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Dungeons & Dragons Online Rare Encounters: Korthos Island

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NameRare Encounters: Korthos Island
Starts in Zone:Korthos Island
Raid Quest?No
Related zone(s):Korthos Village
Related mob(s):
Optional Objectives
  • Slay Vekz Spluhr, Sahuagin()
  • Slay Cicic, Ice Spider()
  • Slay Zeer, Ice Mephit()
  • Not Repeatable?No
    DescriptionKorthos Island Is An Adventure Region In Korthos Village. It Is Only Available After Completing The Collaberator Quest.

    You Will Be Rewarded With Experience For Completing Certain Activities Inside Of It. In This Case, For Slaying Its Rare Encounters.


    Cicic, Ice Spider - On The Beach Near Amalgam.
    Vekz Spluhr, Sahuagin - On The Sahuagin Island.
    Zeer, Ice Mephit - In The Ice River, Near The Decrepit Catacombs.


    Sahuagin location off and general rare info <2010-01-10 03:29:52>
    Shardis Wolfe <Guest>The location for Vekz is little off. He is on top of the Sahuagin Overlook which is just east of the island with the Tree of Despair and shrines. Also for rare encounters in general, they are either there or not when you first enter the zone. If the one you need is not around, just enter the village or a dungeon and come back after 5 minutes. So it is also useful to check on all 3 after you finish each dungeon before going on to the next dungeon.

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