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Dungeons & Dragons Online Take Me To The Pit: A Quest Guide

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NameTake Me To The Pit: A Quest Guide
The Pit is the mid-level quest that has managed to scare or put off even the most seasoned players. As such it has carried the distinction of being in the list of "quest that you will only run once on elite". Now, why would such a quest get that unfair treatment? Well, because it is one of the few quests that will really require patience, teamwork, good memory, and superb jump skills.

Horrid stories of the Pit experience have unfairly given the quest a bad reputation. But if you can look past these stories and be open to the possibility of an enjoyable adventure, you should start playing the quest with a new perspective. Clearly, The Pit is not your straight-forward quest. Rushing ahead can dramatically delay the completion of quests because you need to go back to get those who were left behind or wait for them to catch up.

What not everyone knows is that upon getting the quest from Vargus d'Deneith, just at the back of the Annvillfire Inn, you will be given the Pit Restart Guide. It is actually an Emergency System Restore Instructions. If you care to read it, you will find useful clues on what to do in the right order to complete the quest. The manual also includes warning and message of caution in case the furnaces are prepared in improper sequence.


Before doing anything, make sure you bind at the Annvillfire Inn, in case things go horribly wrong. Next, go to Vargus d'Deneith, the custodian of the pit. He's the guy standing next to the quest ntrance found at the northeastern part of House Deneith, just at the back of the Inn. The pit is the waste disposal system below the Deneith Foundry. Vargus will tell you about how complicated the system is and he will tell you about the slimes.

Apparently, they use the slimes as part of the disposal process, because the species eat just about anything. However, there's a den of troglodytes that seem to worship the slimes. These trogs have shut down the entire system. So, your mission, should you choose to accept it is to clean up the pit by exterminating the trogs. You also need to reset the controls. There's a specific activation sequence for all the various sytems. This is where the importance of the restart manual lies. Take time to read it to have an idea of the correct sequence.

Now that you have a clear understanding of your mission, you will find the quest rather challenging. To prepare for the quest, make sure you have buffs against the slimes and troglodytes. The trogs will cast scorching ray, lightning, melf acid arrow, so cast fire, electric, and acid resists. The slimes also hit you with acid. The spellcaster Trogs will also cast slow spell in addition to stench. Keep the party hasted when you see more than 2 people moving at a very slow speed. Blur, Greater Heroism, Bard songs (inspire courage, inspire greatness, etc.), and cleric mass buffs will definitely help. If you have reptilian banes, vorpal, pure good, and paralyzing weapons, then the fight will be much easier.

Bring your muckbanes for the annoying slimes. There will also be some appearance of Fire elementals. You don't necessarily need to kill them, hypnotism and charm monster will work well. For those fights that need crowd control, Acid Fog, Solid Fog work exceptionally well to slow down the trogs. Remember that the quest is level 7 on normal setting, level 8 on hard and level 9 on elite. Whichever you choose, you will end up with massive XP! Keep in mind that the quest is not really filled with fights and encounters, it's more of finding the right places to go to and doing necessary procedures to reset the waste disposal system.

As there will be a lot of jumping involved, make sure everyone has jump and feather fall item at all times. There will also be traps - force and acid traps. You can avoid the force traps by hugging the walls as you go to your destination.


Upon entering the quest, you will have no clue where to go. Don't fret because each room that you will see will have a crystal on the wall by the entrance. They will change in color depending on how far you have advanced in the quest. Here is the color code:

GREEN: The stage of the sequence was successfully completed
YELLOW: You may initiate progress on this stage of the Emergency System Restore.
RED: Complete all prior sequences before returning to this stage.

With that in mind, it is quite clear that you will know what you have missed doing based on the color codes.


The disposal Unit has a backup generator used to supply steam power should the main system fail. In order to initiate a full system restore, you will need to activate the backup generator. This is protected by a security code, a series of nine (9) Service Runes that must be activated before backup power can be restored. But before you worry about the activation code, you will need to get to the room first and what you do is to drop down one level to the platform just below you.

Then work your way up until you get to the room. There is an acid trap before you get to the room. It can be disabled by turning the switch between the jets of acids that were set off. When you reach the room, there will be trogs and slimes that will spawn. Then you will see a rather complicated puzzle consisting of 9 levers arranged in 3 x 3. You should just pull the lever on all 4 corners and the middle one. This will solve the puzzle and activate the backup generator.


