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Dungeons & Dragons Online Quests

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NameRatingTypeBase XP
Abbot's Ring6Collection0
Academic Treatise Collection7Collection0
Accursed Ascension04900
Adamantite Ore100
Against the Demon Queen86399
Amber Vials5Collection0
Amulets of the Archbishop8Collection0
Amulets of the Lost Empire5Collection0
Amulets of the Six6Collection0
And the Dead Shall Rise...73700
Archbishop's Daughter7480
Archbishop's Fate10104
Archer Point Defense7672
Assault on Splinterskull100
Assault on Splinterskull: First Strike8672
Assault on Splinterskull: The Hobgoblin's Captives8480
Assault on Splinterskull: Whisperdoom's Spawn8933
Assault on Splinterskull: Yarkuch's War-Plans8560
Bastion of Power06425
Black Anvil Forest60
Black Dragonscale Armor10Collection0
Blades of the Dark Six5Collection0
Blessed Candle Collection7Collection0
Bloodfeast Fungi Collection7Collection0
Blue Dragonscale Armor10Collection0
Bookbinder Rescue0966
Bring Me the Head of Ghola-Fan60
Bringing the Light6180
Bruised Spore Pods5Collection0
Buy a New Weapon50
A Cabal for One83092
Caged Trolls8720
Caravan's Logbook5Collection0
Caverns of Korromar72040
Ceramic Bowls5Collection0
Charred Soarwood7Collection0
Chipped Bone Talisman Collection7Collection0
Combat Magic510
Combat Training512
Come Out and Slay0793
Crimson Nightshades8Collection0
A Cry For Help85086
Cryptic Messages5Collection0
Cryptmoss Queens7Collection0
Cryptmoss Worm Larvae5Collection0
Cryptmoss Worms6Collection0
Crystal Decanters8Collection0
Cult of the Six: Book of the Six81632
Cult of the Six: Captives of the Cult81326
Cult of the Six: Church of the Fury91938
Cursed Phylatercy8Collection0
Dead Predators7550
Deadly Feverblanch (Ciadan)5Collection0
Deadly Feverblanches (Celaeno)5Collection0
Delera's Tomb100
Delera's Tomb: Free Delera82048
Delera's Tomb: Return to Delera's Tomb50
Delera's Tomb: The Missing Party84458
Delera's Tomb: The Mystery of Delera's Tomb81642
Desecrated Temple of Vol85344
Desert Caravan03433
Devil Assault81900
Dirty Laundry8793
Doom of the Witch Doctor: The Way to Zulkash81194
Doom of the Witch Doctor: Zulkash Herald of Woe81269
Dragoncraft Armor10Collection0
Dreams of Insanity74180
Drow-Blessed Blood8Collection0
Durk's Got a Secret8806
Duskbrood Trumpets5Collection0
Elemental Ingots8Collection0
Elfcraft Armor10Collection0
Enter the Kobold08835
Eremic Quall50
Euphonia's Mission8120
Executioner Beetles8Collection0
Explorer: Aussircaex's Valley80
Explorer: Eerie Forest80
Explorer: Korthos Island70
Explorer: Menechtarun70
Explorer: Searing Heights70
Explorer: Sorrowdusk Isle7250
Explorer: Tangleroot Gorge7175
Explorer: The Cerulean Hills70
An Explosive Situation7220
Fane of the Six: Cleansing the Temple81836
Fane of the Six: Fall of the Prelate81944
Fane of the Six: Quench the Flames81938
Feast or Famine84793
Festivus Coins Collection8Collection0
Flesh Maker's Laboratory85344
Flowering Hellscaps8Collection0
Flowering Spore Pods8Collection0
Foundation of Discord84089
Fragrant Drowshoods6Collection0