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Dungeons & Dragons Online Objects

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Acid TrapTrap
Adventurer's PackCollection Node
Alchemy TableCollection Node
Altar of the Dragon BelowQuest
Ancient PedestalQuest
Artifact CrateQuest
Bat SocketQuest
Blade TrapTrap
BookshelfCollection Node
Breakable DoorDestroyable
CabinetCollection Node
Cardinal Brevonis's SarcophagusQuest
Cask of Healing Elixir ChestChest
Charisma RuneLever
Chest of the Ancient DaggersQuest
Chest With Jittik's PasswordChest
Chest with the Green KeyQuest
Chest with the Red KeyQuest
Chief Eechik's Key ChestQuest
CollectibleCollection Node
CorpseCollection Node
Crude AltarCollection Node
Cursed SarcophagusQuest
Dart TarpTrap
Dart TrapTrap
Entrance to Delera's Tomb, Reliquary, AntechamberDoor
Evil Altar
Falling Floor TrapTrap
Fire TrapTrap
Floor PuzzleQuest
Frost TrapTrap
Garl's Tomb EntranceDoor
Gilded Scroll CaseQuest
Gnashtooth Guardroom Key ChestQuest
Graveyard ExitDoor
Guard Jung's BadgeQuest
Immortal LockQuest
Intelligence RuneLever
Iron Key ChestQuest
Jungle BushCollection Node
Kundarak to Market EntranceDoor
Lacquered BoxDestroyable
Lightning TrapTrap
Locked DoorDoor
Magefire Cannon PartsQuest
Marguerite's NoteQuest
Market BarracksDoor
MossCollection Node
Mushroom (Lower)Collection Node
Mushroom (Upper)Collection Node
Necromancer's Lair EntranceDoor
Purifying AltarQuest
RubbleCollection Node
Secret DoorDoor
Snake SocketQuest
Sogshadow Moss PatchCollection Node
Sonic TrapTrap
Speaking StoneQuest
Speaking StoneLever
Spike TrapTrap
Stone JugDestroyable
Strength DoorDoor
Stronghold Key ChestQuest
Summoning FireQuest
Tear of DhaakanQuest
The Dead Halls EntranceDoor
The Fire Caves EntranceDoor
Treasure ChestChest
Troglodyte EggDestroyable
Unholy Artifact ChestQuest
Weapon CrateDestroyable
Wheel PuzzleQuest
Wisdom RuneDoor
Wooden UrnDestroyable