There are 3 furnaces the Unit uses to generate power. Each furnace must be prepared in sequence to allow the system to acclimate to the sudden influx of energy. Failure to prepare the furnaces in the proper sequence could result in cataclysmic explosion. So, in order to safeguard the system, a series of entry bridges must be lowered to access each furnace. This stage allows access to one furnace. Follow the passage to the furnace and follow the shining lights to the elemental field switch.

So to get to the furnace junction, you will need to go back to the room entrance and drop down to the eastern side of the pillar at the south. If you look at the map, it's the circular icon with ramps. There are two of the, one on the north portion and one is at south. You can get to each of these pillars by dropping down and then either moving up or back down the ramps. They are basically your starting points each time you need to get to the other rooms.

Upon reaching the furnace junction, head down to the pathway and you will see a junction with 3 bridges. The bridge to your left is down. It leads to a room where there will be Trog Warlocks spamcasting Melf's Acid Arrow and Fireballs. Make sure you have acid and fire resists on. As stated above, there will be Fire elementals. There's no need to kill them because they will just keep respawning. You will then see a ramp that goes all the way up.

There will be several more Fire elementals. Your objective is to go way up top to pull the elemental control valve. Once you do, the elementals that throw fireablls at you will be encased in a blue protective shield, which then prevents them from attacking you with fireball. Also, there will be acid traps as you proceed up top. There will be valves that can be turned to set the traps off. You won't miss them. Also, there is a lever up top that opens up a shrine down below. You will want to open this shrine room because there's a chest waiting.

Note that there is a lever with a blue gem on top of it. Each room has this lever. Pulling these levers will open the gate to Muckdoom's lair down below (more on that later on).


To get to the Security System, you will need to go back to the top of the north pillar. There will be several Trogs in this room. Once they are killed, you can proceed and you will see wheel puzzle (this is officially called the rune locks. You will need to set the wheels using the correct codes or symbols. There will be clues on the walls or on the side or bottom of the bridge on which symbol to turn for particular rune. Instead of looking around for those codes, here is the correct rune lock codes:

PURPLE: Looks like the letter "E" with horizontal lines
ORANGE: Looks like the letter "H"
BLUE: Looks like an inverted "U" with three lines on top
GREEN: Looks like the one-eyed worm
RED: Looks like backward "F"
YELLOW: Looks like a letter "C" with 2 horizontal lines

Once you set the wheels to their appropriate codes, the blue shield on lever at the 2nd level next to the purple wheel will disappear, which will then allow you to pull the lever.

Important Note: Once you complete your mission in the Security System room, there will be nasty FORCE TRAPS that will blast from the sides of the two main pillars on the north and south. They will hit you as you go up or down the ramps. The way to avoid is to hug the walls as you travel in any direction using the ramps.


Return to the Furnace Junction (see Step 2 for reference). At this point, the second bridge should have been lowered. Proceed to the upper-most platform. You will again see the Fire Elementals who will continue to throw fireballs at you. There will be trogs down below so be prepared because they can spawn when you least expect them. What you need to do here is to pull the elemental control valve up top. Have someone do this while the rest of the party kill the trogs and slimes. Once again, pull the blue gem lever for muckdoom gate later.


The Main Breaker Room is against the far wall. To get to this point, you will need to move to the middle level on the pillar (south). Once inside, you will see several pillars that have lightning traps coming out on the sides. There are also switches that need to pulled to disable the lightning traps. Make sure everyone has electric resists.

It will be easier if a rogue does the job because of evasion, but anybody can pull the switches. Once all switches are pulled down the main lever at the back of the room can now be pulled. What's more, there is a chest in the room. Previously, there is a force trap that is activated by opening the chest, but recent runs have showed that the trap is no longer there. We think it is now random.


The power grid of the Main Control Room must be re-configured to allow maximum throughput. Once this is done to all four sides of the Control Matrix, full power will be restored. To get to the Main Control Room, Head up to top of the North pillar. There will still be force traps, so be very careful. This room has four puzzles on the floor. They are quite easy to solve so there is little difficulty. The main problem will be that while you are solving the puzzles, slimes will be spawning. It's a good idea to have people kill the slimes while others do the puzzles.


