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Dungeons & Dragons Online Return to the Sanctuary

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NameReturn to the Sanctuary
Starts at NPC:Friar Renau
Starts in Zone:Stormreach Marketplace
Quest LengthMedium
Raid Quest?No
Patron Favor AwardedThe Silver Flame
Solo: 3
Grants temporary access to zone(s):The Sanctuary: Part Two
Related zone(s):Dryden's Chamber
Related mob(s):
Base XP821
  • Find The Sanctuary Master Key In The North Ward
  • Search For A Survivor In The Minion's Ward
  • Find The Lever That Opens The Sanctuary's Exit
  • Escape To The Sanctuary Exit
Optional Objectives
  • Slay 8 Zombies(40)
  • Slay 12 Skeletons(40)
  • Not Repeatable?No
    DescriptionThis Is The Second Quest In The Friar's Niece Series. It Is Given By Friar Renau In The Marketplace After You Complete The Sanctuary Quest. Renau Sends You To Dryden's Chamber, Upstairs In The Catacombs, To Speak To Archbishop Dryden. Dryden Will Then Send You Back Into The Sanctuary To Search For Survivors.

    Your First Task Is To Find The Master Key In The North Ward. This Is Behind A Hidden Wall On The Right Hand Side As You Go Up. You'll Know You Are In The Right Place Because There Is A Trail Of Blood That Appears To Head Into The Wall. When You Open The Secret Door You Will Find A Chest With The Master Key. This Chest Is Trapped, Though It Shouldn't Kill You Immediately. Still, A Rogue Will Make Things Easier.

    You Can Now Unlock The Gate That Heads East And Enter The Eastern Ward. This Ward Is Guarded By Slightly Tougehr Skeletons And Zombies, Along With A Number Of Ooze. In One Of The Rooms In This Ward You Will Find An NPC To Speak To. This Will Advance The Quest.

    You Must Now Escape The Sanctuary, But The Entrance Has Been Shut, And You Must Find The Lever To Unlock It. This Is Found In The South Ward, Down The Hall Towards The Rest Shrine. After Unlocking The Exit A Couple Of Greater Iron Defenders Will Attack You. Kill Them And Then Zone Out And Return To Dryden To Complete The Quest And Progrsess The Series.

    Optionally You Can Kill 8 Zombies Or 12 Skeletons To Receive Optional Experience. Most Parties Will Complete These Goals During The Course Of The Adventure Without Trying.
    Map of The Sanctuary: Part Two


    Bugged <2009-08-08 20:55:42>
    Tavious <Guest>I tripped the lever in the south ward and was attacked by the 3 iron dogs . I killed them and the quest did not advance after the lever was activated. Now im stuck and deleting the quest and starting over does not reset my isntance...

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