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Dungeons & Dragons Online Explorer: Korthos Island

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NameExplorer: Korthos Island
Starts in Zone:Korthos Island
Raid Quest?No
Related zone(s):Korthos Village
Optional Objectives
  • Find The Ventilation Shaft()
  • Find The Abandoned Cannith Manufactory()
  • Find The Decrepit Catacombs()
  • Find The Cannith Aqueduct()
  • Find Misery's Peak()
  • Discover The Tree Of Sacrifice()
  • Discover The Algid Falls()
  • Discover The Watchful Vigil()
  • Discover The Dilapidated Aqueduct()
  • Find The Adventurer's Camp()
  • Discover The Shrine To The Devourer()
  • Discover The Sahuagin Overlook()
  • Not Repeatable?No
    DescriptionKorthos Island Is An Adventure Region In Korthos Village. It Is Only Available After Completing The Collaberator Quest.

    You Will Be Rewarded With Experience For Completing Certain Activities Inside Of It. In This Case, For Slaying Exploring Its Interesting Locations.


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