The Bilge Pumps process water and remove it from the containment areas in the lower recesses of the pit. To get to the Bilge Pumps, you will need to make your way to the middle west area of the pillar on the north. This is the easiest room. All you have to do is kill the trogs and slimes and get to the lever at the end of the tunnel. There is also a hidden door which has a shrine. You can go back to this shrine before the last fight. But if you really need it, you can use it, anyway there is another shrine next to the Main Control Room.


You will then need to head to the Furnace Junction to access the third furnace. Now, this is the most exciting part of the quest because you will need to make your way to the top by using the steam pressures. You will need to split the party at this point. One person can do the jump up top, but sending two people is a good idea too in case one falls down. The people left at the bottom should hit the switch that will allow steam pressure to propel the persons to the upper platforms.

There will be three switches that need to be used in order to activate the steam pressures. There will be trogs and slimes that will spawn while the two people are busy getting to the upper platforms to flip the switch for the Elemental Control Valve. These prices can take a while if the people that were sent up top keep missing the jumps or getting killed by trogs that spawn. There are also two chests at the upper platforms but a lot of groups just don't bother to get them because not everyone will be able to go up and do the jump. Oh, and don't forget to pull the muckdoom lever.


Travel tlo the uppermost level of the system to access the Intake Room. At the far end is a valve used to initiate the final stage in the Emergency System Restore. Disengage the shutoff valve by throwing the switches located on either side of the room. Once the lock is disengages, you may turn the valve and restore the system to its default state. Now this seems to be an easy task, but in reality, this can lead to a party wipe if there is no proper use of strategy. Crowd Control will be the key component to the success of this quest.

Once you get into the room, stay at the top of the steps. Lay down Solid Fog and Cloud Kill. If you move further down the room, there will be trogs that will spawn on each side atop a platform. You can range them or kill them using Cloud Kill. And while you do this, there will be creatures that will run up the stairs to attack you. Block their path and have a caster firewall or fireball them. As you approach the switches, more trogs will spawn. Continue blocking them and let them cook in the firewall or fireball. After pulling both switches, you can now activate the wheel. This will complete the quest (finally!) and you will get your nice fat XP. Get your loot from the chests and just stay where you are. DON'T RECALL. This is the only quest that has the chest that drops the MUCKDOOM. It's a better version of the MUCKBANE, and it almost never drops.


Put fire resists or protection on and drop all the way down to the bottom of the pit. There will fire puddles and mini lava at the bottom so make sure you land on the safe spot. If you have pulled all the gem levers in each room, the gate should be opened, allowing you entry to the area where avatar will spawn (huge slime). Killing him will spawn a chest that may drop a Muckdoom :)

The Pit is a very long quest. It usually takes 30 minutes if you know the way but it can stretch to hours if you don't have a clue where to go or what to do. This guide will somehow help you lessen the time spent on finding areas you need to be in. The quest is one of the challenging quests around. Sadly, not many people run it. Maybe this guide will help people see how amazing the quest is designed. Good Luck on your Pit runs :)


<2009-11-12 22:50:18>
Died in the Pit <Guest>Pull a lever...sounds easy enough, if you would tell me where the hell it is!!

<2010-01-10 03:43:06>
Radix <Guest>The Pit is actually a great quest. The problem I had is that I play solo. I know there are people who have completed it solo, but you need a high jump and a lot of jumping skill. (Furnace room 3) I didn&#039;t find this out until 2 or 3 hours into the quest, hence, I was just stuck and had to quit. A couple of hours and over 10k xp lost. That pissed me off. Why can&#039;t quests tell you if you need a certain number of people at the level selection window. I&#039;m not saying that all quests should be soloable, but I&#039;d like to know ahead of time, so I&#039;m not wasting my time.

<2010-01-10 03:53:37>
Eistander <Guest>Excellent guide, soloed this on my level 8 monk.. the guide is accurate, but the security room could use some updating, specifically how the symbols look: namely, I refer to the weird blob with 3 &quot;arms&quot; as a beholder, and the inverted U as a sword (or sai, if you prefer). Just a thought, as I was confused at that part lol

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