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Dungeons & Dragons Online From Beyond the Grave

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NameFrom Beyond the Grave
Starts at NPC:Micah D'Jorasco
Starts in Zone:House Jorasco
Quest LengthMedium
Raid Quest?No
Patron Favor AwardedHouse Jorasco
Grants temporary access to zone(s):
Related zone(s):Delera's Graveyard
Related mob(s):
Base XP1300
  • Light The Four Funeral Pyres
  • Do Not Allow The Gate To Be Destroyed
Not Repeatable?No
Description"From Beyond The Grave" Has Become A Popular Quest For High Level Characters Because Of The Quality Of Loot That Drops From The Chests. What's More, The Quest Doesn't Eat Up A Lot Of Time If You Make Use Of Good Strategies. As Such, Your Party Can Do The Quest Over And Over Until You Ransack The Chests (which Is Common Practice).

If You're Up For The Challenge, Head To House Jorasco And Speak With Micah D'Jorasco. She's The Gal On Top Of The Jorasco Main House. Micah Is In Need Of Brave Adventurers To Stop Deathshade From Avenging His Death. The Necromancer Deathshade Has Returned And Currently Commands An Army Of The Dead. The Funeral Pyres Lay Extinguished Which Causes His Undead Minions To Know No Fear And Continue Their Assault. Micah Fears That If Deathshade Reaches He Main Cemetery, Everything Will Be Lost.

Now That You Know The Story, Head To Delera's Graveyard And Go To The Penitent's Rest. If You've Done The Delera's Quest, You Wont Get Lost In The Graveyard. Once You Pass Colam, Turn Right And Follow The Path Up North To Penitent's Rest. The Quest Is Level 11 On Normal, Level 12 On Hard, And Level 13 On Elite. Elite Can Be Tough, So It's Advisable To Do The Loot Run On Hard. The Loot Is Quite Good. In Fact, +1 Tomes Are Pulled From The Chests At That Level Of Difficulty.

Once Inside Waves Of Undead Will Spawn And Try To Destroy The Gate. You Must Prevent Them From Doing So. Meanwhile Some Of Your Party Must Light The Four Funeral Pyres In The Zone On Fire.

So Essentially You Will Be Split Into Two Groups, One Lighting The Fires And The Other Defending The Gate. The Monsters Are Not Particularly High Level But They Will Swarm On You, So Be Prepared For A Hectic Fight. Paladins And Clerics Are Welcome For Their Ability To Turn Undead In A Pinch.

As You Enter The Gate. Buff Up With AC-enhancing Spells, As Well As Acid Resist, Deathward, And The Usual Buffs You Take Before Starting A Quest. The Main Objectives Of The Quest Are As Follow:

Light The Four Funeral Pyres
Do Not Allow The Gate To Be Destroyed

Given The Objectives, The Party Would Have To Split In Two. Three Players Will Have To Stay At The Gates To Prevent It From Being Destroyed By Deathshade's Minions. There Is A Resurrect Shrine On The Right Of The Gate, And A Rest Shrine To The Left. The Other Three Would Have To Light The Four Funeral Pyres Located Around Penitent's Rest. Make Any Combination You Think Would Work, But 1 Cleric, 2 Tanks And A Wizard Or Sorcerer Would Have To Be There.

The Group Guarding The Gate Should Cast Solid Fog And Firewall To Slow Down Creatures Consisting Of Fallow Ghouls (CR 12) And Gate Swarmers (CR 11). There'll Also Be Arcane Archers That Hit Really Hard And The Problem Is You'd Get Hit Before You Know Where They Start Spawning.

The Other Group Has An Even Tougher Job Of Lighting Funeral Pyres While Warding Off Skeletal Shock Troopers (CR 12) And Skeletal Storm-Hunters (CR 8) That Spawn Around The Funeral Pyres. That Is In Addition To Fallow Ghouls And Ghostly Skeletons. Whatever You Do, Don't Step N The Middle Of The Pyre Because More Creatures And Archers Will Spawn, Making It Even More Difficult To Light Up The Funeral Pyres. It Takes About 30 Seconds To Light Up Each Funeral Pyre And It's Possible To Be Interrupted Halfway Through When You Get Hit. It's Best To Clear The Area Of These Ghastly Creatures Before Actually Letting The Designated "lighter" Do His Job. The Best Combination For This Job Would Be A Tank, A Ranger, And A Cleric. The Tank Would Clear The Area, The Cleric Will Heal, And The Ranger Can Easily Draw Aggro Off The Cleric Or Tank When In Case There's An Attack While In The Process Of Lighting Up The Funeral Pyres.

The First Three Funeral Pyres Are Quite A Challenge Because Of The Number Of Creatures Guarding Them. The Faster The Pyres Are Lit, The Higher The Chance The Gate Is Not Destroyed. The Funeral Pyres Are Located Around The Penitent's Rest And The Last One Would Lead You Back To The Gate.

When All The Pyres Are Lit, And The Group Meets Up At The Gate, Prepare For A Tough Fight With Lonni Renaldo (CR 13) And Guard Jobari (CR 13). Deathshade (CR 15) Will Then Appear. Wall Fire And Ghost Touch Weapons Will Speed Up The Slaying. And Once You're Done With Deathshade, Two Chests Will Pop Up. Together With The Chest Comes Tanner, Who'll Do One Last Try To Stop You. With 6 People Pounding On Him, He Wouldn't Stand A Chance (especially How You're Eager To Pop That Chest Open).

The XP You'd Get Is Pretty Decent, But The Loot That You Might Get Can More Than Make For It. It's A Relatively Easy Loot Run And The End Reward Isn't Really Bad. There Are +5 Items In The List That You Might Need. In Case You Don't Need Them, You Can Always Sell Them.

Add This Quest To Your List Of Loot Runs. It's One Of Those Things You Can Do If You Have Less Than An Hour To Play.
Map of Penitents Rest
Map of Penitent's Rest


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