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Dungeons & Dragons Online Know Your Enemies, And How To Defeat Them

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NameKnow Your Enemies, And How To Defeat Them
If you've been playing Dungeons and Dragons Online for several months now, you've probably encountered all the monsters and creatures in the game. Defeating one is particularly tough during the first encounter. As you progress in the game, you'll realize that some weapons don't work as well as others. It's particularly frustrating when you cast a spell only to find out that the monster is immune to it. That leaves you with wasted spell points and consequently hit points when the monster counter-attacks.

And while most of us know what to use for certain monsters, it's easy to forget them while we're in the middle of an intense battle. Don't be surprised if during higher level quests you find your party member slashing and piercing oozes with swords and arrows. It happens and it will continue to happen. But if players are informed beforehand of what weapons work best for certain monsters, then advancing into the game is a little less complicated.

Here's a compilation of monster profiles as well as the some of ways to defeat them.


The Kobolds are the very first monsters you'd encounter. As such, they are relatively easy to defeat using starter weapons. However, there are several types of Kobolds that are more difficult to kill. This is where your knowledge about them would come into play.

Kobolds are "Lawful Evil" reptillian creatures so Holy and Anarchic weapons work best against them. The "basic" kobold has acute senses and therefore would normally sneak around to gain better position for attack.

Being reptillian creatures, Reptillan Bane works best against them: Reptillian Bane, Lesser Reptillian Bane, and Greater Reptillian Bane These provides an effective enhancement bonus of +1, +2, +3, respectively.

Other Kobold Types

1. Kobold Chieftain. They have the same qualities as the basic Kobold, however they are better equipped, hence they have rather enhanced Spot and Listen skills.

2. Kobold Prophet. They are the pesky kobolds following you around in the quest Stealthy Repossession. The thing that irks players is the fact that these prophets should not be killed. You can run away from them but only do so if you can heal yourself up quickly, as there are other kobolds itching to hit you. Bards are the best class to deal with these kobolds via Fascinate.

3. Kobold Rogue. As the name suggests, they have the abilities of a Rogue. Sneak attacks are what they do best. They are found in the Sewer Rescue quest.

4. Kobold Shaman. This Kobold type has the ability to cast spells and render you dead in a matter of seconds if you can't get to it first. It can cast Ray of Enfeeblement and Magic Missile on a whim. So, better stock up on wands and potions to counter those spells. One way to kill Shamans is to get very near to them and quickly attack with a weapon. You have to do this fast as he can jump back and start casting a spell when he's at a better range to do so. If you're not fast enough, you can at least corner him with only a wall behind him, so that he doesn't have any room to move back.

5. Kobold Thrower. They throw missile weapons at you. You can apply the same strategy used with the Kobold Shaman.

6. Kobold Warrior. They have combat abilities of a fighter and thus more difficult to defeat.

7. Kobold Sentry. They have the same basic kobold abilities and are also found in Stealthy Repossession quest.

8. Kobold Slave. They are harmless because they are NPCs. :)


There are quite a number of Goblin types in the game. The "Lawful Evil" bunch would be: Hobgoblin Avenger, Hobgoblin Cleric, Hobgoblin Guard, Hobgoblin Infiltrator, Hobgoblin Patrol Leader, Hobgoblin Slayer, Hobgoblin Tactician, Hobgoblin Warden Hobgoblin Witch Doctor.

The "Chaotic Evil" types would be: Bugbear, Bugbear Assassin, and Bugbear Warrior.

They all possess a different attack method and if you familiarize yourself with some of their signature moves, it'll be less difficult to take them down.

If you have any of the Goblinoid Banes around, then fighting the Goblins won’t be such a daunting task. One of the best times to attack a Goblin is when they pause for a second to get back to attack position after the initial lunge. If you're able to survive that initial attack, you can immediately position yourself where slashing him on the back would be easier. Of course, goblins with fighter abilities are tougher to take down.

Be aware that Bugbears use stealth so they'll definitely sneak up on you. Better be mindful of the shadows lurking around.


I personally hate these creatures for the simple reason that they sneak up on you and slow you down, forcing you to make a save against fortitude.

Reptillian Banes do wonders but you have to remember that some Troglodytes are stronger than the others. Take for instance the Troglodyte Chief. He has a high AC, high BAB, and high HP. With that in mind, you'd have a clue on which weapons or spells to use in the absence of Reptillian Banes.

The Shaman-type, on the other hand, are pretty aggressive and won’t skimp on Magic Missiles and Ray of Enfeeblement. It will definitely help if you can beat them to the draw i.e. cast a spell or hit hard upon sensing their presence.


Now, there are quite a lot of them around and Undead Banes are of great help. In the absence of the said weapons, you'll have to take comfort in the fact that some of them move slowly hence you can easily outmaneuver them.

The slow-moving undead would be the Zombies. Make no mistake of casting Hold, Charm, and Sleep spells on them, they're useless. What will harm them are healing spells. Inversely, Inflict spells heal them. And if you're not a caster, don't use blunt weapons on them. Don't even try as they are resistant to those weapons.

That said, it's quite easy to get confused when faced by Skeletons, who get full damage if you use blunt weapons. Skellies are also immune to mind-affecting spells, but they are subject to Turn Undead. Skeleton Archers are a bunch of arrow-pelting undead who are smart enough to tumble to avoid being hit by melee combatants. The Skeleton Swordsman and Warrior, on the other hand have higher AC, HP, and BAB.

