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Dungeons & Dragons Online Beholder

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Base Level13
Related Quests
  • Anti-magic Cone
  • Bestow Curse
    The target is cursed, giving a -4 penalty to attack rolls, skill rolls and saving throws.
  • Disentegrate
  • Ennervate
  • Finger of Death
    Slays one living enemy. Those that succeed a Fortitude saving throw instead are dealt 3d6 damage.
  • Flesh to Stone
    Turns a single fleshy target into a mindless, inert statue. If the statue resulting from the spell is broken or damaged, the subject has similar damage or deformities. In stone form, creatures are much more difficult to damage. Only creatures made of flesh are affected by this spell. This effect is permanent, but the target has a chance to remake its Fortitude saving through every 2d6+6 seconds.
  • Hold Monster
    Paralyzes a monster, holding them in place.
  • Inflict Serious Wounds
    Negative energy is channeled to inflict serious wounds of your target, or heal undead.
  • Scorching Ray
    Blasts a target with fiery rays, doing fire damage on impact.
  • Telekinesis
  • See Invisibility
    Allows you to see invisible beings.
  • Slow
    Causes an enemy to move adn attack at a drastically slower rate.


Wrong creature type <2006-10-09 00:58:01>
Razz <Guest>Beholders are not evil outsider, they're aberration.

required level <2006-12-31 00:06:50>
<Guest>The required level is supposed to be 13 not 14.

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