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Dungeons & Dragons Online NPCs - By Zone

Aboard the Sea Witch
Adept's Rest
Adventure's Camp
Alchemist's Laboratory
Anvil Fire Inn
Archer Point
Arzag-Khor Sewers
Ataraxia's Haven
Aurum Lair
Aussircaex's Valley
Bank of Kundarak
Black Anvil Forest
Black Anvil Mines
Blackheart Encampment
Bogwater Tavern
Bonebite Hideout
Bugbear Ruins
Cannith Aqueduct
Cannith Manufactory
Cartamon's Shipping Warehouse
Cartamon's Shipping Warehouse: Hiding
Caverns of Korromar
Caverns of Shaagh
Cerulean Hills
Chamber of Insanity
Citadel of the Devil's Spire
Clan Gnashtooth
Clan Gnashtooth Prison
Clan Tunnelworm
Clan Tunnelworm Prison
Cloven-Jaw Stronghold
Cold-Fired Armory
Combat Magic Room
Combat Training Room
Crimson Foot Hive
Crypt of the Guard
Cult of the Six: Church of Fury
Cultists Shrine
Dagoward's Apothecary
Delera's Antechamber
Delera's Graveyard
Delera's Tomb
Delera's Tomb: Free Delera
Delera's Tomb: The Missing Party
Delver's Canteen
Den of Obscurity
Den of the Kobold Brothers
Desecrated Temple of Vol
Dragon Tooth Arms
Dragontail Saloon
Drowning Sorrows Tavern
Dryden Family Tomb
Dryden's Chamber
Eastern Catacombs
Eerie Forest
Eladrin Stronghold
Emerald Claw's Laboratory
Empty Handed
Erstwhile Emporium
Euphonia's Challenge
Ever Full Flagon
Eye of Kol Korran
Eyegouger's Basement
Fallen Chamber
Fallen Shrine
Fallowcrest Library
Fane of the Six
Fane of the Six: Quench
Fare Trades
Feather's Fall Apothecary
Firebrand Warrens
Forgotten Caverns
Gambler's Den
Garl's Tomb
Garl's Tomb: Part Two
Gate of Nightmares
Genesis Point
Gianthold Tor
Glacial Abyss
Gladewatch Outpost
Golden Wing Inn
Goldstone Manor
Grey Moon's Den: Extermination
Grey Moon's Den: Trollish Scourge
Gwylan's Stand
Hall of Accesion
Hall of the Mark
Hall of the Third Legion
Hammer and Chain
Hammersmith's Inn
Harbormaster's House
Haunted Library
Haunted Warehouse
Haywire Grotto
Hazadill's Shipping Warehouse
Hazadill's Shipping Warehouse: Retrieve
Healing Magic Room
Heyton Family Crypt
Hidden Chapel
Hobgoblin Lair
House Deneith
House Jorasco
House Kundarak
House of Wizardry
House Phiarlan
House Philarian
Inferno of the Damned
Inner Splinterskull Fortress: Agent
Inner Splinterskull Fortress: Yarkuch
Inner Splinterskull Fortress: Zulkash
Inner Splinterskull Sanctum
Irestone Inlet
Jorn Family Crypt
Jungles of Khyber
Kenebrooke's Basement
Knave's Hollow
Kobold Assault
Korthos Hall
Korthos Island
Korthos Village
Kourush's Tomb
Lair of Summoning
Leaky Dinghy Tavern
Library Archives
Lion's Head Armory
Liquid Charm
Lordsmarch Bank
Lower Cathedral
Lower Cathedral: Patriarch
Madstone Crater
Market Barracks
Masei Imports
Meridia (M)
Miller Tarrigan's House
Minotaur Lair
Misery's Peak
Mistress Orphne's Haven
Mount Reysalon
Musty-Smelling Warehouse
Necromancer's Lair
Object Desire
Open Palm Inn
Orc Lair
Orchard of the Macabre: The Fleshmaker's Laboratory
Osgood's Basement
Outer Splinterskull Fortress: Doom
Outer Splinterskull Fortress: First Strike
Outer Splinterskull Fortress: Hobgoblin's Captives
Outer Splinterskull Fortress: Stronghold Key
Outer Splinterskull Fortress: Whisperdoom
Outer Splinterskull Fortress: Yarkuch