Keep this in mind: Blunt weapon for Skellies, Piercing and Slashing weapons for Zombies. You get this tip once in a while when waiting for DDO to load. When you have a Skelly to your right and a Zombie to your left, you'll have to switch weapons fast.

Ghouls, Ghasts, and Wight Priests force you to make a fortitude save. Ghasts makes use of their Paralysis touch, while Wight Priests have the ability to cast Cleric spells such as Hold Person and Flame Strike. If you happen to face a Wraith, there's a chance you'll lose as much as 1d8 points of Constitution if you fail to make a Fortitude save. And to top it all off, they can nullify (50% chance) your successful hit just because they can. Ghost Touch weapons would come in handy as they deal damage against Wraiths. They will bypass that 50% chance of nullifying your attack.


Early in your DDO life, you've encountered constructs known as Iron Defenders (you know those dogs in armour :) ). They have the ability to generate grease, which forces you to make a reflex save. As they are immune to mind-affecting spells, using charm, fascinate, or similar spells won’t work. Construct Bane would be useful. And if you have them around, you can also use them for Warforged Death Priest.


You all know about not using piercing or slashing weapons as they will split into two, making your life a little more miserable. The best way to get rid of them is to use a Muckbane. Since the chance of the weapon dropping (after defeating Muck in the quest Durk's Got A Secret) is quite low, you're probably better off using your fists or a 1cp club.
As oozes are acidic (hence they are immune to Acid), they can greatly damage your weapons, causing you to spend more on repair bills. Mind-affecting spells are also useless.

Perhaps it's also worth mentioning that Gray Ooze are immune to Cold and Fire effects. Also, the tougher Ochre Jelly variety would split into two if struck with Shock Effect.


This includes Spiders, Scorpions, Spite, and Whisperdoom.
Spiders (whether Baby Glass, Black Widow, or any variety) are immune to mind-affecting spells. The Black Widow possesses the ability to detect creatures just by listening. To defeat spiders, a lot of players use Niac's Cold Ray, especially on those pesky Baby Glass Spiders.


If faced by beasts (Black Wolves, Dogs, Winter Wolves, Worgs), be prepared to be "tripped" as they use their special attack Trip. They're relatively easy to kill if you have weapons that can deal massive damage. Just bear in mind that Magical Beasts (Worgs and Winter Wolves) are tougher to defeat as they possess high AC, HP, and BAB.


Though they are the smaller of the Giants bunch, they possess massive strength and can deal huge damage to a target in just one hit. They have decent range capabilities, which make them formidable. They attack quickly leaving you little chance to sidestep and avoid the attack. One effective way to take them down is through ranged attacks. Another tactic would let party members get behind the Ogre and start slashing away. There are various ways to do this, one of which is to pull with a bow or spell while members take position.

Ogre Shaman, on the other hand, have magical abilities, so be prepared to get hit by Magic Missles, Rays of Enfeeblement and Flame Arrows.


The one thing that makes them difficult to defeat is that they have a regenerative quality. To stop this (for a certain period of time, at least), cast some fire spells. Just like Ogres, they can deal massive damage and a critical hit can render you dead. Troll Shamans can cast hold, curse and bane spells.


Known as Monstrous Humanoids, Minotaurs can possess the abilities of clerics, fighters, sorcerers and barbarians. Axiomatic and Holy weapons can stop them in their tracks, but be mindful of the fact that their special charge attack can give them a massive +9 attack bonus plus a huge 4d6+6 damage to target. It's best to hit him with those Holy weapons before he can get the chance to use that special attack. It's not an easy task, but it's something that you should try to do at the onset. Otherwise, the entire party could be wiped out.

Minotaur Shaman are the deadly type as they have the abilities of a Cleric, hence giving them higher AC, HP, and BAB plus Cleric spells that will stop you on your tracks (sometimes for good).


These creatures spring to life and attack targets when they least expect it. These pesky sneaky creatures, when threatened, have the ability to turn into stone to start healing themselves up. As such, they gain resistance to magic spells. On top of that, they get a higher AC. The way to stop them is to use Holy weapons against them.


They are Chaotic Evil, hence vulnerable to Holy weapons. They are very strong creatures that can throw huge boulders at targets. But the most annoying of all is that their Area of Effect, when they start stomping away would knock down most party members wherever they may be positioned. You can beat a Giant in his own game if you can be close enough to trip him. That buys you enough time to deal damage and consequently kill him.


Looking at them is threatening enough. There are many varieties of them lurking in level 5-10 quests. In general, they are aggressive foes with acute senses and they can cast a variety of spells.

Earth Elementals are immune to mind-affecting spells. But what makes them difficult to defeat is their ability to immobilize targets when they cast a spell. You get damaging hits while you stand there helpless.

Fire Elementals are obviously immune to fire but gets a little stunned with cold spells. So be ready to cast some its way. For your part as an attacker, make sure you load up on Fire Resist potions. Also worth mentioning that they have this Aura of Fire wherein fire damage is dealt continuously to members within melee range, at least.

Ice Elementals, on the other hand, are vulnerable to fire, so when faced with these creatures, you'll have to do the opposite of what you did to its fire elemental cousins.


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