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Dungeons & Dragons Online The Haywire Foundry

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NameThe Haywire Foundry
Starts in Zone:House Kundarak
Quest LengthVery Long
Raid Quest?No
Patron Favor AwardedHouse Kundarak
Grants temporary access to zone(s):The Haywire Foundry
Related mob(s):
Items Required
Base XP4079
  • Convince Haywire To Help You Break Into The Vaults Of Night
  • Speak To The Foundry Assistant RC 2
  • Unlock The North Wign Gates And Find The Master Control Room
  • Defeat The Master Control Room Guards
  • Destroy Or Disable The Foundry
  • Escape The Doomed Foundry
Optional Objectives
  • Defeat The Elemental Guards(104)
  • Destroy The Berserk Foundry Assistant RC2(35)
  • Destroy The Infected Foundry Overseer RC1(69)
  • Disable The Assembly Flame Vents(69)
  • Destroy 20 Mithril Defenders While Escaping(138)
  • Not Repeatable?No
    DescriptionThis Is The Fifth Quest In The Vault Of Night Series.

    In The Very First Room There Are Three Greater Elementals, Defeating Them Gives Optional Expereince. After Vanquishing Your Foes You Need One Player To Hop Across The Lava And Hit The Lever On The Wall. When He Does This The Gate Will Open And You Must Rush Quickly Through It.

    Once Everyone Is Inside You Must Speak To Foundry Assistant RC 2. He Will Let You Inside, And Then Attack You.

    There Are A Couple Of Doors That Require Strength To Open, So Be Sure To Have At Least One High Strength Fighter.

    Northwest Of Point #3, On The Upper Portion Of That Room Are A High Number Of Flame Vents. These Give Optional Experience Hen They Are All Disabled, And You Should Disable Them. Without Disabling Them You Will Have To Run Through Them Later When Doing The Timed Escape. So Do Them Beforehand.

    At Point #5 On Our Map Is A Puzzle Deep In That Is In A Room Where Oozes Will Continually Drop From The Ceiling. This Puzzle Opens Up The Master Control Unit. When You Attack Him, Additional Golems Will Spawn. After Killing Him You Can Open The Chest With The Jeweled Key. This Allows You To Open The Next Room And Pull The Lever.

    When This Lever Is Pulled A 5 Minute Timer Will Start And The Door To The East Will Open. You Must Run Through It And Embark On An Obstacle Course Of Sorts, That Will Lead You Past Many Enemies. Avoid Them And Just Try To Run Past. When You Reach The End There Are Some Greater Elementals And Lower The Bridge. Speak To Haywire On The Other Side And Loot The Item From The Altar To Complete The Quest.

    Those Who Like To Eek As Much Treasure Out Of A Dungeon As Possible Might Want To Access The Chest Near The Falling Floor Trap. The Floor Falls Here, But You Can Carefully Jump Down To Get The Chest And Then Climb Back Up.
    Map of The Haywire Foundry


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