Parthilcar Tower Crypt
Penitent's Rest
Penitents Rest
Peredition Pass
Phiarlan Foyer
Phoenix Tavern
Plane of the Night
Pool of Reflection
Postern Gate Wilds
Prison of the Mind
Prison of the Planes
Quickfoot Hideout
Rakshasa Lair
Reavers Refuge
Redfang's Nesting Grounds
Redwillow's Ruins
Restless Isles
Rook's Gambit
Ruined Halls
Ruins of Gianthold
Ruins of Threnal
Salty Wench Tavern
Sands of Menechtarun
Saomi Gardens
Scoundrel's Run
Scrag's Sewer
Searing Heights
Second Gauntlet Goods
Sharpewoods Warehouse
Sharpwood's Warehouse
Shiny Shilling
Smuggler's Rest
Smuggler's Warehouse
Sorrowdusk Isle
Sorrowdusk Temple: Cleansing
Sorrowdusk Temple: Fall
Spire of Validus
Stealth Room
Stormcleave Outpost
Stormreach Marketplace
Stormreaver's Inner Sanctum
Stromvauld's Mine
Tangleroot Gorge
Tempest's Spine
Temple of the Sovereign Host
Temple of Vol
Tharashk Arena
The Bazaar
The Binder Home
The Black Mausoleum
The Bloody Crypt
The Broken Highway
The Brutes' Barracks
The Burning City
The Butcher's Path
The Catacombs
The Circle of Eternity
The Court Lailat
The Crucible
The Crypts
The Cursed Crypt
The Dead Halls
The Depths of Darkness
The Depths of Despair
The Depths of Discord
The Depths of Doom
The Fire Caves: Brood
The Fire Caves: Stones
The Flame-Lord's Haven
The Foothold
The Foul Chambers
The Gate Chamber
The Giant's Lair
The Halls of Shan-To-Kor
The Harbor
The Haywire Foundry
The Iron Maw
The Iron Mines: Freeing
The Iron Mines: Justice
The Kidnapper's Refuge
The Kobolds' Blockade
The Library of Threnal: Escort
The Library of Threnal: Hold
The Library of Threnal: Library
The Lightfoot Residence
The Low Road
The Necropolis
The One-Eared Bugbear Inn
The Path to Madness
The Pit
The Prison of the Planes
The Restless Isles
The Rusty Nail
The Sanctuary: Part One
The Sanctuary: Part Two
The Scavenger's Warren
The Scorched Caverns
The Shadow Crypt
The Shroud
The Shrouded Vale
The Southern Ruins: Entering
The Southern Ruins: Missing
The Steam Tunnels
The Subterranean
The Sunken Sewer
The Temple Outpost: Book
The Temple Outpost: Captives
The Tenemants
The Twelve
The Vulkoor Spiral
The Waterworks
The Wayward Lobster
The Weeping Cove
The Western Ruins: Rescue
The Western Ruins: Secure
The Western Ruins: Supplies
The Xorian Cipher
Three Barrell Cove
Three-Barrel Cove
Tomb of the Ancients
Tomb of the Astrologer
Tomb of the Blighted
Tomb of the Burning Heart
Tomb of the Crimson Heart
Tomb of the Forbidden
Tomb of the Immortal Heart
Tomb of the Physician
Tomb of the Sanguine Heart
Tomb of the Shadow Guard
Tomb of the Shadow King
Tomb of the Shadow Knight
Tomb of the Shadow Lord
Tomb of the Tormented
Tomb of the Unhallowed
Tomb of the Wizard King
Tomb of the Wizard-King
Troglodyte Clutch
Troglodyte Grotto
Troll Encampment
Troll Lair
Twilight Forge
Underground Complex
Valak's Mausoleum
Vale of Twilight
Vault of the Night
Vault of the Restless
Vestril's Arms
Vile Apothecary
Village Storehouse
Volcano's Mouth
Vulkoorim Creche
Waterworks - Side Entrance
Waterworks side Entrance
Wavecrest Inn
Wavecrest Inn Basement: Grog
Wavecrest Inn Basement: Thwarting
Wavecrest Tavern
Western Catacombs
Whisperdoom's Lair
Xanti'lar's Throne Room
Zawabi's Refuge