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Dungeons & Dragons Online The Flesh Maker's Laboratory Quest Guide

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NameThe Flesh Maker's Laboratory Quest Guide
With the release of Module 5: Accursed Ascencion comes 11 brand-spanking new quests for high level characters. A good number of players started flocking to The Necropolis to check out whether the quests were more challenging than what Gianthold quests offer. As a result, the Ruins of Gianthold became a ghost town. Needless to say, The Necropolis is the most happening place in Stormreach. Of the 11 new quests, 5 are level 11 and the rest are Levels 14-15. One of these high level quests is The Flesh Maker's Laboratory. It's a level 14 quest that introduces a new breed of constructs known as the Flesh Golems. The quest is bestowed by Lowan Nilmani over at the northern point of the Necropolis. This is the second camp where NPCs give out the high level quests. To get to the quest entrance, you need to teleport to the Wilderness area called Orchard of the Macabre.


Lowan Nilmani tells you that the Black Abbot will soon meet his fate. However before they launch their assault, they needed to recruit new allies. That is, they are trying to get the allies of the Black Abbot to turn against him. He then tells you about Mentau, the artificer who hates the Abbot with a passion. You are then asked to go to Mentau's Laboratory to talk to Corpuscles then to Mentau.


When you teleport to the Orchard of Macabre, you will encounter various types of creatures en route the quest entrance, which is at the northwest point of the Orchard. These creatures include Wraiths, Sceptres, Zombies, Carcass Eaters, Undead Giant Rats, Frostmarrows, and Flesh Golems, among other things. You can run past them to get to the quest as long as you keep yourself hasted. If you choose to fight them off, make sure you have Deathward, and Acid and Fire Resistance. If you kill certain number of creatures, you get bonus XP for your Slayer quest, after all, the Orchard is the newest Wilderness Adventure Area (smilar to Ruins of Gianthold, Sands of Menechtarun, etc.).

In the quest, you will be facing Flesh Golems. They are considered constructs and they have very high DR. Greater Construct Bane, Adamantine or Transmuting weapons work very well on these Golems. As for spells, Fire does little damage to the Golems so Fireball and Firewall are not going to be of much help. However, since these golems' DR is insanely high, every little firepower will help. Disintegrate is a better option but with a bunch of golems attacking, you might not be able to keep up. So, you have to rely mostly on DPS tanks. The most useful spell that deals massive damage on these golems is the cleric's Blade Barrier. Casters can rely on Web. Yes, that's right. Even if these golems have high DR, they are not immune to Web. In fact, they don't usually save on the web and you will find them entangled in carefully laid out multiple web layers. The good thing about this is you can spam web and not worry too much of mana drain. Also, keep in mind that electricity heals the Flesh Golems so don't make an attempt to hit them with any electricity spell or any Shock weapons.

Aside from Flesh Golems, you will be facing Carcass Eaters, Warrior Cultists, Cultist Sentries, Golem Enchanter, Golem Assembler, and Ancient Air Elementals. They can all be killed easily with Firewall, Finger of Death, Phantasmal Killer and plain old brute force. It's the golems you need to focus on.

As for party make up, you will need to bring high DPS tanks, a cleric, a caster and preferably a Rogue who can disable blade and acid traps.


As you enter, you will find yourself in a corridor that leads up north. Upon making a short right turn, you will encounter a bunch of Carcass Eaters. As you continue on, you will be up against the first batch of human cultists and Flesh Golems. There will be little resistance as you make a left turn. Carcass eaters are more annoying than deadly so your party should not have any much trouble. You will then reach the water area and you will see a ladder. Climb up to get to the next level of the Laboratory. As you head west, you will find a closed metal door with a lever. This door leads to the Chopping Room (Treatment Room). Once you open it, Cultists will come attacking. Make sure you prepare some crowd control so you will not be overwhelmed by the attack.

Continue to move forward until you reach an intersection. You will see a key on top of a table, but the table is behind steel barrier. If you turn left you will get to the poison traps (Turning right leads to a hallway where you can get the key). It can't be disarmed, but you can swim in the water to avoid the poison. Heading further to the north, you encounter Masterwork Flesh Golems and Cultist Sentries who will try to stop you from getting to another metal door. It can be opened by a lever. This path will lead you to another corridor with a floor grate and a lever that opens it. If you have the key you can jump down the grate. If you don't have the key, it can only mean you have a Rogue that can pick a locked door which has a DC of 60.

