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Dungeons & Dragons Online Tomb of the Sanguine Heart

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NameTomb of the Sanguine Heart
Starts at NPC:Raddha Cross
Starts in Zone:The Necropolis
Quest LengthMedium
Raid Quest?No
Patron Favor AwardedThe Silver Flame
Grants temporary access to zone(s):Tomb Of The Sanguine Heart
Related mob(s):
Base XP660
  • Slay Henenu
  • Slay The Vessels Of The Faith To Open The Path To The Mummy
Optional Objectives
  • Cull Henenu's Risen Servitors()
  • Slay Taskmaster Neriah()
  • Slay Taskmaster Erastus()
  • Not Repeatable?No
    DescriptionThis Quest Is Given By Raddha Cross In The Necropolis. It Is One Of Four Pre-req Quests In The Litany Of The Dead Module. It Takes Place In The Tomb Of The Sanguine Hearts.

    Your Goal Is To Slay Henenu (#5), But To Reach Him You Must Slay The Vessels Of The Faith To Open Up The Way.

    For Optional Experience You Can Slay The Taskmasters (marked #2 And #3 On Our Map) And Slay All Of The Risen Servitors. Be Forewarned That Taskmaster Neriah's Chest Is Trapped With A Sonic Trap.

    Take Your Time, Be Careful Of The Traps, And This Is A Relatively Easy Dungeon.
    Map of Tomb of the Sanguine Heart


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