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Dungeons & Dragons Online Against the Demon Queen

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NameAgainst the Demon Queen
Starts at NPC:Zawabi The Elder Djinni
Starts in Zone:Zawabi's Refuge
Quest LengthLong
Raid Quest?No
Patron Favor AwardedThe Free Agents
Grants temporary access to zone(s):The Court Lailat
Related zone(s):Sands Of Menechtarun
Related mob(s):
Base XP6399
ObjectivesDefeat The Queen
Not Repeatable?No
DescriptionThis Quest Takes Place In The Court Of Lailat, Which Is At The Top Of Serpent's Pass In The Sands Of Menechtarun.

In Order To Gain Access You Must Have Completed And Turned In A Blessed Blood Offering, The Phylatercy Of King Raiyum And The Orb Of The Djinn. Those Are Obtained In The Offering Of Blood, Tomb Of The Wizard King And Chains Of Flame Instances In The Sands Of Menechtarun. After Completing Those Tasks You Can Speak To Zawabi The Elder Djinn To Receive This Quest.

The Goal Of This Quest Is To Defeat The Marilith Queen. To Reach Her Though You Will Need To Activate Six Runes In The Dungeon. This Changes, It Is Not Always The Same, And The Runes Must Be Done In The Proper Order. The Runes Are:

Mockery - Monkey
Grasping - Octopus
Poisoner - Scorpion
Hungry - Wolf
Devious - Snake
Night - Bat

The Book Is Sorted Into Sections, Which Each Section Represeenting One Of The Above Runes. It Switches The Sections Though, So You Must Decipher It. It Is Deciphered Like So:

(I) Is The First To Draw Blood.
(II) And (III) Never Cross One Another.
(IV) Is Close To (V).
(VI) Gets The Killing Blow.

When Activating The Runes You Follow The Following Format:

(I) Is Always The First To Activate.
(II) Or (III) Could Be The Second. Whichever Of The Two Is Not Used Will Be Fifth.
(IV) Or (V) Will Be Third. Whichever Of Those Two Is Not Used Third Will Be Fourth.
(VI) Is Sixth And Last.

As You Can See There Is A Bit Of Trial And Error On The Second To Fifth Steps. You'll Know When You Have Done It Properly Though Because A Rhakshasa Guardian Will Spawn, Where If You Do It Incorrectly You Will Wind Up In A Pit Of Undead That You Must Fight Through. After You Kill The Rhakshasa Guardian The Gate Will Open To The Shrine.

Beyond This You Will Need To Fight Through More Bad Guys, Including Some Efreetis. When You Reach The Queen She'll Have Some Minions For You To Take Care Of, And Then You Can Fight Her. She Is Very Resistant To Cold Iron And Good Damage, And Completely Immune To Electricity And Poison. She Also Is Pretty Resistant To Acid, Cold And Flame.

Once She Is Defeated You Can Head Back To The Summoning Circle And Chest. Whoever Opens This Chest Needs To Be Resistant To Fire As When It Opens They Will Explode In A Fire Trap And The Queen Will Respawn And Attack You Again. After The Second Time Of Defeating Her You Will Be Able To Get Your Loot.

Completing This Quest Will Flag You For A New Raid From Zawabi.
Map of The Court Lailat


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