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Dungeons & Dragons Online Tomb of the Crimson Heart

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NameTomb of the Crimson Heart
Starts at NPC:Fram Redbones
Starts in Zone:The Necropolis
Quest LengthMedium
Raid Quest?No
Patron Favor AwardedThe Silver Flame
Grants temporary access to zone(s):Tomb Of The Crimson Heart
Related mob(s):
Items Required
Base XP660
  • Destroy The Guardian, Khnumhotep
  • Open The Way Using The Runed Skulls
Optional Objectives
  • Free The Survivors Of The Silver Flame Expedition()
  • Slay Gullet The Famished One()
  • Slay Priest Of The Crimson Heart()
  • Not Repeatable?No
    DescriptionThis Quest Is Given By Fram Redbones In The Necropolis. It Is One Of Four Pre-req Quests In The Litany Of The Dead Module.

    Your Goal In This Module Is To Kill Khnumhotep. In Order To Do This You Must Activate The Runed Skulls. These Are Skulls Which Have A Small Trigger On Them, There Are Three In Total (marked #3, 4 And 5 On Our Map). Once This Is Done The Door Will Unlock That Leads To Khnumhotep (#6 On Our Map). In Order To Have This Step Open Up You Must Use The Rune On The Room Marked #2 On Our Map.

    There Are Some Optional Objectives In This Dungeon, As Well, Involving Freeing The Survivors Of A Silver Flame Expedition Here, Or Killing Some Optional Bosses. These Are All Located Behind Doors Which Must Be Broken Down By A Character With 20 Strength Or Higher. You Will Also Need To Use A Key To Open The Cells Once Inside Of Here, The Keys Are In Two Chests In These Breakable Rooms And Called A Crimson Key.

    Use The Runed Skull In The First Intersection, Doors Open And Now You Need To Collect 3 More. First One Is Due East Right Through The Door In The Easternmost Alcove. Next One Is In The Center Room Of The Map, On The Southern Wall. Last One Is In The North West Intersection. Use "backspace" As You Are Walking To Help Find The Runes. Now Go To The Northern-most Room. The Mummy Seemed To Resist Both My Slashing And Bludgeoning Weapons. Did Not Have Piercing To Try. He Is Also Immune To Lawful Weapons. A Good Strategy For Soloing Him Is To Run Around And Take Potshots At Him With A Ranged Weapon, Plenty Of Room.
    Map of Tomb of the Crimson Heart


    Numbers <2006-09-10 09:27:41>
    Mike <Guest>What do the numbers on the map signify?

    Errors <2006-09-10 09:27:41>
    Mike <Guest>In fact, this map is completely notated wrong....traps/collectables/etc not noted.. REDO plz

    skills <2007-09-07 20:12:04>
    me <Guest>Where is thej number 3? there is no number 3 on this map, despite the text referring to a number 3

    <2009-10-10 00:48:55>
    info <Guest>two rooms ahead 2 and the indent to the left is where 3 is located

    #3 <2010-01-27 17:32:25>
    Micah <Guest>Number 3 is in the top left corner of the map, right near the #4 and the secret room with the extra shrines in it. On this map there is a blue monster head where #3 should be.

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