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Dungeons & Dragons Online Prison of the Planes Quest Guide

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NamePrison of the Planes Quest Guide
Prison of The Planes (or PoP) is one of the new quests in Gianthold. Out of all the 12 brand spanking new quests, PoP has quickly gained popularity because of the quality of loot and end reward. It has instantly become the new "Tempest Spine" for the big boys (and girls). But if you look past the loot, you will realize that the quest is very unique in the sense that you can choose which rooms you want to go to in order to get to the final fight. What's more, there are two chests that spawn randomly and you can never tell in which rooms they show up. This set-up is what keeps players running the quest over and over again until they've gotten the maximum XP as well as chest ransack.


The Prison of the Planes is said to be an ancient facility that once incarcerated dozens of powerful creatures from the various planes of existence. With that info, you should have an idea of what to expect - a bunch of different types of creatures.

Before you get to the action, you first have to speak with the giant named Nimbus ar'Yorg, the Storm's Eye Captain (see Gianthold Tor Travel Guide for more details) to get the quest. If you're doing the quest for the first time, you need to run to the Ruins of the Gianthold and head north. Your destination would be the bluish dome-like facility in your map. To get there, you have to jump left from the Gianthold entrance and head east, cross the other side by going past the blue dragon icy statue and head northeast. It's quite a long run and there is a chance you'll encounter some creatures along the way, so it's better to run together as a group. You don't have to worry about going the long route on your subsequent visits. Completing the quest once will allow you to teleport to the Storm Eye encampment for easier and safer travel.


You already know that you will be facing hordes of creatures from different
planes of existence, so fighters should carry the right type of weapons and casters should memorize the right type of spells. Clerics would be very busy healing party members because the creatures do hit very hard, especially on elite. There is only one shrine in the quest so Mnemonic elixirs will come in handy. It's almost guaranteed that before the party gets into the first major fight, spell points would be halfway down. Though not recommended, recalling for mana may be done as a last resort.

As for buffs, the most important to have are: Greater Heroism, Stone Skin, Barkskin, Haste, Blur or Displacement, Fire and Acid Resist (for Burning Blood). Of course, it doesn't mean you can't proceed with the quest without them, but it will make each party member healthy a little longer.

Creatures you will have to contend with:

Gold Concord Fighter,
Gold Concord Wizard,
Gold Concord Cleric
Zakya Cultist
Zakya Cult Archer
Zakya Rakshasa
Zakya Rakshasa Lord
Undying Warden.
Dread Wraith Lord
Fire Mephit warrior
Ancient Air ElementalAncient Fire Elemental
Ice Mephit Warrior
Ancient Mindflayers
Greater Umbral Worg
Greater Shadow

The list doesn't yet include the named bosses in each of the rooms in the prison. Weapons that will work great as you advance in the quest would be as follow: Banishing, Vorpal, Disruption, Appropriate Bane weapons, Ghost Touch, Smiting. In reality, these weapons are not always available. If you happen to be in a group without these weapons, don't fret, the quest is still very much doable. You just then have to rely with your tanks' firepower. The key is to deal as much damage as possible with every swing. Crowd Control can be done as well but it's recommended that casters use their powerful offensive spells (Phantasmal Killer, Finger of Death, Scorching Ray, etc.).


Once inside the prison, you'll find Nimbus ar'Yorg waiting for you. Speak to him and get started with the quest. As you walk further the prison, you'll get to hallways. You need to clear the area of Gold Concord fighters, clerics and wizards. They are quite tough and don't skimp on Burning Blood (hence the need for Fire and Acid resist). Dwarf Bane weapons will definitely work against them. While you're busy taking down these dwarves, keep your eye out on nasty Zakya cultists that will give the dwarves some firepower support. They are somewhat as strong as Gold Concord fighters and their Archers can deal severe damage with just a couple of shots. Take those archers down immediately. As they start to decrease in numbers, another set of creatures will emerge. They are the Rakshasas. They are tougher and meaner. They deal massive damage and can cause party wipe if they are not taken down fast.

As you head further down the hallways, you'll find prison rooms with switches. These rooms will be the venue for major fights. You have to ignore them for now and continue to clear the path leading to the top of the hallway. One area (northwest) you need to go to though is the one where you will find a code for the levers in the first room. You have to read the code which will tell you which direction the levers should be pulled.

At the topmost hallway, you'll find a dwarf named Grim Godbellows who guards the door of the first prison room. He won't let you in so you need to get a key from the Raksasha leader Carum Imer. If you have a high enough bluff, he and three of his henchmen will not attack you (otherwise, prepare for a fight). You can only get the key if you kill Carum. A bluff of 14 for normal run should be enough. If there are no bluffers in the party, a Rogue can pick the lock of the door, but he needs a 51 to open the door. This is where Greater Heroism and Inspire Competence will come in handy.

Inside the first room is the Ancient Warden, a huge Skeletal giant that you need to kill. As with other undead, Disruption weapon will take him down fast. On the wall are 4 levers and a switch. Use the code you got and hit the switch. This will shut off the energy barrier that keeps the center area of the prison off limits. There is another switch on the other wall that you will need to ignore for now.

Note that in each room are 2 ancient receptors (orbs) that you will need to collect. They can be found on the 2 corners of the room. You need 6 of these to complete the quest. Designate one person to collect the orbs. That person will also be the one who need to pull the switch for the end fight.

Also, in order to pull the switch in each room, an orb should be placed on the slot just below the switch). Note that if a caster casts Area of Effect spells (solid Fog, Cloud Kill, etc,) inside the room and then he proceeds to pull the switch,
the effect will disappear. So, the caster needs to stay inside to make the spells work. When the switch is pulled, electricity traps will activate on the doors. These are nasty traps that can give you massive damage with just a couple of hits. So stand back as far away as possible from the traps.


