Maw -
Genesis Point -
Citadel of the Devil's Spire -
Peredition Pass -
Adventure's Camp -
Shiny ShillingDungeon4 - 7
Troll EncampmentDungeon13 - 18
Goldstone ManorDungeon4 - 8