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Vanguard MMODB Launches

Although it is not directly related, I wanted to point out that Vanguard MMODB has launched. This fan site is dedicated to Vanguard, a massive multiplayer RPG from Sony and Sigil which launches next month. The NDA has just been released and we have placed our site online. This may be of interest for anyone planning to play Vanguard or who is participating in beta 5, which just launched.

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- koboldkiller <2007-01-06 07:01:48>

Starting The New Year

New Bestiary (1): Utach Sandscrawl
Updated Bestiary (2): Troglodyte, Thirsty One
New Spells (1): Poisoned
New Items (3): Mirage, Sting, Spiked Turban
Updated Items (3): Scimitar, Shortsword, Tourney Armor

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- koboldkiller <2007-01-02 00:01:37>

Happy New Year

We wanted to wish all of our readers a very happy and safe New Year. Enjoy the holidays.

Updated Bestiary (1): Beholder

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- koboldkiller <2006-12-31 01:12:12>

Some Item Updates

New Items (1): Bow of the Elements
Updated Items (3): Bloodstone, Longbow, Blademaster Gauntlets

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- koboldkiller <2006-12-27 21:12:50>

Wizard-King Loot

Updated Quests (2): Tomb of the Crimson Heart, The Chamber of Raiyum
New Items (3): Yogg-Ratha Armor, Silken Mail, Mysterious Ring

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- koboldkiller <2006-12-12 23:12:44>