The beauty of this quest is that you can go to the rooms in no particular order. And since you only need 6 orbs to complete the quest, you can skip rooms that you think would be too difficult for the party
. The only reason a party would get to all the rooms is when the chests don't show up in the first 6 rooms. Keep in mind that the chests here give out nice loot so it's worth all the trouble. From top to bottom, here are the rooms:

Lawful Room (Daavani)

This is by far the easiest among all the rooms, provided you have a lawful character in the party. You would notice by now that one person needs to pull the switch to start the action inside the room. The lawful person would then have to be alone with this character who would have a set of questions for the lawful person to answer. If the questions are answered correctly, there will be no fight. The knight will die. Collect the 2 orbs and proceed to the next room. Unfortunately, the chest doesn't spawn in this area, so you just need to do this room for the orbs.

Marut Room (Dolurrh)

As with the first room (and other rooms), one person has to operate the switch outside, while the rest of the party stays inside. This room houses the named Marut Deaths Assurance. Giving him support are the wraiths that will constantly cast negative spells. Deathward and Ghost Touch weapons will be very useful. The Marut is vulnerable to Smiting weapon. If a party member has one in his arsenal, then the fight will be short-lived. This is the first room you can get a taste of the loot, that is if the chest spawns.

Fire Room (Fernia)

This room houses Fire Mephit Warriors, an Ancient Fire Elemental and the named Djinn Charoush the Vizier. It's quite obvious that you need fire resist and fire protection to survive all those fire attacks. Even if you manage to dodge those attacks, you might not get lucky when you step into the lava. Once the switch is pulled the walls and floors turn into lava, so be aware of where you're stepping. Banishing weapons and spells work great in this room. The longer you stay in this room, the higher the chance of death due to fire and heavy damage.

Air Elemental Room (Laminia)

Parties usually skip this room because of the sheer annoyance caused by the air elemental. It's not funny being knocked down and thrown around the room several times. And while you try to pick yourself up, you have to contend with the lion Bezekria and a named Air djinn Tehran. This is the toughest and most challenging room. Banishing weapons will work if you can manage to get up before the next knock down. Casters can use Finger of Death as well. It's recommended that you save this room for last, if the chests don't show up in other rooms.

Vampire Room (Mabar)

Vampire Drakhav resides in this room, together with greater umbral works, gargoyles and greater shadow. Disruption and Vorpal weapons work, but it can get a bit tricky as the vampire constantly gets into his batty form.
It takes a little bit longer to kill the Vampire because his henchmen will come attacking and annoying you with attacks and the constant disappearance and re-emergence.

Ice Room (Risia)

This is just the cold version of the Fernia Room. There are Ice Mephit warriors and Ice Flenser (Parnamull). Beware of Ice toms and cold breath. Without cold resist and protection, you won’t last long in this room. The Ice Flenser hits hard, so if you have outsider bane, use it immediately. Fire doesn't seem to work on the Ice Flenser so keep those fire weapons sheathed for now and use ones that works.

Princess Aurelia Room (Shavarath)

A lot of people call this the "Demon Queen Room". Don't be fooled though because she isn't as tough as she looks. A lucky roll using a vorpal can render her dead in a matter of seconds. Even without vorpal, she can easily go down if the party beats her to death all at the same time.

Beholder Room (Xoriat)

Of course, this quest wouldn't be complete without a Beholder. This is another room that parties skip when two chests have spawned in other rooms. A caster can Cloud Kill the room but he needs to stay inside, preferably with tanks who can deal massive damage on the ancient mindflayers. Mind stun will render you helpless for quite sometime. If all members inside the room are stunned, it would be wise for the member outside the room to pull the switch so the party can heal up and get rid of the mind stun effects. It's also wise to keep the Cleric outside of the room in case he needs to resurrect party members.

Note: If your party is patient enough, the member outside the room can get aggro from the creatures inside by casting Firewall or Cloud Kill on the door. This way, the creatures will try to get to that person on the other side of the door while the rest of team inside the room can deal damage. Of course, this doesn't work on all rooms because some of the creatures are immune to fire and cloud kill.

After getting all 6 orbs, drop down to the center area. One party member will have to go back to the Ancient Warden room to pull the switch that will then reactivate the barrier around the center area. He has about ten seconds to run back to the center area. Once the reactivated, a Warforged named Cochitlehua will appear at the center. Don't speak to him just yet. Casters should lay down Solid Fog, Glitterdust, Cloud Kill, Otto's and other Area of Effect spells around the center area. This is because Cochitlehua will summon several creatures from different planes. it will be tougher if the first batch of creatures he summons are the mindflayers. Mind stun can lead to a party wipe. So, after all those AOE spells are laid down, talk to Cochitlehua.

Once you talk to Cochitlehua, he will start attacking and summoning his friends. The best thing to do is box him in the center area. Don't give him the chance to run off because it'll be tough chasing him while being attacked by a bunch of sneaky characters. Once he goes down, a chest (the final one) will spawn together with an ancient docent. Someone has to touch this docent once so that the summoned creatures will disappear. Make sure you designate one person for this job because if another person touches it after, he will die.

After successfully defeating Cochitlehua, you can loot the chest. But don't forget to talk to Nimbus again to complete the quest. There have been times when party members finish out before the quest has been completed just because they've looted the chest. So make sure you see the "status: completed" message up top before teleporting or finishing out.

After finishing out, go back to Nimbus ar'Yorg to get your end reward.


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