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Dungeons & Dragons Online The Enemy Within

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NameThe Enemy Within
Starts at NPC:Anabela D'Jorasco
Starts in Zone:House Jorasco
Quest LengthVery Long
Raid Quest?No
Patron Favor AwardedHouse Jorasco
Solo: 8
Normal: 16
Hard: 24
Grants temporary access to zone(s):Parthilcar Tower Crypt
Related mob(s):Iron Golem
Base XP5300
Not Repeatable?No
DescriptionThis Quest Takes Place Inside The Parthilcar Tower Crypt And Is Given By Anabele D'Jorasco In House Jorasco.

The Dungeon Is Populated By Undead Primarily, Including The Standard Assortment Of Wights, And Some Icebone Skeletons. It Also Includes Iron Golems And Mindflayers.

When Fighting Against Icebone Skeletons, Be Sure To Use Fire Attacks. Cold Attacks Will Heal Them. Firewalls Work Wonders Here.

When You Come Across The Boss, He Will Flee And You Will Need To Advance Deeper In To Get Him. This Requires You To Use Crests To Open The Doors, And The Crests Are Found Down The Various Passageways.

There Are Two Rest Shrines, Near The Crest Door.
Map of Parthilcar Tower Crypt


<2010-01-09 21:29:53>
Matt <Guest>this map is not accurate for this quest at all, it is the map for the quest before it. the descriptions are correct. there are 2 rest shrines in total: 1 in the north, 1 in the south, and that&#039;s it for the entirety of this map (it&#039;s a long map)

Not correct map. <2010-01-09 21:53:37>
Rasputyne <Guest>This isn&#039;t the correct map, it&#039;s the map for the first quest in this area, Mirra&#039;s Sleepless Nights. The correct map goes much further along the western corridor than this one does.

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