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Dungeons & Dragons Online Made to Order

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NameMade to Order
Starts at NPC:Hazra D'Kundarak
Starts in Zone:House Kundarak
Quest LengthLong
Raid Quest?No
Patron Favor AwardedHouse Kundarak
Grants temporary access to zone(s):Haywire Grotto
Related zone(s):Black Anvil Forest
Related mob(s):
Base XP3220
  • Locate The First Speaking Stone And Talk With Haywire
  • Locate The Four Crests
  • Find And Deactivate ARN-01D
Not Repeatable?No
DescriptionThis Quest Is Given By Hazra D'Kundarak In House Kundarak. You Must Enter The Black Anvil Forest In House Kundarak. This Zone Serves As The Leaping Point To The Haywire Grotto, Which Is Where The Quest Takes Place. The Entrance To The Haywire Grotto Is In Your Left When You Enter The Black Anvil Forest.

Once Inside Use The Speaking Stone Directly In Front Of You To Open Up The First Door. You Must Then Find The Four Crests, And Place Them In The Various Sockets In The Dungeon To Open Doors.

Your Goal Is To Find And Deactivate ARN-01D. Along The Way You Will Encounter Many Iron Golems And Duegar, Who Will Make Your Task Harder To Complete. You Must Also Watch Your Step As There Are Small Walkways With Lava Beneath You.
Map of Haywire Grotto


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