Make sure you have feather fall on as it's a long drop from up top. You will drop into a knee-high body of water with nasty blade traps on both sides. The trap boxes can be found on both sides of the pillar connected on the traps. Allow the Rogue to disable them first before crossing. In case you do not have a Rogue, you can avoid the blade by Tumbling. Have a caster give you tumble spell for a better chance of surviving. Of course, you need to have really good timing. And while you try to survive the traps, there will be Cultists up top that will range you. It's quite difficult to kill them as they are blocked by the steel railing protecting them. If you can manage to target them, cast Otto's Sphere of Dancing to stop them on their tracks and kill them when you get to where they are. Another option is to use Insta-kill spells (PK, Finger of Death, Destruction).

After crossing the blade traps, you will find a ladder to your right, climb up but prepare for an encounter with Cultist Sentries. After the fight, head northeast and drop down a shaft that leads to the metal door. This is where you will need the key for (or a rogue). This door will lead to the main laboratory where the Golem Enchanters, Golem Assemblers and several Flesh Golems are. Use Crowd Control to make the fight less difficult (Web and Blade Barrier, Solid Fog). If you kill the last of the Apprentices, you will have crippled the laboratory, but your work is not done yet.

Heading South, you will find another batch of Cultist Sentries and Golems. To the south is a shrine. If you continue to head southeast, you will reach the Room of Life where you have to defeat the Reanimated Flesh Golem. There will another set of Golem Assembler and Enchanter in this room, as well as a named Golem, Edgar. Use the same crowd control you used in the previous encounter. Talking to Mentau will gain you access to two power rooms, each of which has a side room that has a lever that needs to be pulled. If you go up the ramp, you can head north for the first power room, then south for the other power room. Now, only one person can go in each room to pull the lever. There will be electricity traps in this room which can't be disabled. Make sure the person that will pull the lever has electricity resistance and protection. He can then pull the golems to the doorway and the rest of the party can start beating them up. Do the same in the other room.

Once both levers are pulled, a large chamber will open up down south. You will have to climb up the chamber but be careful of Ancient Air Elementals lurking about. You can kill them with Finger of Death, Banishment, or Phantasmal Killer, but they will just respawn. The best thing to do is to put Otto's Sphere of Dancing to stop them from coming towards you. You will then notice 5 pillars with runes on them. What you need to do is pull all 5 runes, but you have to pull them either at the same time or within 5-10 seconds from each other. Otherwise, you can't advance just yet. Once you deactivate the runes, the named Air Elemental Chained Lightning will spawn. The best way to avoid him is to hide behind the southeast pillar. This way he can't knocked you down as other crystalline formations will block him. To kill him, you need to cast maximised/empowered/heighten Firewall and Blade Barrier. Melee is just not going to work too well as he will keep knocking you down. And if you do get knocked down, you might fall off and there will be a bunch of Air Elementals waiting for you downstairs.

Once Chained Lightning is killed, the quest is completed and you can loot the chest. Finish out and tell Lowan Nilmani what have transpired and get your end reward. Or you can stay for a bit and do the optional objective, which can be very nasty.


Head back to where Mentau is and speak to him. A shrine will spawn in the room and it's best to use them. The grate in the middle of the room will open up but don't jump down just yet. Buff up with electricity and fire resist. Once you're all buffed up, jump down and position yourselves near a wall. Cast Blade Barrier, Firewall, and Solid Fog around the area. Now, Flesh Golems will attack in groups of about 10 and in 5 waves. So, imagine the hordes of high DR Flesh Golems attacking you in waves. The Cleric will have to cast Mass Heals to keep up with the healing. It's a pretty long encounter and a real mana drain. If you think the chest that will spawn after the fight (if you survive, that is) is worth it, then go ahead and do the optional. Based on experience, the chest you get after killing the named boss has better loot than the optional chest. But who knows, you can get lucky :)


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